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"If you got any last words with your friends now is the time"

Emil Blonsky is a former special force operative trained by the British SAS. Now known as the Abomination, he is a former member of the Masters of Evil. He is the Hulk's arch-nemesis.


Early life[]

Becoming Abomination[]

Emil Blonsky joined the British SAS. Emil gained his powers after receiving a dose of gamma radiation and an imperfect version of the Super Soldier Serum, similar to that of which transformed Bruce Banner into the Hulk. As a result, he was permanently transformed into a massive green-skinned monster whose physical power two times greater than the Hulk. While he was able to maintain his normal level of self control and intelligence after his transformation, he was unable to return to his human form.


Escape from the Cube[]

Given his gamma spawn origins, Blonsky blamed his condition on Banner and his alter ego, the Hulk. Abomination was formerly imprisoned in The Cube, but was one of 74 inmates to escape the super prisons in The Breakout. After the escape, he worked under the orders of Leader along with Absorbing Man.

Gamma World[]

Hulk vs Abomination

Abomination fights his heroic counterpart, Hulk.

Abomination briefly partnered with the Leader, who planned to turn the world's inhabitants into gamma monsters. As the Leader's servant, he beat Thor while the other Avengers were transformed into gamma monsters. After beating up Thor, he was attacked and defeated by Hulk (with the help of Hawkeye). After the incident, he landed in the desert where he was confronted by the Masters of Evil.

Attacking the Avengers[]

Abomination and his teammates attacked the Avengers separately, he attacked Hulk and then the Enchantress teleported him into the arctic. He fought off Black Panther and Hawkeye while the other Masters of Evil kept watch on the Avengers. Abomination grabbed Hawkeye, but he managed to get out of his hold. Abomination argued with Baron Zemo over leadership of the team, in retaliation Baron Zemo used his superior fighting skills to derruba-lo to the ground. When Ant-Man arrived to save the others, Abomination attempted to fight him, only to be kicked out of Avengers Mansion.

Defending the Norn Stones[]

Abomination defended one of the Norn Stones that would soon let Loki's forces come to take over the world. Wasp battled him while trying to check out the Norn Stone. She almost got crushed until Giant-Man came to her rescue. He defeated Abomination just before the Frost Giants came to attack them. When the Norn Stone blew up, the two were transported to Jotunheim and the Frost Giants went home.

The fall of the Masters of Evil[]

Enchantress came to exact revenge on Baron Zemo after he betrayed her, the other members of the Masters of Evil attempted to stop her. One by one they were beaten and/or had terrible things done to them, Abomination escaped this fate. He and the others were forced to work with the Avengers. After the Enchantress was defeated, Abomination, along with Baron Zemo, Crimson Dynamo and Executioner, were placed under arrest and placed in 42.

Assault on 42[]

Abomination helped the Avengers and prisoners fight Annihilus when he attacked them inside 42. He teamed up with Captain America, Thor, Blizzard, Captain Marvel, Skruge the Executioner, The Leader, and several A.I.M agents. He later helped the Leader get to the control center, where he disrupted the sheilds protecting Annihilus. The Avengers defeated Annihilus and the bugs helping him fled. Abomination was glad the battle was over.

After the battle, Abomination was either placed back in his cell or taken to Hydro-Base.


His appearance is that he looks like a reptilian-like body gaining claws, scales, teeth and gamma powers.


Abomination is an extremely rude person. He has a personal grudge on the Hulk who fought him before in his human form, so he exposed himself to gamma radiation that turned him permanently into the Abomination. He'll do anything to achieve revenge on the Hulk and prove to him that he's stronger than him.



The Hulk is the arch-nemesis of Abomination. He blamed Bruce Banner for his transformation into a gamma-mutant, which he didn't realize that he did this to himself and hates Hulk for the defeats he suffered and wanted to prove his enemy that he's the strongest.


Abomination respects The Leader's intelligence and generally does not mind following his orders. Abomination seems to genuinely care about The Leader and his safety and is largely seen as The Leader's bodyguard when both interact with each other. This is most likely due to some previous deal or reward Abomination made with The Leader. If any deal was made between the two, it is most likely that it would not be fulfilled if The Leader was killed or grievously injured. The deal could possibly involve Abomination's place within a "Gamma World" society, where Abomination would no longer be considered monstrous or freakish. Abomination openly displays his concerns for The Leader's safety, especially during The Assault on 42. Abomination is seen carrying The Leader when fleeing from Annihilus and later to 42's control room. Abomination's loyalty to The Leader seems to strong enough to outweigh his personal agendas. This is evident shortly after The Assault on 42, when the gateway to Earth is opened. However Abomination does nothing to try and escape, even when The Leader denies this to Ms. Marvel and continues to serve by his side.

Baron Zemo[]

Abomination once argued with Baron Zemo over leadership of the Masters of Evil. He thought Zemo should not lead due to the fact that Zemo had no powers. When Enchantess tried to get revenge on Zemo, Abomination protected him along with Wonder Man.

Powers & Abilities[]

After being bombarded with 3 times more gamma radiation than Bruce Banner, Emil Blonsky has powers similar to that of the Hulk:

Superhuman Strength: Abomination possesses vast superhuman strength enabling him to lift approximately 100 tons, surpassing that of a ”calm” Hulk. But unlike the Hulk, Abomination’s strength does not increase as he gets more enraged.

Superhuman Durability: In addition to his immense physical strength, Abomination's bodily tissues are substantially harder and more resistant to injury than the tissues of an ordinary human. Abomination's skin has been shown to be capable of withstanding punches from an enraged Hulk.

Accelerated Healing Factor: Abomination can regenerate from any injury in a matter of seconds.

Weaponizing: Abomination, due to his superhuman strength, has the ability to lift (almost) any heavy object and use them as melee and ranged weapons on enemies.




  • A screen in Gamma World Part 1 shows Abomination's stats, standing 16'8" (508 cm) and
    weighing 2980 lbs (1351.70526 kg), considerably bigger than his mainstream counterpart.
  • A Skrull posed partly as Abomination.