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Acts of Vengeance is the 3rd episode of Season Two of Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes and the 29th episode of the overall series.


The Avengers hunt down the Masters of Evil only to find that the Enchantress & Executioner are trying to take them down first. The Enchantress wants revenge on Zemo and his team for betraying her while the Avengers find themselves caught in the middle of a fight. And to Thor, he has to find out what's the new trouble of his family while his kingdom of Asgard is rebuilding.


Amora the Enchantress and Skurge the Executioner (who now has two guns that replace his lost axe) chase Chemistro into an ally and ask him where Zemo is. He doesn't know about Zemo, but he tells them the location of Arnim Zola. However, Enchantress takes the gun and turns him into gold. Meanwhile, Thor and Heimdall find out that the seal on Surtur's prison has been broken during the rebuilding of Asgard. Thor realizes that the fate of the Earth is the hands of the Avengers. Meanwhile, Hawkeye, Captain America (Skrull), Black Panther, and Hulk find Living Laser frozen in his light form, and Iron Man and Wasp find Chemistro frozen in gold.

Amora and Skurge enter Zola's lab and ask him where Zemo is. Zola reveals that he is prepared for them, puzzling over what happened to Grey Gargoyle. Enchantress tells him that he will learn the Grey Gargoyle's fate if he refuses to tell her where Zemo is. Doughboy eats them, but is killed by Skurge, who then kills Zola. Zemo, Wonder Man, and Abomination ask the Avengers to help them. Meanwhile Thor, Odin, and Balder find out that Surtur is free and steals the Twilight Sword while the barriers of Muspelheim are fallen. Iron Man and Hawkeye save Crimson Dynamo and return to Avengers Mansion.

Enchantress disguises herself as Chemistro and tricks Wasp into bringing her to Zemo. Hulk and Abomination defeat the Executioner. Zemo uses the last Norn Stone to keep the Enchantress from using her powers. Then Iron Man and Hawkeye show up and Iron Man activates the Magic Damper, rendering the Enchantress' power useless. Then they attempt to take her in, but not before Zemo commands the Masters of Evil to attack the Avengers. Zemo then proceeds to kill Amora; but is stopped by Wonder Man. Whilst dueling with the Crimson Dynamo, Captain America (Skrull) deflects a missile onto the magic damping machine destroying it, therefore giving the Enchantress's magic back.

She then pulls the Norn Stone to her, however Wonder Man takes away the Norn Stone and it explodes, sending the Enchantress to an unknown place. Wonder Man disappears as well. Everyone else is knocked unconscious except for Zemo who sees Captain America (Skrull) standing in front him. He notes how the Captain left Zemo to be destroyed by Amora and claims that he has changed. The latter replies that Zemo 'has no idea who he is' before knocking him out. Zemo, Crimson Dynamo, Abomination, and Executioner are then imprisoned in Prison 42. The Avengers remain satisfied for their victory over the Masters of Evil, but not without wondering what may have really happened with Wonder Man. Meanwhile, Enchantress is being enslaved by Surtur.

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  • The Masters of Evil return from "This Hostage Earth".
  • Thor is in Asgard since "A Day Unlike Any Other".
  • Loki's War is mentioned in this episode.
  • The death of Grey Gargoyle is mentioned in this episode.
    • Enchantress and Executioner were responsible for Grey Gargoyle's death.
  • Final appearance of the Masters of Evil.
  • Skruge the Executioner has two guns that replace his lost axe.
  • Hulk mentions the Executioner losing his axe in "This Hostage Earth".
  • Zemo was the first to suspect something was wrong with Captain America when he left Zemo to be destroyed by the Enchantress. Before he knocked him out 'Captain America's shadow was a skrull shadow implying that Zemo was the first one to realize that 'Captain America' was a skrull.
  • When the Norn stone exploded it transported Enchantress to another location. This could possibly mean that Wonder Man is still alive however his whereabouts are unknown if he is.
  • The title of the episode is a reference to the massive crossover Acts of Vengeance that ran in Marvel comics during late 1989.
  • This episode aired for celebrating and mourning the 100th (centenary) anniversary of the Sinking of the Titanic.
  • Wonder Man mentions to Black Panther that Tony Stark destroyed his life about his company in Everything is Wonderful.


  • When the Crimson Dynamo first shot at Captain America, Cap's energy shield was on his left arm. However, a moment afterwards, it was on his right arm and then back to his left arm.
  • Rick Wasserman has voiced Thor, but Surtur does not appear in the credits.


"You have no idea who I am." - Captain America (Skrull)