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"And then, the world will be mine. Hail HYDRA!"
―Baron Strucker[src]

Baron Strucker is one of HYDRA's main leaders. He led the organization for decades until he was captured by S.H.I.E.L.D.. He was locked up in The Vault in a secure prison cell very old. However, he managed to escape during the Breakout, and with the Satan Claw became young and strong again.


M.O.D.O.C. and A.I.M. have created a device that can change reality itself. The Cosmic Cube was designed to take one's deepest desires, their greatest wishes, and make them reality. For instance, a reality where HYDRA won the second World War.

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Early life

Born in the early 1900s to a noble Prussian family who had relocated to Strucker Castle in Bavaria following the Franco-Prussian War, Wolfgang von Strucker became a Heidelberg fencing champion.[1]

World War II

Early war

When World War II started in 1939, Wolfgang von Strucker joined the Axis ranks in their attempt to conquer the world. He became an officer of HYDRA, the branch of the Nazi war machine led by Baron Heinrich Zemo. As a member of HYDRA, Strucker served as a loyal lieutenant to HYDRA's Super Soldier, the infamous Red Skull.[1]


Baron Strucker with sword

Lieutenant Strucker

"Lieutenant Strucker, report."
"Herr Skull. The Allies have found the fortress. Captain America is with them."
"Send your best regiment out to confront him. He will defeat them of course. But it will give us time to prepare the specimens. This will be the perfect test."
Red Skull and Strucker[src]

In 1943, Strucker was stationed in Red Skull's fortress in Norway. When Captain America discovered the location of the fortress, Strucker sent a regiment of HYDRA soldiers to confront him. He fought Captain America and Bucky who jokingly stated that he has no hair at all.[2]

After the War

Despite the defeat of the Axis powers in 1945, HYDRA continued to exist. Over the years, Strucker has climbed far up the ranks of HYDRA, even taking control of the organization and claiming the title of Baron when Baron Zemo was imprisoned by the S.H.I.E.L.D. agents. During one of HYDRA's missions to acquire lost relics of the occult, Strucker came into possession of a gauntlet of immense power, the Satan Claw. Although it cost Strucker his right arm, the gauntlet has given him the ability to sap another person's life force, absorbing it into himself and thereby keeping himself young and strong.[1]

In captivity

Baron Strucker in captivity
"Your questions amuse me, Nicholas. A pleasure, as always."
―Baron Strucker to Nick Fury[src]

Some time before the formation of the Avengers, Strucker was captured by S.H.I.E.L.D. and imprisoned in The Vault. When Nick Fury arrived to interrogate him about HYDRA's attack on the United Nations, the interrogation was interrupted by the Grim Reaper who infiltrated the prison in a plot to free Strucker. Strucker was freed by Grim Reaper who gave him back his Satan Claw. Baron Strucker and Grim Reaper managed to take one of the hover-cars and take off. Nick Fury battled and defeated both of them, though not before the Baron was able to steal a portion of Fury's youth, graying his hair via the use of his Satan Claw.[3]



Leader of HYDRA

"HYDRA is mine now!"
―Baron Strucker to Baron Zemo[src]

After the Breakouts in all four super villain prisons, both Baron Strucker and Grim Reaper escaped from the Vault and Strucker became leader of HYDRA once more. Some time later, Baron Zemo, the founder of HYDRA, came to reclaim the criminal organization as his own, but he gave up after learning that Captain America is alive.[4]

Strucker accepted Black Widow as a member of HYDRA after she showed him the Hulk's blood sample. For some time, she was one of Strucker's lieutenants.

During the Avengers' attack on HYDRA island, Strucker was attacked by Hawkeye, Captain America and the Black Panther. The Black Widow battled and defeated Hawkeye, and Strucker tried to drain the life from Hawkeye via his Satan Claw. However, Black Widow shot Strucker with the knockout ray on her gauntlets, saving Hawkeye. However, she took Strucker to safety.

Black Widow and Baron Strucker, who was unaware that it was Widow who shot him as she stated that Black Panther knocked Baron Strucker out) were later confronted by M.O.D.O.C. who had promised them a powerful weapon, the Cosmic Cube. M.O.D.O.C. told them that the weapon was a failure and returned the money that HYDRA paid them, but Strucker knew that he was lying.[5]

Cosmic Cube


Strucker attempts to touch the Cosmic Cube

"The game is over, you disgusting monster. The Cube is mine!"
―Baron Strucker to M.O.D.O.C.[src]

After learning that M.O.D.O.C. has almost completed the Cosmic Cube, Strucker ordered all of the HYDRA forces to attack A.I.M.. The main battle was fought in New York City. During the battle, Strucker managed to prevent M.O.D.O.C. from touching the Cube, but he himself was interrupted from doing the same by the Avengers. Strucker and Captain America reached for the Cube and touched it at the same time, but the world seemingly remained the same as before much to his disappointment.

After the battle, Baron Strucker was taken into custody, which resulted in the defeat of HYDRA.[6]


He wears the HYDRA uniform, a glass spectacle in his right eye, a bald head, and wearing the Satan Claw. In World War II, he wears the same uniform except for his face and arms.


He is a power-hungry and egomaniac wanting to take over the world and remake it in HYDRA's image. He is willing to do anything to make it possible. He also intends on remaining the head of HYDRA and won't give it up even if the Red Skull or Baron Zemo come back to reclaim it.


Baron Zemo

Strucker has hatred for Baron Zemo since he and Zemo found out that Captain America had returned from being stuck in a block of ice. Little is known about their WWII relationship.

Grim Reaper

Baron Strucker and Grim Reaper both respect each other. Strucker cares for Reaper considering Reaper was the one who bailed him out of Vault and tried to protect him from intruders such as Baron Zemo and Hawkeye.

Black Widow

Strucker trusted and respected Widow. Widow was a loyal HYDRA agent and he mentions in Widow's Sting, that he doubted her when she first joined HYDRA, suspecting that she gained Strucker's trust over time. However, Strucker and Widow's trust started to shatter when Baron Strucker was going to finish off Hawkeye, Widow shot him from behind and saved Hawkeye. Widow later claimed it was Black Panther who shot vibranium at him which saved Hawkeye. Later in Hail Hydra! (in a flashback prior to this episode), Strucker leaves to search for the Cosmic Cube, which leads to Widow Infiltrating HYDRA, which leads to Strucker distrusting Widow.


Strucker despises M.O.D.O.C, it shows in Widow's Sting where M.O.D.O.C and A.I.M battle Grim Reaper & HYDRA (which is interrupted by Hawkeye), and where M.O.D.O.C lies to him about the Cosmic Cube being a failure and A.I.M will return the money to HYDRA. Also in Hail Hyrda!, M.O.D.O.C and Strucker battled for the Cube.


Little is known about Hawkeye and Baron Strucker's relationship, but it is known that they do not like nor respect each other, however Strucker makes Hawkeye pay for destorying HYDRA Island by trying to absorb Hawkeye's youth (but was saved by Black Widow). Even though they both appear in Hail Hydra! in the same location, they do not interact with each other except when the part when Hawkeye destroys the Satan Claw.

Captain America

Cap is Strucker's nemesis. They first encountered in WWII, were Cap and Strucker encountered one time in the episode Meet Captain America. They later encountered in Widow's Sting, they do not speak to each other, but Strucker says "Computer, code, Fenris", Cap throws his shield at him and fails to hit him, instead Grim Reaper strikes Captain's shield. They later encounter in Hail Hydra!, Strucker and Cap battle for the cosmic cube, Strucker absorb's some of his strength, but Cap regains it when Hawkeye destroys the Satan Claw. From there, they never encounter again.

Winter Soldier

Just like Captain America, Bucky Barnes and Baron Strucker encounter in WWII, but unlike Cap, this is the only time they encounter. Bucky and Strucker battle, but Bucky wins the fight.

Red Skull

Strucker respected Red Skull when Skull was the leader of HYDRA during WWII.

Madame Hydra

Even though Strucker and the real Viper never encounter, Strucker is suspected to have trusted Viper just like Black Widow and Grim Reaper, but Viper was replaced by an imposter.

Madame Hydra (Skrull)

Just like the real one, Viper is trusted by Strucker. However Strucker did not know the real Viper was replaced by the Skrull, and it is unknown if Strucker knew about the Skrull's reveal.

Powers & Abilities

He has no powers but has the abilities of a skilled swordsman. He also have the ability to absorb the


youth and strength of the victim through the Satan Claw he obtained a few years ago but it costs his right arm.


He wears the Satan Claw to absorb the victim's youth and strength to make him younger and stronger. He has a sharp sword and a pistol.


  • In Marvel Comics, Baron Strucker joined HYDRA after WWII. He took command of the


    organization on Red Skull's orders.
  • Strucker does not appear in season 2. However he does appear in a flashback in Who Do You Trust?, where Mockingbird defeats Madame Viper (Skrull) back in Widow's Sting.


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