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Sock puppetry is the practice of a user creating alternate accounts. This practice is discouraged at Avengers wiki, as it is in most wikis.

Dealing With Sock Puppetry[]

  • If a user creates a sock puppet to get around a ban, the sock puppet will be permanently blocked. The length of the original user name's ban may be increased at the administrator's discretion.
  • If a user creates sock puppets to support a user's point of view is a dispute, the sock puppet user names will be permanently banned. The original user name will only be warned. Repeated attempts at sock puppetry for this purpose could be considered disruptive behavior and result in a more severe punishment.
  • If a registered editor changes their name, it will result in two user names. This is not an example of sock puppetry. The name need not be blocked, but it is recommended that a note be made on the user page that the user's name has been changed.
  • If an editor who has used sock puppets in the past decides to change their name to that of one of their sock puppets, this is acceptable. If that user name was blocked, it should be unblocked for the user.
  • A user may have more than account if they want to run a bot. This way, the bot can be blocked if it goes out of control while the original user can continue to edit. However, the identity of the main user must be specified and the secondary account may not vote.
  • The creation of multiple accounts to simply have more user pages is not allowed.