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Quin Jet

Iron Man showing the Quinjet to his Avenger teammates.

The Quinjets are advanced prototype aerial armed VTOL shuttles designed and created by Iron Man for the Avengers in their field missions.

The two Quinjets are the Avengers' way of travel for those who can't fly, or can't fly for too long. They were made by Tony Stark (aka Iron Man). They have weapons, shields, and auto-pilot modes. They can fly into space, water, and sky too. They cost over almost 20 million dollars each.

If any of them broke or are destroyed, it will cause Tony to freak out over the loss.


Only two Quinjets and Black Panther's Mini-Quinjet called the Javelin available for the eight Avengers for mission against the Masters of Evil.


Quinjet up-close


  • Mach 25 or Higher Repulsor Turbo Jet Engines: A pair of these specialized engines can make a Quinjet fly at speeds that can allow atmosphere egress (40,000 kph). It is useful to evade attacks faster than any other jet.
  • Auto-Pilot Mode: The Auto-Pilot Mode is designed to fly the Quinjet automatically. It is quite useful for new Avengers learning how to fly it.
  • Repulsor Shielding System: The Repulsor Shielding System is designed to put up a protective shield around the Quinjet to protect it against attacks.
  • Repulsor Cannons: They are the main armaments of the Quinjet. They fire powerful blasts that destroys its target and damages those next to it.
  • Sturdy Armored Plating: A sturdy armored plating for the Quinjets to survive the incoming blasts for a short time. It can be used to withstand pressures in the lowest depths of water, in space and atmospheric.