• Brodie999

    In light of Man of Action taking over the second half of AEMH Season 2, I had began to wonder how different things would be if Christopher Yost and Joshua Fine hadn't left the series. I had my very own article about it on ComicBookMovie and I paste it on here, so that fans can wonder how Season 2 would have gone without Jeph Loeb and Man of Action.

    -Episode 15: Yellowjacket Iron Man and Wasp try to persuade Hank to rejoin the team, but he is far too obsessed with his experiments and driven by guilt over Ultron. Meanwhile, a mysterious new vigilante called "Yellowjacket" appears at Avengers Mansion to convince The Avengers to give him membership and starts taking out super-villains, starting with AIM. The Avengers attempt to find out about …

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  • TheOne1000

    Does anyone else think this show could be brought back for another season on Disney+? If it does happen, then I would like for Scarlet Witch, Quicksilver, and She-Hulk to join the team and have the X-Men appear too.

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  • Mikethe696969

    I want to start a channel commenarating this show

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  • Hulk10

    Wasp's Treatment of Hank

    March 9, 2019 by Hulk10

    I can't help but think that Janet was being unfair to Hank with regards to his pacifistic views. Tony Stark even remarked on that.

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  • Mutant king1

    if disney is making their own streaming service, could Avengers:Earths mightiest heroes be renewd for a 3rd season, cause on dc's streaming service their renewing young justice, maybe Marvel will renew Avengers:EMH.

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  • Manny20444

    If you’re tired of waiting months between MCU movies then you should definitely check out The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes . The Disney animated TV show cleverly blended stories from classic Avengers comics, modern-day Marvel material, and elements taken directly from the MCU, to deliver the perfect comic book blend of action, humour, and character over the course of its 52 episode run. A must-see for any self-respecting Marvel fan, the series captures the Avengers so perfectly it could even teach the MCU a thing or two. Here's seven things the MCU could learn from Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes.

    1. Make the Wasp a proper Avenger sooner rather than later

    The Wasp (aka former socialite-turned-shrinking superhero Janet van Dyne) is …

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  • Brodie999

    This was a series that was probably one of the best adaptations of Marvel's long-running comic book superhero team, but was axed well before its time.  Season 2, while enjoyable, did not properly resolve the Surtur story arc, and fans of the show deserve to see a satisfactory conclusion to this plot. Netflix seems to be the best chance of seeing this show again.  Given their success with other shows on their site, I feel that this would be the best way to see this animated incarnation of Earth's Mightiest Heroes get the plaudits it truly deserves.

    If YJ gets revived on Netflix, This may inspire Marvel to bring WATXM, SSM , SMTAS, IMAA , Agent Carter and EMH and even Futurama and DC may revive their DC animated Universe shows and even Teen T…

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  • Bonnie33925

    I like this wikia

    December 31, 2015 by Bonnie33925

    I like this wiki because this made me more understood about cartoon Avengers Mightiest hero.

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  • Shieldmaiden24


    November 5, 2015 by Shieldmaiden24

    Hey, this is fun. I am enjoying editing this wiki. I like proofreading. :)

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  • Raszka


    February 20, 2015 by Raszka

    Does this wiki, you can publish your stories?

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  • Gcheung28

    In less than a week, Captain America: The Winter Soldier will be out in theaters! Do you think you know EVERYTHING there is to know about Captain America involving his comics, TV series, and movies? Take the Captain America Trivia Quiz now and see how you do against other fans!

    Take the quiz now!
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  • Gcheung28

    Hey, Avengers fans! The wait for Captain America: The Winter Soldier is taking its toll, but how about taking a break by helping us to make a trivia quiz? To keep us entertained before the next movie is out, we are going to make a quiz to test people on their Captain America knowledge, but we need YOUR help!

    To help out, submit a question that you think would be good in terms of Captain America trivia! Questions can range from comics to movies, but when you submit your question, please include possible choices and then which is the correct answer. For example,

    Who are Captain America's parents?
    a) Sarah and Joseph Rogers - Correct
    b) Katherine and Joseph Rogers
    c) Mary and Daniel Rogers
    d) Sarah and Stephen Rogers

    To qualify to have your question a…

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  • Hulk10

    Janet Van Dyne

    December 14, 2013 by Hulk10

    I can't help but wonder if Janet was being too hard on Hank when she was expecting him to be a hero....

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  • Hulk10

    Hank Pym cruel

    December 12, 2013 by Hulk10

    I don't think Hank was being cruel to the Serpent Society or to anyone in his first appearance as Yellowjacket.

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  • Ace040390


    November 25, 2013 by Ace040390

    Hi, I am new to this wiki channel and am not sure if this discussion was posted yet so I guess I will go ahead and ask my question. My question is... If Avengers Assemble doesnt do well and eventually gets cancelled what are the chances of Avengers Earth's Mightiest Heroes returning? I wouldn't rule it out just yet considering other shows have been cancelled and have returned to television. What do you think and is it possible?

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  • THOR66


    May 18, 2013 by THOR66

    ilike this wiki

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  • Regular Guy

    Hi there! As an administrator upon the Marvel's Avengers Assemble Wiki, I want to personally invite everyone to join the wiki, where you can geek out about the latest animated project from Marvel Animation: Marvel's Avengers Assemble.

    Many fans have been uneasy about the show from the very beginning, but I urge you all to give the show a fair chance and give it a go. If it isn't your thing, it isn't your thing, but at least try it first.

    Now that I've explained myself, there's so much you can do. Our pages about the television show, actors, crew, and comics will tell you everything we know about what's ahead for the the show. Our news blogs will bring you all the latest up to date information about Avengers Assemble and beyond. Once you've rea…

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  • OleanderHawkeye

    Hawkeye's Arrows

    January 27, 2013 by OleanderHawkeye

    Hawkeye's famous trick arrows are, if you haven't already noticed, colour coded.

    • Grey is Zipline
    • Red is Flare
    • Electric blue is Electricity
    • Yellow is Explosive
    • Blue is Freezer and
    • Green is Net

    He also has a normal arrow with a sharp, arrow point. Once, in the episode "Powerless", Hawkeye used a short piece of wood as an arrow to hit the Destroyer.

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  • BlindmelonKen


    January 10, 2013 by BlindmelonKen

    This your fellow admin BlindmelonKen speaking.

    I would like to inform you all of a few things before I return to editing the wikis after a long hiatus.

    1. Do NOT upload images for the sake of uploading them. The AEMH Wiki is a database that details information from the show's canon. This is not a full-Fanon site. Now, if you're adding images that you are upload to a blog post, that's perfectly fine. Although, adding images that look cool or are simply just perverted images of any of the female characters is highly prohibited. Any user who chooses to add useless images will receive a warning the first time, a one-month block the second.

    2. While I am returning here to clean up the wiki, it will take me several days for me to fully contribute her…

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  • Young avengers

    Marvel's Avengers earth mightiest heroes cartton was great. we will miss that. but i would love to see young avengers cartoon. i waondering that DC has he's young heroes cartoon like young justice or teen titans so why not marvel have there own young heroes cartoon. i mean have there avengers cartoon so it shouldn't a problem for young avengers get there own cartoon. what you guys think ?

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  • Ben101994

    I hope the Avengers Assemble series is good

    If it isn't they should then bring back Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes

    Who agrees with the new avengers show being good ar they should bring back AEMH.

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  • Superboys83520067




    #3 FAITH













    2 DAYS AGO




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  • Jtbonny7

    All Avengers

    November 30, 2012 by Jtbonny7

    These are all of the avengers.

























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  • Jtbonny7

    These are the Avengers that I have in my action figure collection.


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  • Jtbonny7

    Accurate Episode List

    November 25, 2012 by Jtbonny7

    This is a list of all episodes.

    AEMH Season 1

    1. Breakout Part 1
    2. Breakout Part 2
    3. Iron Man Is Born
    4. Thor the Mighty
    5. Hulk vs the World
    6. Meet Captain America
    7. The Man in the Ant Hill
    8. Some Assembly Required
    9. Living Legend
    10. Everything is Wonderful
    11. Panther's Quest
    12. Gamma World Pt.1
    13. Gamma World Pt.2
    14. Masters of Evil
    15. 459
    16. Widow's Sting
    17. The Man Who Stole Tommorow
    18. Come the Conqueror
    19. The Kang Dynasty
    20. The Casket of Ancient Winters
    21. Hail,HYDRA
    22. Ultron-5
    23. The Ultron Imperative
    24. This Hostage Earth
    25. The Fall of Asgard
    26. A Day Unlike Any Other

    AEMH Season 2

    1. The Private War of Doctor Doom
    2. Alone Against A.I.M.
    3. Acts of Vengeance
    4. Welcome to the Kree Empire
    5. To Steal an Ant-Man
    6. Michael Korvac
    7. Who Do You Trust
    8. The Ballad of Beta Ray Bill
    9. Nightmare in Red
    10. Prisoner of War
    11. Infiltraition
    12. Secret Invasion
    13. Along Came A Spider..…
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  • Jtbonny7

    New Avengers Wikia

    November 24, 2012 by Jtbonny7

    We have created a wikia for avengers assemble.

    Here is the link.Here

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  • BlindmelonKen

    Dear Fellow Users,

    I've thought about this decision for a while now. I was uncertain if any of you would be interested, but I've been encouraged by others to do what I thought was right, and I would like to hear your opinions on this.

    I have planned to create a Wiki that combines information from all different television series and films affiliated with the AEMH universe. Namely:

    Wolverine and the X-Men Hulk Vs. Thor: Tales of Asgard Avengers Assemble.

    It will be named: New Marvel Animated Universe (not associated with Marvel Animated Universe Wiki). All the series I've mentioned above have been confirmed to be in-continuity with Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes (link). Ultimate Spider-Man and Hulk and the Agents of S.M.A.S.H. however will not b…

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  • Peter pureheart

    In 1984 Marvel's first biggiest event the Secret Wars came and it was awsome. And recently with The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes canned one of the greatiest writters would love to see this to be brought to light seeing as how the only show that ever did this was Spider-Man's 1990's series but at best that was a very lose adaptation of Secret Wars. this one would be too probably because of the cast but never the less best version ever not sure if Spidey already had the black suit in this universe and if not we would sort of witness the birth of Venom plus galactius is in the n-zone so don't know how that would work but would be nice to see what Chris's take on this story it was pretty cool. would love to see Red Skull,Ultron,Kang,Doc…

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  • WikiaFrog

    The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes should have had a Season Three like the Justice League TV Series: Justice League Unlimited. So I thought up an idea for Season Three, and here it is! *Ahem*.

    The plot is, the Avengers try to save the world from Thanos. Loki, Ultron, Kang, and Red Skull (Dell Rusk) Return.


    Brian Bloom as Captain America

    Eric Loomis as Iron Man

    Fred Tatascoire as The Hulk

    Colleen O'Shaughnessy as the Wasp

    Rick D. Wasserman as Thor

    Wally Wingert as Yellowjacket

    Peter Jessop as Vision

    James C. Mathis III as Black Panther

    Chris Cox as Hawkeye

    Will Smith as Falcon

    Drake Bell as Spider-Man

    Lacey Chabert as Quake

    Jennifer Hale as Miss Marvel

    Phil LaMarr as Wonder Man

    Selena Gomez as Scarlet Witch

    Josh Keaton as Quicksilver

    more coming soon …

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  • Tariqfresh

    Avengers Assemble here's my voice cast.

    Voice Cast

    • Laura Bailey - Natalia Romanova/ Black Widow
    • Troy Baker - Clint Barton/Hawkeye
    • Adrian Pasdar - Tony Stark/Iron Man
    • Bumber Robinson - Sam Wilson/ The Falcon
    • Roger Craig Smith - Steve Rogers/Captain America
    • Carlos Alaqurazi - Bruce Banner
    • Fred Tatasciore - The Hulk
    • Travis Willingham - Thor
    • ( Drake Bell or Jason Marsden ) - Peter Parker / Spider-Man

    Any ideas

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  • Peter pureheart

    AEMH Spider-man

    November 10, 2012 by Peter pureheart
    This one is about how The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes Spider-Man needs his own show.he has been screwed over by USM well it's time Spidey needs and desreves better than that crap sorry to say it but it's crap and with Spider-Man you can't afford to take too many liberties. there are rules with Spider-Man one's you can't break no matter how it looks good on paper Stan "the man" Lee & Brain Micheal Bendes created him and right now man of action has been taking everything that makes him who he is away.he is not deadpool it not like working with batman the animated series it should be like working on Spider-Man Blue or Spider-Man loves Mary Jane or like the real Utimate Spider-Man you know the good comic series in the Ultimate universe…
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  • Mark Marino

    While Avengers Assemble is set to premire next summer in 2013, I am hoping that Marvel will do an animated movie that takes place after Avengers Earth's Mightiest Heroes. Right now, I am doing a comic based on the same name that is titled "The Avengers Earth's Mightiest Heroes: Fight as One". It will hopefully be done into animation after Marvel grants approval of the comic. It is mainly to focus on Spider-Man and The Wasp , the two #1 favorite heroes of the show The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes. They both have plenty in common as heroes, origin, humor, and responsibility. The comic is also to continue from where The Spectacular Spider-Man was cancelled off at while the setting of the comic takes place in The Avengers EMH universe. T…

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  • BlindmelonKen


    November 6, 2012 by BlindmelonKen

    I haven't had much activity in the wiki community for a while now. It pains me that I have done hardly anything to contribute recently, but I'm currently busy with college and more personal conflicts.

    I will be online every so often, but not as much as I used to. If you ever need help of any kind, I will do my best to reply within the next 7-12 hours at most.

    I'm doing as much as I can to stay active here, please don't think I'm giving up just yet. I will make a big comeback to the wikis eventually. Now is just not the time for me.

    I'm sorry everyone. I'm truly sorry.

    Always stay truebelievers folks. This is Ken signing off for now.

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  • SolarSamurai59260


    November 5, 2012 by SolarSamurai59260

    If I had superhero my name would be Alpha.

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  • Jtbonny7

    Current Avengers

    October 30, 2012 by Jtbonny7

    Hi Everyone! I'm new.This blog post is about current Avengers Members.Without further a do.A'hm!






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  • Feey1

    Wiki Theme

    October 24, 2012 by Feey1

    There's something very wrong with this wiki's theme; IT'S NOTHING LIKE AEMH!. The whole lime green-blue color scheme doesn't tie in with the series itself. Just look at the logo below:

    Do you see any resemblance to that in the wiki theme? Therefore I have begun a vote on this blog's comments, whether or not we should change the theme. We'll give it more colors from the logo: red, yellow, but keep the current blue. So vote below!

    --User:Feey1|Speak to me! 00:01, October 24, 2012 (UTC)

    UPDATE: If no one speaks up against this soon, I will update the theme anyways!

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  • Regular Guy

    Signing Off

    October 21, 2012 by Regular Guy

    Well it is time for me to go. Officially. I haven't been that good of an admin here since Ji and Godblaster left. And I'm pretty sure GB is gone. I'm gonna miss them. The main reason why I'm leaving this wiki is overall the lack of dedication. The rules on this wiki are set up horribly and I'm not even sure there are rules. If so, I have not seen ANY of them being enforced. Not trying to act pretentious, but this wiki will most likely fall apart after I leave. Users have TOO much free range on this wiki, they think they can do almost anything. I am just shocked by how much bad grammar are on various articles. Unneed categories are outta this world on this wiki, categories like "Male", "Female", and "Comic-Only Characters" (Like who wrote t…

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  • Regular Guy

    Is it true? Has Marvel stopped sucking in their animation department? Oh, yes! Praise everything that it good.

    From Man Of Action: “It will continue much of what the movie started, it’ll be slightly different from Earth’s Mightiest Heroes. It’s really going to focus on the core characters… but it is not some kind of drastic change from Earth’s Mightiest Heroes into Marvel’s Avengers Assemble. Everything that’s established in [Earth’s Mightiest Heroes] and just running from that point on. It’s like Bendis’ Avengers going into Marvel NOW! Avengers… Everything that happened in Earth’s Mightiest Heroes, we’re going to keep consistency from that, to the new show.”

    when talking about the animation style of the new Show, Man of action replied: “Marve…

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  • BlindmelonKen

    Even as Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes soon draws to close, the Wiki we've contributed to for the past year or so still continues to develop and grow. Many achievements have been acomplished since then. We have introduced more people to the series both young and old, given enough well-detail information to please the hard-core fans, and we've gotten enough recognition from the promotion a while back to bring in more people in the community. Much time has passed since then, we've lost many friends along the way, and gained new ones at the same time. With Avengers Assemble right around the corner, the question still remains what the future holds for the Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes Wiki?

    Many of us are still mourning the untimely de…

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  • BlindmelonKen

    Who's That Superhero?

    September 23, 2012 by BlindmelonKen

    Shanna the She-Devil? She-Hulk? Red Sonja?

    Well, this hero appeared along with Namor, Juggernaut, and Colossus in the background of the captured and imprision heroes with "super-strength" abilities in Marvel Universe: Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes #4.

    If anyone knows who this hero(ine?) may be, let me know so I can create a page for her/him.

    EDIT: I don't think I should have darkened the stomach area. So don't think of it as a belt, but more like the color of the rest of her/his body.

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  • Peter pureheart

    Now Christopher Yost is a genius because of his story telling is the greatest AEMH and WATXM are the best Marvel has right now and i know AEMH will be replaced with Avengers Assemble but it wont be the same if anything Chris needs to be head of Marvel Entertainment he's earned it no offense to loeb but Chris can tell better stories than he can any day. I have noticed that every episode that Chris Yost wrote which i kinda all of the first season of The Avengers Earth's Mightiest Heroes and like half of the second season are acctually the best of the show. only when he dose it sure there are a few episodes that were under diffrent writter's but even then they were good not like Chris Yost his stories are Mighty they acctually are bad asses w…

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  • ScottFitgerald

    I never thought it would come to this, but, I'm forced to say it. I need help. I edit the Green Lantern The Animated Series wiki by myself and cannot do it all by myself. I'm standing on my own and definitely alone. Assistance is much needed, I'm especially handicapped because I'm the only one who's not or has been an admin editing there. So please, help me.

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  • Ji Robinson

    I know last time you were a bit spooked wIth my off the wiki for 6 months thing, but this time there's little to no chance of me coming back :/

    My faithful 7 year old desktop took it's last "breath" on Friday, when the elitrical belt tore. There's no identification of its brand, especially since it's a "Fry's quality systems" computer from '05. Besides, it was 2.0ghz and had an ancient integrated video card. It's better for me to wait for a new computer (and since I'm 14 and legally cant work, god knows when THAT will happen :/ ).

    So... I'm pretty much announcing indefinite stasis/ retirement.

    God blaster is the only crat here besides me, so you guys will have to work out the whole "who's the boss" thing without me. Although, I personally no…

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  • Regular Guy

    Admin Meeting

    August 30, 2012 by Regular Guy

    There needs to be an official Adminastors meeting. We need to cover certain things on this wiki, along with improving it. There is alot to talk about here, and it would be helpful if the few admins that are active would come. I know some of us live in different time zones so...

    This trusty time converter here will tell you what time the meeting will start in your time zone. The meeting will be held in the chatroom if anything (if you have a better place, then your are welcome to purpose it.)

    Since your all admins, and are capable of editing blog post, please put your username in bold font in the section below to indicate that you will be present at the meeting. If you are not sure that you can make it, put your name in Italic font.

    • Firestormblaz…

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  • Regular Guy

    This is the first issue of "New Templates" blog series. Featuring brand new templates for the wiki. Today the new templates are:

    The Recently Release template is for articles that content that has been recently released (duh :P). Just apply it to the top of the page, and in field where you type what the content is, write "character" or "episode"....or.."comic".

    This the first of the "warning templates". It acts as a warning to anyone who has recently done an "unconstructive" edit.

    Iron Man's page

    • "Iron is cool and was in the avengers movie in May 2012".
    Or creating a meaningless page. If you decide to remove the template from your page, well....hehe read the template.

    This is the second "warning template". It is a step up from the first.…

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  • Peter pureheart

    Now young justice has a good looking Young Justice game called Young Justice Legacy but The Avengers Earth's Mightiest Heroes is in the same light they are both in the same boat they both are great show's that kick so much ass and really do define Amazing Super-Heroes from both Marvel and Dc but The Avengers need a game a good one too but personaly i would love to see a brian micheal bendis Secret War for this game and it would be a version of season three and i would like to play as every one in that last episode of The Avengers Earth's Mightiest you know Iron-Man,Thor,The Hulk,Captain America,Yellow Jacket,Wasp,Hawkeye,Black Panther,Ms.Marvel,Vison,Black Widow,Spider-Man,Wolverine,Luke cage,IRon-Fist,War Machine,TheThing,Human Torch,Invi…

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  • Quomler

    Randy Cunningham 9th Grade Ninja wiki is a wiki that focuses on the new Disney XD show. The wiki doesn't have enough editors, so please come check it out!

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  • Ji Robinson

    I how you liked Ultron Unlimited because according to Toonzone , you won't be seeing any more AEMH until September 9'th. That's 3 weeks from the airdate of Ultron Unlimited. Ultimate Spiderman is in the boat too, so don't expect any new episodes from that show until September 9'th.

    Express your opinions in the comments.

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  • PengyChat3

    Hey Guys! i just got news that Jeph Leob is working with Phineas and Ferb to put the Avengers in their show. Thor, Iron Man, Spidey, and Hulk will be in Phineas and Ferb and The two brothers will be dressed as Captain America and Captain Britain. See this video for more info:

    Okay i think i made it TOO big. :p

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  • PengyChat3

    I was browsing google images and i found this picture of someone's idea for season 3.

    Its a shame that AEMH is getting cancelled, dont you think? It would be awesome to see more avengers like Scarlet Witch or Quicksilver or Triathlon or Hellcat. So, what do you think about the picture? post it in the comments below.

    By the way, heres the website i found it on:

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