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T'Challa is the Black Panther and is the current king of Wakanda and a member of the Avengers.


Much of T'Challa's early life is largely unknown.

Throne threatened[]



After the fall of his father T'Chaka at the hands of Man-Ape, with the unseen assistence of Klaw to the takeover of the kingdom, he fled from his nation Wakanda and became the next Black Panther as he traveled to New York City seeking help to reclaim the throne and avenge his father.

When he got to New York on a cargo ship, he was confronted by a group of sailors who took him as a stowaway and attempted to get him. He defeated them and jumped ship into the dark Manhattan night.

Panther's Quest[]

He arrived at Avengers Mansion and looked up the profiles of the Avengers to find out about them secretly. After learning about Captain America, he saved him from being killed by Baron Zemo when he invaded the mansion.

As Captain America confronted him with an unfriendly attitude, T'Challa introduced himself to him and the Avengers and told them he needs their help to free Wakanda from the evil Man Ape. They flew back to Wakanda with him and he goes off to fight Man Ape by himself. Captain America tried to help him, but, was told to not interfere.

The Avengers agreed to aid him and help T'Challa liberate Wakanda from the Man-Ape. With his country free and him as the new king he decides to join the Avengers. He even told his people that their hiding for too long is over and wanted them to change their old ways to new ones and modernize. Black Panther was accepted into the Avengers thanks to Wasp's persuasion.

Gamma World[]

Black Panther went with his new teammates to search for Hawkeye. They cornered him and were about to capture him before they were interrupted by S.H.I.E.L.D., who needed their help with an investigation regarding the Leader. He and the others were sent into the dome and were attacked by several villains inside of it. He and some of the Avengers managed to not get infected and saved the world briefly from the dome.[1]

However, this was averted when the Leader pressed a mere button and restored everything back to what it was. Black Panther could not escape this time and was turned into a gamma monster along with Iron Man, Captain America, and Wasp. He brought a non-infected Thor to the Leader and obeyed the Leader's order to go away as he interrogated the Asgardian. Black Panther was cured with a dart from Hawkeye when he shoot it at him. After the Leader was defeated by Hulk, Thor and Hawkeye, Hawkeye joined the Avengers.[2]

Masters of Evil[]

The Avengers were separated while the newly formed Masters of Evil chose to exact their revenge. Black Panther and Hawkeye were with each other while the Masters of Evil captured Wasp. Hawkeye expressed literal distaste in the juices of a herb Black Panther was stirring and proceeded to spit it out and wash his mouth out with water while Black Panther expressed a twisted joy in his distaste. Black Panther and Hawkeye picked up Ant Man from Wakanda and dropped him off at his lab while the two distracted the Masters of Evil.

Abomination grabbed Black Panther before letting him go so that Baron Zemo could execute him. Black Panther told Baron Zemo and the other Masters of Evil that he would accept his death with honor and pride before he revealed to Zemo that he and Hawkeye had been stalling them so that Ant Man could get his tools he needed to defeat them. Once Ant Man arrived, Black Panther fought The Crimson Dynamo with Wasp.

Going after Black Widow[]

Black Panther and Captain America stood by as Hawkeye was scolded by Iron Man and Nick Fury. The two apologized and offered to go after Black Widow with him. T'Challa told Cap "At least we know his weakness now, if he were to turn on us" after Hawkeye allowed Mockingbird to come with them. The four separated, Black Panther and Captain America staying in the ship while Hawkeye and Mockingbird were at the H.Y.D.R.A. base Black Widow was in. T'Challa and Cap joined them and the four stormed the base. Black Panther, Mockingbird and Captain America held off the H.Y.D.R.A. agents while Hawkeye went after Black Widow. After the mission, the three went back to the Avengers Mansion.

Kang the Conqueror[]

When Kang the Conqueror tried to kill Captain America, Black Panther defended him. Kang showed him and the other Avengers what would happen if they did not let him destroy Cap. The Earth would be wiped out. The Avengers didn't believe him and attacked him. Iron Man used Kang's chair to get them home. Kang fled to Damocles Base and launched an invasion on Earth.

Black Panther battled robots on the ground with help from Captain America, Ant-Man, Hawkeye, and Hulk. They destroyed them, but they restored themselves. Wasp used the Quinjet to destroy them. When Kang's forces attacked Wakanda, Black Panther returned there and destroyed the robots. Kang was eventually defeated and taken into custody.

Malekith's War[]

T'Challa, along Thor and Iron Man, defeated Radioactive Man when he attacked Stark Tower. When Malekith froze the world, Black Panther travelled to Norway and defeated Malekith, along with Thor and Iron Man. The Casket of Ancint Winters was closed by Thor, but later was stolen by Enchantress. Thor tried to follow her into Asgard but was locked out.


Hank Pym's Ultron robot went rogue and took over all of Iron Man's armors. Black Panther held them off, along with Wasp, Hulk, and Hawkeye. Hawkeye told Wasp and Hulk to go fight Ultron while he and Black Panther hold the remaining two off. Just then, all four robots get back up and fully recover. Black Panther was then apologized to by him.

Loki's War[]

When the Masters of Evil found the location of the Norn Stones, T'Challa and the rest of the Avengers split up to go and find the stones before the Masters did. T'Challa had found one, but was confronted by Wonder Man. T'Challa tried to convince him that Wakandan science could help him with his condition, but Simon wouldn't budge. They were eventually overrun by creatures that had been sent by Enchantress from across the Nine Realms. Thor ordered the Avengers to destroy the stones and once everyone successfully did so, they were all sent across the Nine Realms.

T'Challa had ended up Svartalfheim where he was chased by ghost like creatures until he found a portal that sent him to Alfheim so he was able to help Hawkeye and Faradei against wolves by using his Vibranium.

After reuniting with the other Avengers, T'Challa later helped the rest of the team and their new Asgardian allies in the fight against Loki. They were interrupted when Loki sent a giant ice wolf to stop them but Panther and the others were able to take it down. When the Avengers arrived, they proved to be no match for Loki until Tony came back wearing a new Uru Armor that was able to help hold back Loki. Later, after helping Giant Man take down the Tree of Life, the Avengers finally became a match for Loki, until Odin came and banished Loki to be tortured by Jormungand. After being hailed as heroes, the Avengers returned to Earth to rest in Avengers Mansion. Unbeknownst to them, Captain America was being replaced by a Skrull impostor.


After the Avengers returned to Earth, Tony and Janet went to visit the Baxter Building while T'Challa and the rest of the team stayed at the Avengers Mansion and played cards with the Fantastic Four's Human Torch and The Thing. While they were playing, Doombots had appeared and attacked the Mansion and the Baxter Building at once and kidnapped Janet and Invisible Woman. The two teams traveled to Latveriaand invaded the castle of Doctor Doom where they realized that none of them stood a chance against the Latverian ruler and his cyborg henchmen, Lucia von Bardas, but once T'Challa got the chance, he snuck up behind Bardas and tore her cybernetic heart out. After the battle was over and Doom had released the captives, T'Challa was wise and informed the team that it would be a bad idea to continue to fight a foreign ruler on his countries soil. After returning home, the teams pondered as to why Doom wanted Sue and Janet in the first place and it was later revealed that Doom had discovered that Invisible Woman had been replaced with a Skrull impostor.

Michael Korvac[]

When Wasp took in a seemingly crazy homeless man by the name of Michael Korvac, T'Challa and the other Avengers came to investigate. When Korvac claimed he had escaped being abducted by aliens, Panther questioned how an ordinary man was able to escape a highly advanced alien race. Hawkeye and him went to go investigate the crater created by Korvac when he entered Earth and crash landed in Central Park. Once they got back, the Avengers were attacked by the Guardians of the Galaxy. T'Challa battled Warlock who had been using the Soul Gem to read his mind and sense his attacks. After the two teams were both attacked by Korvac, Warlock was able to save them and teleport them inside the Soul Gem. After the Guardians explained how dangerous Korvac was to the galaxy, they both surprise-attacked him in Central Park but proved no match for Korvac's power. It was only after Korvac's wife told him that he had become a monster, that Korvac had finally surrendered and teleported himself into deep space isolation.

Avengers Disassembled[]

When Iron Man, "Captain America", Wasp, and Ms. Marvel went to the pizza restaurant, Hulk and Panther were on guard duty. While Panther was meditating.[3]

Back at the Avengers Mansion, the team were confronted by Iron Man in their startling revelations about the Skrull infiltration of Earth, which heated up into a fight among themselves. After their clash is stopped, Panther had decided that they can't trust anyone not even each other, which resulted to the withdrawal of Iron Man, Black Panther and Ms. Marvel, leaving only Hawkeye,Wasp, Hulk, and "Captain America" in the team.[3]

When Panther went back to Wakanda, he donned his cape and ordered his people to mobilize and prepare for the Skrull invasion.[3]

Skrull Invasion[]

When a ship of Skrulls landed in Wakanda, Black Panther went with several Wakanda officials to investigate. Ms. Marvel, who had gotten to the ship first, did not know what to believe. He fought her and the Skrulls, before she realized that he was the real T'Challa. They were joined by Hawkeye and Wasp, the four questioned a Skrull resembling Iron Man.[4]

Black panther-

Black Panther and his Dora Milaje

He and the other Avengers held off a couple of Skrulls, before being joined by Iron Man, and a returning Captain America and Thor. After helping the Avengers again, he returned to Wakanda.[5]

Return to the Avengers[]

Once the Skrull invasion is finally over, as the real Captain America returns to Earth alive, Black Panther felt sorry for Captain America and out of respect for him, thus he arranged for Captain America's Shield to be repaired. While on his way to repair his former teammate's shield, Black Panther was continuously pestered by Hawkeye, who held a grudge against him for not wanting to join the Avengers during the critical situation in Skrull invasion due to a right suggestion by Iron Man to leave the team temporarily.

When Hawkeye tried to defeat Black Panther from behind and there by, warrant the crown to Wakanda, Black Panther constantly reminded him that he was on his turf just as several of the Wakanda women attacked and easily defeated Hawkeye.

Black Panther later fought Vision with the rest of his teammates. He struck blows at him several times, before being shoved off and thrown. After Vision was defeated, Black Panther rejoined the Avengers.


When Hank Pym was thought to have been killed, Black Panther honured him with a lot of other heroes. When a strange person called "Yellowjacket" attacked the Serpant Socity, he tried to find out who he was. Wasp proved that Yellowjacket was Hank Pym. He teleported them into his prison. Black Panther let him use his ID card and Iron Man's Arc Reactor to get them out. After the incident, Yellowjacket joined the Avengers.

When an unknown virus affected people, Black Panther helped Iron Man find a cure. He was later affected by the virus, but was cured after Iron Man found the cure.

Kree War[]

When the Kree open up a wormhole near Earth's sun, the Avengers must shut it down before it's too late. The Avengers must enter a wormhole that the Kree have created, in order to shut it down. In order to enter the wormhole, and destroy the generators keeping it open, Black Panther must control a guidance system. He's alone on the ship, when the flight controls shut down. As Captain America is about to go save him, Panther and Iron Man tell him to stop. Cap reluctantly lets the ship crash into the sun, with Panther in it. The Avengers helplessly watched as the Kree ship burned.[6]

However, just as the ship is about to crash, Panther uses its teleporter to take him to a Kree ship on the other side of the wormhole. On the Kree ship, he steals a smaller ship, and follows the Avengers down to Hala. Panther rescued Iron Man, Vision, Hawkeye, and Thor from a monster. And helped them free the others. He then travels back to Earth with them.[7]


When Galactus threatened to devour the Earth, Black Panther helped Hulk, Winter Soldier, Ant-Man (Scott Lang), and Invisible Woman to help fight Firelord. After defeating him, the tower was destroyed. Galactus was sent into the Negative Zone. Black Panther was with the other Avengers when they were hailed as Earth's Mightiest Heroes.


T'Challa is a man of responsibilities. He felt guilty for not saving his father, T'Chaka, from Man-Ape's wrath in the challenge of the throne of Wakanda. He dons his new Black Panther suit to go to the outside world for help. He also seems to have a less traditional and more liberal view than his tribe, as he did not listen to the tribe's customs to follow Man ape after he defeated his father since tradition says they need to follow the leader no matter who they are. In addition, he does not believe in cutting off contact with the outside world but instead need to open themselves up or else make themselves vulnerable. He believes in maintaining a close eye on his comrades, which to some may imply that he doesn't trust them as much as he should.

Though some of his tactics may be looked at as distrustful and risky, Black Panther only wants to help others and protect the people of Earth.

He is often the quiet member of the team, enough so that Wasp once commented in Gamma World Part 1 that she forgot he talked. He is very serious and mature, rarely if ever cracking a joke or getting into fights with his teammates. Even after joining the Avengers, he is shown to be somewhat of a loner, often going on his own and disobeying the leader of the team in order to do things his way, though he does what he believes is the best solution. He is shown to come up with good strategies. He seems to also prefer working in the shadows and keeping to himself. He doesn't understand westerner's obsession with television but is himself skilled with technology. He is overall a kind person and has a great sense of honor, going to great lengths to protect his friends, family and innocent people in general. He is also a proud man, porous of both his status as Wakandan royalty and being an Avenger.

Physical Appearance[]

Black Panther Suit

The Black Panther costume.

T'Challa is an adult male human of Wakandan descent with dark hair, brown skin, and light brown eyes. As the Black Panther, he wears a skin-tight, full-body black panther habit, which is armed with vibranium claws and weapons.

Powers & Abilities[]

Heart-Shaped Herb Enhancement: By injecting the Heart Shaped Herb Serum into his system, T'Challa's physical attributes have been significantly enhanced to levels comparable to a super-soldier.

  • Enhanced Strength: T'Challa's strength is tremendously enhanced beyond the peak of human potential, moving into the early levels of superhuman condition. 
  • Enhanced Agility: T'Challa's agility is outstanding, far greater than Olympic athletes. He can coordinate his body with high levels of balance, equilibrium, flexibility, and dexterity. He is capable of leaping great distances with great accuracy.
  • Enhanced Speed: T'Challa can run and move at speeds beyond the peak of human potential, moving into the early levels of superhuman condition.
  • Superhuman Senses: T'Challa possess extremely accurate senses, allowing him to see, hear, smell, taste, and feel better than an average human.
  • Night Vision: T'Challa has excellent night vision, the ability to see in low light conditions or even total darkness. 
  • Enhanced Stamina: T'Challa's musculature produces fewer fatigue toxins during physical activity than the musculature of an ordinary human.
  • Accelerated Healing Factor: The herb has a lot of advanced healing properties, which allow the user to permanently benefit from these quick regenerative capabilities.
  • Extended Longevity: The increased metabolism combined with the healing properties keep him youthful.


  • Genius-Level Intellect: T’Challa possesses a genius-level intellect and is a polymath in numerous fields.
  • Master Combatant: T'Challa is a master of all forms of unarmed combat whose unique hybrid fighting style incorporates acrobatics and aspects of animal mimicry. Being a royal descendant of a warrior race, he is also a master of armed combat, able to use a variety of weapons but prefers unarmed combat.
  • Master Tactician: He is a brilliant tactician and strategist, and a master planner who always thinks several steps ahead and will go to extreme measures to achieve his goals and protect both Wakanda and the world.
  • Master Acrobat: Being immensely agile, T'Challa is an expert gymnast and acrobat.


  • Black Panther Suit: T'Challa's vibranium-weave uniform absorbs the kinetic force of impacts, rendering him bulletproof. His costume's gloves can generate energy daggers, or form a staff and house anti-metal claws that dissolve other metals on contact. His boot soles are thick Vibranium alloy pads which can vibrate at various frequencies, allowing him to run up the sides of buildings, land soundlessly and without injury.
  • Vibranium Claws: T'Challa uses them for melee combat.
  • Vibranium daggers: T'Challa has vibranium-based energy daggers that can be used for melee combat.
    He can throw them at opponents or fire shots based on energy, when he threw several daggers at once while invading a Hydra base he shot down more soldiers at once and
    cracked the ground, taking on the appearance of a big crater.[8] T'Challa showed that he can join 2 daggers to form a double scythe with 2 edges.



T'Chaka was T'Challa's father. He loved his son and believed that T'Challa will be a great and better king to all of Wakanda. When he met his end by Man-Ape in a challenge for the throne, his son T'Challa had vowed to avenge his death and went to America for help from the Avengers. After Man-Ape's defeat, his father's death was avenged.

Captain America[]

Captian America The two seem to have a mutual respect and shared sense of responsibility. Panther saved Steve's life in Living Legend, and Rogers returned the favor in Panther's Quest. He also fixed the captain's shield. Panther also admits that, sometimes, Cap is a "very difficult man to be found"


Hawkeye is T'Challa's fellow Avenger. The both of them were induced fairly closely together, to the point of both being forgotten as Avengers, so it is likely that they bonded over that. As Hawkeye is seen complaining to T'Challa at the Wakandan embassy, they probably spend time outside of the Avengers together. Also, Hawkeye looked to T'Challa to confirm that he was not a Skrull and jokingly challenged him for the throne of Wakanda.

Iron Man[]



The Wasp[]

Hank Pym (Yellowjacket)[]

The Dora Milaje[]

The Dora Milaje are a ceremonial tradition to Wakanda and serve as body guards and Wives in training.




Black Panther was the first black superhero ever created in the Marvel Comics.

  • Unlike in the comics, Black Panther did not join the Avengers to spy on them but to earn their trust.
  • Fans thought Black Panther died in "Operation Galactic Storm", but he returned in "Live Kree or Die".

Like his comic book counterpart, Black Panther is King of Wakanda and wears a cape when he is sitting on his throne.

Notes and references[]