The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes Wiki

Vandalism on Avengers wiki is defined as a deliberate attempt to lower the quality of the wiki. Editors who engage in vandalism may be blocked, according to the Avengers Wiki blocking policy.

Examples of Vandalism[]

  • Replacing the text of an article or section of an article with blank text.
  • Uploading or replacing existing images with inappropriate images.
  • Adding nonsense, obscenities, or bad jokes to existing articles.
  • Creating articles that are off-topic nonsense.
  • Moving a page to a new, nonsensical title.
  • Adding external links for the purpose of advertising.
  • Plagiarism is copying and pasting.

Good Faith Edits[]

Any edit made in a sincere attempt to improve the wiki should not be considered vandalism, no matter how misguided. Some common examples of good faith edits include:

  • Adding information from unreliable sources(assuming the editor didn't know they were unreliable)
  • Violating the Avengers Manual of Style, the rules of wiki editing, or the rules of spelling and grammar of the English language.
  • Removing information the editor believes to be incorrect.