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Whatever occurred here at The Cube appears to have occurred at The Vault and The Big House as well. Intriguing.

-- The Leader

Breakout, Part 1 is the 1st episode and the series premiere of Season One of Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes, and the overall series. It is also the 6th chronological episode.


When the security systems at all four of the super-prisons fail at once, the heroes, which will become the Avengers, must fight a battle for containment.



A.I.M. are showing their weapons to Lucia von Bardas.

Iron Man, with the help of JARVIS, tracks A.I.M. where they are selling Stark's technology to Latveria via Dr. Doom's agent Lucia von Bardas from Slovakia. Iron Man arrives at the scene and attacks the A.I.M. members. After Iron Man defeats them, he threatens von Bardas to never use his tech. As von Bardas leaves, he asks JARVIS to contact the vault to send the A.I.M. members there.

In the Cube, Samson passes by the jails of Wrecker, Zzzax and Absorbing Man. Samson arrives in the holding cell of the Hulk who is in his pre-transformed state, Banner warns him that S.H.I.E.L.D. is going to use the villains as weapons. Samson tries to calm Banner, but he insists that the Cube is dangerous.

Thor saves Jane

Thor saves Jane.

Thor watches over a city when he gets approached by Balder The Brave from Asgard. Balder tells Thor that his father before entering the Odin sleep asked Thor to come back and protect Asgard. Thor rejects the offer. Balder doesn't understand and asks why he is so occupied to the city. Thor tells him that he is needed here so that he can make a difference unlike in Asgard who only solely relies on fighting. Below them Jane Foster is taking care of some people who were involved in a traffic accident, while a speeding car bounces from the ground and is going straight to Jane but is deflected by Thor. Jane thanks Thor for saving her and is wondering if he is following her, Thor tells that he is intrigued by her since she doesn't seem to be scared even though she is a mortal.

At the Vault, Iron Man arrives and delivers the A.I.M. members to Jimmy Woo. Jimmy tells him that there was a accident last week in the Vault, Iron man wonders if Fury made him do this. Jimmy told him that they wanted better containment, Iron Man wants nothing to do with it and flies off.

In the Big House, Ant-Man talks with Mad Thinker about the conversation he had with Whirlwind, which was about that something was going to happen and Ant Man wanted to know what. Mad Thinker told him that it was not what, but when it will happen.

Wasp and Maria Hill are walking in the hallway of the S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier about the offer Fury gave to Ant-Man and the Wasp, she told her that Ant- Man was against it, but she was for it. Both of them passes by Black Widow, Wasp wonders who she is and Maria told her it was classified and gave a second thought about the offer. A black-out happened, which surprises them.

The Big House returns to original size

Due to the malfunction of the Pym particles, The Big House reverts to its original size.

In the Vault Hawkeye is seen in his cell, while a blackout happened and the bars of the cells have been opened. all the prisoners are walking out of their cells, the same thing happened in the Cube and in the Big House while Ant-Man was doing his interrogation, the Big House inside the Helicarrier grows large shattering through the outside. Back at the Cube the gamma radiation inside the cube leaked out and caused a explosion which Samson was engulfed in. At the deck of the Helicarrier Nick Fury is trying to control the situation, but then is approached by Clay Quartermain, who tells Fury that they are not getting a response from the three prisons. In the hallway of the Helicarrier a S.H.I.E.L.D agent is turned to stone by Grey Gargoyle. Whirlwind activates his powers and knocks out two other agents. Three agents are shooting at Griffin, but he shrugs it off and flies toward, grabbing two agents away. Constrictor constricts the other agent, but is attacked by Wasp's sting blast. Maria and Wasp who the former told her that they are heading for the bridge, but Wasp disagrees and wants to help Hank.

Iron Man gets a call from Pepper who tells there is an emergency in the S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier and a report from JARVIS that the vault has not transmissioned data. Iron Man flies off to the Vault. Thor is talking with Jane explaining that his father is in Odin sleep and that Asgard is vulnerable. Jane suggested that Thor should go there and guard Asgard. Thor tells her that his place is Midgard (Earth), and trouble would be brewing if he wasn't there. Thor notices an explosion has occurred and goes there to look at it.

Samson lifts up the rubble

Samson lifts up the rubble to help Bruce Banner.

In the Cube, Banner is released from the locks, but is stuck in a pile of rubble. Samson approaches Banner, which the latter notice that Samson has been infected by gamma radiation, he also explains the only one that can stop the prisoners is the Hulk. Samson lifts up the rubble on top of Banner, with his enhanced gamma-radiated strength. After he threw the rubble away he is then zapped by Zzzax and falls unconscious.

In the Vault, Living Laser opens a hole in the storage room, Whiplash and Chemistro get their costumes and their weapons back, but Hawkeye assaults Chemistro.

Mikhlo smashes a ultron unit

Mikhlo smashes a Ultron unit, while Red Ghost watches through.

In the Helicarrier Wasp arrives in the room where the Big House was held. Ant-Man is attacked by Mandrill and King Cobra. Red Ghost is approaching two Ultron units and another Ultron unit approaching him from behind. The two Ultron units are attacking Red Ghost with lasers, but Red Ghost turns intangible and the lasers destroys the Ultron unit from behind him. One Ultron unit is lifted up with magnetism by Peotor and the other got smashed by Miklho. Igor climbs on Ghost's shoulder. Ant-Man stands up and is constricted by King Cobra. Mandrill tries to attack Ant-Man, but he counterattacks with a kick. Ant-Man shrinks to escape from Cobra's grip, he changed back to his normal size and punches King Cobra from behind. Ant-Man is assaulted by Griffin who the latter tried to evade by shrinking, but is pushed into a deep hole. Ant Man changes back to his original size to cushion the fall. The Helicarrier crashes down in the ocean.

In the Vault Hawkeye prepares to fire an arrow towards Whiplash, until Iron Man interferes and attacks both Hawkeye and Whiplash mistaking the former to be an enemy. Hawkeye tried to explain himself, but dodged the attack. Iron Man is assaulted by Blizzard's ice cube attack and falls down to the ground. Living Laser, Blizzard and Whiplash surrounds Iron Man and Living Laser attacks Iron Man, harming his armor. Crimson Dynamo grabs his head. Iron Man orders JARVIS to hack the system and orders to let the agents evacuate the Vault.

Graviton wakes up

Graviton wakes up from a long sleep.

In the Helicarrier, Maria Hill reports the situation of the prisons, Nick Fury worries about the raft the fourth prison. In the Raft Purple Man is seen walking out of his cell, while Baron Zemo stands still. Under them a captivated Graviton is shown and releases himself.

In the Cube, Banner is being zapped by Zzzax, Banner is getting angrier and changes into the Incredible Hulk. Hulk smashes Zzzax, while the Leader is monitoring him. The Leader notices that the situation in the Cube is also happening in the Big House and in the Vault. Absorbing Man and Abomination are behind the Leader and Absorbing Man suggests that they get out of the Cube. The Leader told him that in the Cube, he will change the world and orders the two to take out the Hulk.

The Vault explodes

The Vault self-destructs.

By the Vault Jimmy communicated Iron Man that the Vault has been cleared from agents. Crimson Dynamo stomps Iron Man to the ground, while Blizzard freezes him. Hawkeye fires two explosion arrows at Crimson Dynamo's back and blows it up. Iron Man pushes Crimson Dynamo to a wall and orders JARVIS to take over the Vault system. He looks at Hawkeye who is then walking away. Iron Man orders to activate the self destruct sequence. Iron Man flies off, while the enemies are watching as he flies away. The self destruct has activated and the Vault gets blown up. Iron Man was caught in the blast and hits the mountains nearby. JARVIS reported that there was a breakout in the Cube as well and the Helicarrier has crashed and needs a new iron suit.

In the Helicarrier, Whirlwind holds Ant-Man. Griffin flies up and tries to attack Ant Man, but dodged by shrinking and attacks Whirlwind instead. Ant-Man is falling, but is caught by Wasp.

Hulk fighting Abomination

Hulk is fighting Abomination.

In the Cube, Hulk is carrying Samson, he puts him down and opens a hole in the Cube to get outside. He is assaulted by Abomination and throws the Hulk away. They get into a fist fight with Abomination smashing the Hulk to the wall, Absorbing Man having absorbed the wall grabs the Hulk and Abomination rushes towards the Hulk and prepares to attacks. The Hulk gets loose from Absorbing Man's grip and dodges, while Abomination stomps Absorbing Man's head instead. Hulk creates a smokescreen by smashing the environment and jumps out the Cube while carrying Samson. Absorbing Man told Abomination to go after him. The Leader stopped them and orders them to let the Hulk go.

Nick fury and Graviton

Nick Fury face to face against Graviton.

Nick Fury is in a chopper and arrives at the top of the Raft. He orders his men to keep a look out. The Raft is pulled in the sky. Nick Fury looks above and sees Graviton. He orders his men to abort the mission and runs away, but is caught by Graviton's powers. Nick Fury is pulled towards graviton face to face. Fury gets out a gun, but is thrown away by Graviton. As Nick Fury has nowhere to go he angrily calls out Graviton's name. The episode will be continued.


Voice Actor Role(s)
Kari Wahlgren Jane Foster
Fred Tatasciore Graviton
Colleen O'Shaughnessey Wasp
Rick D. Wasserman Thor
Absorbing Man
Robin Atkin Downes Abomination
Alex Desert Nick Fury
Eric Loomis Iron Man
Wally Wingert Ant-Man
Jeffrey Combs The Leader
Troy Baker Clay Quartermain
Danny Mann Mad Thinker
Cam Clarke Doc Samson
Kari Wulher Maria Hill
Nolan North Balder
Living Laser
Jimmy Woo
Scientist Supreme
Dawn Oliveri Pepper Potts
Phil LaMarr JARVIS
Chris Cox Hawkeye
Crimson Dynamo
Non-speaking role(s)
Red Ghost
Lucia von Bardas
Black Widow
Arnim Zola
Grim Reaper
Baron Strucker
Grey Gargoyle
King Cobra
Purple Man
Baron Zemo