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"I saw what you did, agent Brand. There's nothing in your file about being a superhuman."
"What makes you think I'm human?"
Henry Gyrich and Abigail Brand[src]

Abigail Brand is a second-in-command agent of S.W.O.R.D. She is also half-alien with extraordinary superpowers.


Early Life[]

Abigail Brand's early life is largely unknown.

Welcome to the Kree Empire[]

She was inside the Damocles as she attempted to access the ship's A.I. until she was interrupted by Carol Danvers who introduced Henry Gyrich, the liasion with the United States government, which agitated Brand.[1]

When the Kree warship had appeared in its warp jump, Brand attempted to contact the Kree peacefully, which the latter responded in hostile manner and attacked the Damocles. While Ms.Marvel intercepted the Kree strike force on Earth, Brand acted as second-in-command of the Damocles, which was bombarded by the Kree warship.[1]

Abigail Brand with pistol

Abigail preparing to shoot.

When the Kree warship had teleported a boarding party into the Damocles, Brand and the other agents attempted to defend the bridge valiantly from the Kree but no to avail. With no other options, Brand had ordered the remaining agents to fall back while grabbing Gyrich from enemy fire. After witnessing Sydren's ability to access the Damocles A.I. and hearing the Kree's intentions, she informed Ms. Marvel to deal with Ronan to prevent him from making contact with them to destroy Earth.[1]

In her last effort, she surrendered to the Kree which she at least expected them to believe then she used her powers to take out a group of Kree soldiers. She offered Sydren protection from the Kree in exchange for working for her, which Sydren agreed before she destroyed the control collar on his neck. Brand and the remaining agents boarded the Kree warship and ordered Sydren to lock down all systems of the ship which is now a property of S.W.O.R.D.[1]

Physical appearance[]

Abigail Brand is a tall, adult female with a voluptuous yet muscular body, ripped broad shoulders, and green hair tied in a knot and wears red lipstick. She wears a very form-fitting, green-colored S.W.O.R.D. uniform with the symbol on her right chest and she has shades.[1] She is shown to be well endowed like most female characters.


Brand is a headstrong female, taking priorities on her missions and takes anything to do it. She is easily agitated by others, as she threats them or intimidates them like Henry Gyrich and Hank Pym for example.[1]

Powers and abilities[]

Brand has the ability to manipulate heat around her arms and is capable of unleashing devastating ranged attacks on her foes.[1]



  • This version is so far the only media version of Abigail Brand that has green-colored hair and is the second in command of S.W.O.R.D. (as she was portrayed originally in the comics).