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Absorbing Man (Carl "Crusher" Creel) was an ex-convict who had gained the ability to shift his body into any substance he touches. He is one of Thor and Hulk's enemies.


The Coming of the Hulk[]

The Absorbing Man fought against Hulk, was defeated and sent to The Cube. Later he somehow escaped and Bruce Banner risks his own cover by tracking Creel to a cafe outside Las Vegas, Nevada. Bruce tried to question Creel about what was happening at The Cube, but the gamma villain recognized Bruce as his alter-ego Hulk and attacked him, taking on the metal substance of a spoon he was using during his meal. He then explained that he had escaped simply to find and take revenge on the Hulk.

Bruce transformed into the jolly green giant and the two duke it out in Monument Valley. Absorbing Man proved a tough opponent, using the metals from a few signs Hulk tossed around as well as the earth itself, but was ultimately brought down by his own arrogance when Hulk smashed his body to bits, leaving just his head behind. S.H.I.E.L.D. and General Ross soon arrive on the scene and take them both to the cube.

The Breakout[]

In The Cube, Absorbing Man is placed in a cell that left the villain floating in mid-air, unable to touch and absorb anything. The Breakout soon occurred and he escaped when his cell shut down, and he even teamed up with Abomination to battle Hulk, who was trying to escape with an injured Dr. Samson, but before they could pursue their escaping enemy they were called back by The Leader.

Gamma World[]

When the Leader tried to make his "Gamma World", the Absorbing Man made a trap for Thor. The moment the Asgardian retrieved his hammer the villain sprung out of the floor and absorbed Mjölnir's essence, which was a costly mistake. Because he was now made of the same metal as the thunder god's warhammer, Thor was able to control him and sent him crashing into The Leader's battlesuit, defeating them both. Absorbing Man is taken to Prison 42 along with Leader and any other Gamma Villains that were captured.

Assault on 42[]

Absorbing Man helped the Avengers and some prisoners from Prison 42 when Annihilus and his Negative Zone bugs attacked the Prison. He teamed up with Wasp and Radioactive Man to defend the Portal that let people go in and out of the prison. He absorbed Radioactive Man's Radioactive Blasts and defeated a lot of bugs. He fought bravely until The Leader disrupted the shields protecting Annihilus. The Avengers took down Annihilus and the bugs fled. Absorbing Man was glad the battle was over.

After the fight, Absorbing Man was either put back in his cell or sent to Hydro-Base.

Physical appearance[]

He wears a white t-shirt and pants of purple lines. He has an oblong head, no hair and blue eyes. As he absorbed any material, his appearance had changed from color to his hands.


He is somehow a man who wanted to best with the Hulk. He even made the Hulk even madder by insulting his actions and criticising his soft edge. He always boastful that he could beat Thor by absorbing the god of thunder's Mjolnir but at a cost as Thor was able to control him.

Powers and Abilities[]

  • Elemental Mimicry: Creel has the ability to alter the molecular structure of his body (and clothes) to mimic the properties of any material he touches. This process also gives him enhanced strength, endurance, and in most cases, resistance to injury.

He can 'absorb' himself into and out of substances, passing through solid objects and emerging on the other side.

In his absorbed form, he turns his hands into melee weapons like a hammer-like hands from Mjolnir he absorbed for example.


Absorbing Man has more than once made the costly mistake of absorbing the wrong material for a fight such as:

  • When he fought the Hulk, he absorbed rocks, in which the Hulk stated "Hulk smash rock, Einstein." As a result the Hulk literally broke his arm off in the process.
  • When Absorbing Man fought Thor he absorbed Mjolnir's essence. This gave Thor the ability to control Crusher Creel and launched him into the sky.



  • In the comics Absorbing Man gets his powers from Loki, but in this series he gets his powers from gamma radiation.