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He was imprisoned in the cube in the breakout he escaped from the cube

Bi-Beast is a two-headed supervillain who is an enemy of the Hulk.


Early Life[]

Bi-Beast encountered the Hulk a couple of times before being captured and taken to the Cube.[1]

The Breakout[]

He was locked up in The Cube inside a special cell until The Breakout occured on all four supervillain prisons.

After he escaped, Bi-Beast went into hiding somewhere in the globe.[2]

Physical Appearance[]

Bi-Beast most notable feature is that he has two heads as one face, red eyes at the top head and yellow eyes on the bottom head. He has a brown muscular body and three big claws on each hand.[1]

Powers and Abilites[]

Bi-Beast was always described as something between Bruce and Hulk:

Super strength: Bi-beast has strength similar to the Hulk (a little bigger when Hulk is not in state 'furious')

Super durability: Bi-beast has resistance similar to the Hulk

Genius level intellect: Bi-Beast is an android super advanced and very smart (designed to be similar to the Bruce).


Background in other media[]

  • In the comics, there are two Bi-Beasts which are both androids, and the original was created by an Avian race. He became an enemy of Hulk. He eventually self destructed himself when instead of his city being captured by A.I.M. The second Bi-Beast came alive, returning as the villain of Hulk.