The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes Wiki

The Deletion Policy at Avengers Wiki is fairly simple. If a subject doesn't fit with the subject of our wiki or isn't notable, the article will be deleted.

Notability Requirement[]

  • The notability of an article can be determined by a search on Google. Articles failing this test shall be deleted.
  • If the article is about a fan site, the site must be well-known within the PotC community, have it's own domain name, and the article must be written in a NPOV. Otherwise, the article shall be deleted.


  • Obvious fanon articles may be marked with the {{Delete}} tag by any editor and they may remove any fanon content from existing articles. For those who are unsure whether something is fanon or not, the {{verify}} tag may be added. If sources are not added in seven days, the article will be deleted.

Junk Articles[]

  • Junk articles are articles containing only spam, nonsense, or inappropriate content. These are to be marked with the {{Delete}} tag.