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The Avengers Mansion

The Avengers Mansion was originally the Stark family manor, until their only son, Tony Stark, inherited their fortune and soon took on the guise of Iron Man. He donated the mansion to the Avengers and had it financed through the charitable Maria Stark Foundation.

It was primarily looked after by the Stark family AI butler JARVIS who not only took care of the mansion but also catered to the needs of the Avengers team.

Description and History[]

It served as a place to plan and strategize and a home for Avengers members when they needed it.

It had three above-ground floors and three basement floors so the first three floors were open to the public and had twelve rooms to house Avengers who wished to reside in the mansion, as well as Jarvis's quarters. A portion of the mansion's third floor served as a hangar for the Avengers' Quinjets, their primary mode of transportation.

The three floors below ground were restricted from the public and had modified rooms for the Avengers' needs and such rooms below ground were: Howard Stark's "Arsenal" chamber, the Avengers gym, training room and among others.

The Mansion has home defenses that are modified and updated by Tony and ever since the Masters of Evil had broken in, the Avengers had to take turns to defend the house if any intruder attempts to break-in.

Known Occupants[]