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Not to be confused with the micro episode of the same name, The Big House.

View of the Big House

The Big House is a miniaturized prison located inside the Helicarrier, designed by Henry Pym to lock up supervillains inside in a miniturized form. The supervillains locked in this prison are just the general mass of everyday supervillains. To ensure the villains are kept in line, each inmate is equipped with a device that cancels their powers and are modified for every villains conditions. An example is Whirlwind, whose device is modified to block his mutant DNA powers to prevent escape. Despite this, every cell is accommodated to make an inmates stay comfortable inside their ray-shielded cell, for example Grey Gargoyle sitting in a cell with a big comfortable-looking chair, a desk, and a small tea set.

The prison is run by Ultron units, designed to mimic Dr. Pym's logical thinking for non-violence and are armed with stun weapons. If all else fails, there are normal sized S.H.I.E.L.D. agents outside of the Big House to stop any escaping villain. Even Hank would sometimes use his finger to easily contain any villain attempting to escape as shown in The Big House when he stopped Whirlwind's failed escape.

During the Breakout, all the prisoners escaped and attacked the S.H.I.E.L.D. agents after returning to their normal size.


When the Breakout happened, the Big House had returned to normal size due to sabotage to the Pym Particle generator, causing the Helicarrier to explode from the inside and crash into the water.

After the Breakout, the Big House was dismantled from the ruined Helicarrier to never be rebuild again.

Known Inmates[]

Entrance of the Big House

The entrance of the Big House

Big House Cells[]

Each of the rooms were designed for maximum comfort, the following are not very vivid, but descriptions of the seen cells designed by Henry Pym-

  • Grey Gargoyle's - a room with a large comfortable chair and a tea set
  • Arnim Zola's - a room with a computer with a PONG game on it
  • Mandrill's - a room with a hammock and some filing cabinets
  • Whirlwind's - a blank room with a small air vent at the top leading to Mad Thinker's cell (this might be a "time-out" cell instead of his home, as he had just attempted breakout)
  • Mad Thinker's - a room with a bunk and a rug, as well as couch with a plant near it, but the most notable feature is multiple writings on the wall.