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Prisoners at the Big House at the beginning of the Breakout.

The Breakout was a major event when all of the major and minor villains consisting of 74 break out from their four main prisons and this event causes the formation of the Avengers after defeating Graviton.

It is a plot that was constructed and set in motion by Loki (revealed in A Day Unlike Any Other), in order to fully distract his half-brother Thor while he continues his quest to take over Asgard and its neighbouring realms.

Chain of Events[]

  • Jimmy Woo asks if Tony Stark could check the Vault systems, due to a previous escape of the Grim Reaper and Baron Von Strucker. Stark puts the request on hold.
  • Bruce Banner attempts to persuade Leonard Samson to listen to his views of S.H.I.E.L.D. and Ross, and is completely ignored.
  • Hank Pym questions the Mad Thinker, who implies something will happen soon but corrects him with when.
  • Wasp and Maria Hill are strolling along the Helicarrier hallways, talking about Nick Fury's job offer to Wasp who reconsiders it since being in S.H.I.E.L.D. had a all-too serious work atmosphere
  • The Breakout begins when the cells of the 74 supervillains have opened with security systems deactivated all of a sudden and then chaos ensued in all four major prisons as they begin to escape.

Escaped Villains[]

The Vault[]

The Cube[]

The Big House[]

The Raft[]


All the previously incarcerated supervillains were escaped, scattered around the world after the Breakout. Some went into in hiding; others were more active.

The Breakout led to the founding of the Avengers after defeating Graviton, one of the escaped supervillains and a greatest threat in that time which took all five heroes to defeat in an epic and destructive battle in New York city.