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2012-06-30 0730

Armada Ship is a futurist warship of Kang the Conquerer. It houses Scarab fighters for launch and dock. It is equipped with a time drive that serves as its anchor in its targeted timeline. It is armed with laser weapons for offense and defense modes.


It appeared on "The Man Who Stole Tomorrow" in the ending as they assemble in space and "Come the Conqueror " as they launched waves of Scarabs to conquer Earth under Kang's rule.

But they were destroyed by the Avengers and Ultron units assisted by S.H.I.E.L.D. forces as they assaulted Damocles to control the main time drive to send them back to their own time. They were never seen again until in New Avengers (episode) when Kang tried to use a time machine from the arc reactor to turn the 21st century into his time, some Armada Ships appeared briefly but later disappeared again after Spidey sabotaged the time machine.