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Personal attacks are not allowed on Avengers Wiki. Please remember that anything posted anywhere on this site is accessible to anyone on the internet, including user talk pages. What you say reflects upon our site and community in general. Personal attacks will result in warnings or bans.


Examples of Personal Attacks[]

  • Accusatory comments such as "X is a troll" or "Y is a bad editor" if said repeatedly or with enough venom.
  • Negative personal comments such as "I am better than you" or "You have no life."
  • Racist, sexist, and homophobic attacks as well as negative comments regarding a person's religion, age, or ethnic origin. Disagreement about what constitutes race, sexual preference, religion, or ethnicity are not a legitimate excuse.
  • Dismissing or discrediting a person's view on the basis of that person's affiliation with a group.
  • Profanity directed at a contributor.
  • Threats of legal action.
  • Threats of violence.
  • Threats of vandalism.
  • Posting a link to an external source that fits the commonly-accepted threshold for a personal attack. For example, posting a link and suggesting that it applies to an editor or that an editor needs to visit that site.

Examples of What is Not A Personal Attack[]

  • Disagreement on the content of an article. For example, "Your statement about X is wrong" or "That's your point of view, not a fact."
  • Describing an editor's actions in a civil tone without attacking his character. For example, saying "X is acting like a troll" is fine while saying "X is a troll" is not.
  • Comments such as "Reverting vandalism" are not considered personal attacks, but please assume good faith when reverting articles.


  • If there's a disagreement, stick to the facts and how to express them.
  • Don't suggest that a view is invalid because of who the proponent is.
  • If the debate threatens to become personal, use a private form of communication like e-mail.


If someone personally attacks them, ask them to stop and note this policy. If the behavior continues, an administrator may give the editor a warning. In extreme cases, the editor may be banned for disruption.