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"Your weapon is mighty, demon. But now it belongs to Beta Ray Bill!"
―Beta Ray Bill to Thor[src]

Beta Ray Bill is a Korbonite hero and guardian, who was assigned to protect his endangered species, the Korbonites. He was given great powers by scientists and genetic of his world, and became very powerful. He's also the only other person who is worthy to lift Mjolnir. He acquired from Eitri his new hammer, Stormbreaker, after finding out by Odin that he was deemed worthy of a noble warrior.


Chosen hero

When Surtur's army invaded Korbin and the star near it began to flare. Beta Ray Bill was chosen and modificated to protected the surviving Korbonites who were placed in coldsleep, Beta Ray Bill in the Skuttlebutt fled his planet, pursued by the Fire Demons.[1]

Bill's Ballad

Bill and Asgardians

Beta Ray Bill in Asgard

Beta Ray Bill was visited by Thor, who was detected as a demon breed, he ordered his ship to fire at him. He ambushed Thor when he broke in the ship, but was soon defeated when Thor threw Mjolnir at him. However, Beta did not gave up and reached Mjolnir and grabbed, shocking Thor. While battling Thor, he accidentally crashed his ship's system and made the ship crash on a meteorite. As he was prepared to finish Thor, he is summoned by Odin who was summoning the one who held Mjolnir.[1]

Bill mistook them as demon breeds, Bill is then taken hold by Odin. He watched how Odin summoned Thor and shown their relationship, but sensed their auras be the same as the demon breeds. Bill explained his backstory to them and wanted to take revenge on Surtur for destroying his world. He asked for Thor's hammer, but Odin rejected. After Sif and Odin offered their help, Odin told them of another way and send them to Eitri. He watched through how Thor convinced Eitri to make a hammer for Bill.[1]

Bill with his new hammer, Stormbreaker, Thor and Sif went to Skuttlebutt, where it is attacked by Fire Demons. With Thor, they held off the Fire Demons and took on the Enchantress who was possesed by Surtur. Together their unleashed their hammers on the witch and defeated her and with that, the Fire Demons disappeared. Bill wondered if the Enchantress would be gone forever, which Thor doubted. They go back to the Skuttlebutt where Sif reported that the Korbonites are safe. He rejected the offer of Sif helping him, since he believe that with his Stormbreaker, he can protect his people until finding a new home away from the Fire Demons and her duties lied somewhere else. Bill stayed on the ship and bade Thor and Sif farewell.[1]

Physical Appearance

Beta Ray Bill is a large muscular Korbonite with orange skin, a horse-like face and has diamond-shaped white eyes. Beta wore a scientific red battle armor, with red shoulder pads, yellow chest plate, yellow mechanical boots, yellow gloves. He wears a red helmet and is equiped with tubes from his hand reaching his chest.

After he acquired Stormbreaker, he donned a similiar battle armor as Thor, with a red cape, a black suit, blue mechincal tights and yellow boots. He also wears a helmet with wings on it and a yellow belt with a Korbonite shaped head.[1]


He is a proud and noble warrior dedicated in protecting his people from danger by any means necessary,even it may cost his life to defend them.[1] Beta Ray is shown to be very humble by apologizing for his actions against Thor and other Asgardians he beaten.



Beta Ray Bill was chosen to protect his survivors from extinction. They were placed in Skuttlbutt where they are sleeping encased in ice. He has shown to much love his kind and does anything to protect them.[1]


As the one who destroyed his planet, he has deep hate in him and wants to take revenge on the Fire Demon lord by any means necessary. [1]


Thor and Beta Ray Bill

Thor: "For Asgard!"
Beta Ray Bill: "For Korbin!"

At their first encounter, Bill saw him enclad with demon breed aura. He attacked him and at their battle acquired the worthiness of Mjolnir. After they worked together, they saw each other as brothers.[1]

Powers and Abilities

Beta Ray Bill has incredibly superhuman strength as he could take on Thor with his own bare fists. He also shown to have durability as he took the most powerful blows from Thor and the Enchantress.[1]

As he wield Mjolnir or the Stormbreaker, his superhuman strength increases, Beta Ray Bill has shown enhanced strength when he hit Thor and flew to the ship's bridge. [1]


Bill was deemed worthy to lift Mjolnir, but soon after aquired the hammer Stormbreaker. With it he can achieve flight, increasing physical strength and durability. He can also use it shoot out electricity strong enough to take out the Enchantress possessed by Surtur.[1]


Background in other media

  • This is Beta Ray Bill's fourth animated appearance. Previous versions include Silver Surfer, The Super Hero Squad Show and Planet Hulk.