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The Avengers Rally Call is a rally signal to assemble the Avengers team. Its idea was created by Iron Man to assemble the Avengers in the Avengers Mansion.

Avengers Assemble![]


Avengers rally call card.

The Avengers Assemble is a rally call to assemble the entire team when a situation occurs.

However, their enemies have taken advantage of their rally call by using that to lure an Avenger into a trap and ambush him/her.

From then on, the rally call will be voice security only be accessed to an Avenger member.

Avengers Disassemble![]

The Avengers Disassemble is a rally call to disembark on their mission. If their conversation is over,they disassemble and proceeded on their mission.

It was created by Iron Man when all of the Avengers left for the seven separate loactions where the Norm Stones are guarded by the Masters of Evil.