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"I enjoy your species’ gift for an understatement."
―Captain Marvel to Ant Man[[459|[src]]]

Captain Marvel is a Kree undercover agent as a scientist Dr. Phillip Lawson as his alias on Earth. His full name is Geheneris Hala´son Mar-Vell.


Early life[]

His early life is largely unknown, but he became a xenobiologist and Pluskommander of the Kree Void Science Navy. Some three years ago, he heard rumors of a genetic anomaly and technological evolution on Earth and came there to study them under the alias "Dr. Phillip Lawson".


As part of a S.H.I.E.L.D. project at an observatory, Lawson works closely with Carol Danvers. Danvers and Lawson invite Wasp and Ant-Man to their observatory to investigate an encroaching unidentified object. The object while covered in energy streaking through space (as we see through the S.H.I.E.L.D. space telescope), notices the observation and destroys the telescope. Pym deduces that it is not organic and not living regardless of it's apparent sentience at destroying the telescope.

When it lands on Earth it destroys a wolf acting aggressively toward it, and we learn it is a Kree Sentry, specifically Sentry-459. Danvers, Van Dyne, and Pym go to the crash site but are attacked by the Sentry invisibly. Soon enough it is revealed and Pym realizes it's only attacking because they are attacking it. He tells Jan and Carol to stand down, but they don't listen and the Sentry heads towards the observatory. Carol tries to protect Lawson from the Sentry, but its energy blast hits a reactor and Lawson's disguise is compromised to reveal Mar-Vell. Carol is knocked out as Mar-Vell's energy flows into her, and at the hospital,

Jan and Pym have called in Hulk, Thor, and Iron Man to help out. Mar-Vell reveals that he is a Kree, and that they are in an ages-old war with their archenemy alien race, the Skrulls. He says that the Sentry was sent to Earth because Earth is an important planet between the warring alien empires, and the Kree wanted to assess if the people had any possible "heroes" that could stand in their way, (namely the Avengers) and other neutral heroes including villians. Because of the fight that Pym and Van Dyne gave the Sentry, he thinks the Sentry is going to activate the Mega-Bomb inside his chest that will obliterate the life on Earth, because the Kree don't need humanity, they just need the Earth for its resources and technology. This almost led to a conflict between himself and the Avengers who accuses him of bringing the Sentry to Earth but the latter defended his reasons.

The group goes to destroy the robot and after the battle, a Kree commander appears as a holographic head above the robot and argues with Mar-Vell. The Kree commander decides that Mar-Vell isn't necessary anymore, just like humans and activates the Mega-Bomb to destroy Mar-Vell and the Earthlings he's grown accustom to. Mar-Vell pleas for humanity showed the commander that he has grown soft for his new adopted planet and that he isn't like the other Kree anymore.

Mar-Vell realizes it'll only take ten minutes to de-activate it, but he only has five. Accused of this being his fault by Wasp, Captain Marvel (as he's now called by the Avengers) tries to fly the bomb into space but is stopped when he starts to freeze in space, Iron Man flies after him, but he himself isn't strong enough, so Thor throws the bomb into space, only to be forced back to Earth. Mar-Vell apologizes for the trouble he's caused them all, and says he will try to plead for Earth to the Supreme Intelligence. He also says the Avengers should be prepared for any ensuing fallout from the event, which alludes to a possible Kree-Skrull War storyline popping up for the Avengers later on in this season.

Welcome to the Kree Empire[]


The Landing Party

He was seen again with Ronan the Accuser, Yon-Rogg, and other Kree troops arriving on Earth to test humanity that if they're worthy to join the Kree empire, if not humanity will be destroyed after the Supreme Intelligence was convinced by Marvel's claims and pleas.

When Ms. Marvel saw Captain Marvel among the Kree on Earth, she attacked and then accused him of betraying the Avengers that he'll ask his people to leave Earth alone and that she once believed in him and named herself after him but now she realized that Marvel only brought his people to conquer Earth, which Cap Marvel tried to explain the real motives and reasons.

After the battle, Captain Marvel was among the Kree sent to Number 42 along with Ronan and Yon-Rogg. When Iron Man and Ms. Marvel entered his cell, Marvel revealed that he convinced the Supreme Intelligence that Earth is a scientific and technological anomaly and must be studied but now Earth is a threat to the Kree and his people will come with full force, which Iron Man replied "We'll be waiting then."

Assault on 42[]

Captain Marvel was the first to offer his services to the Avengers to fight off Annihilus, in hope of redeeming himself in their eyes. He fought bravely and destroyed many invaders but was still put in the Hydro-Base after the battle.

Kree Invasion[]

When the Kree began invading Earth, the Avengers led an defensive strike. To stop the Kree from opening a wormhole near the sun, Marvel was released and upgraded the Quinjet to fly in sub-space. Eventually he wound up on Hala facing the Supreme Intelligence for his betrayal. He begged the Supreme Intelligence to spare humanity as they could teach the Kree so much and showed him Ms. MarvelCaptain America, and Wasp as examples of what humans could do.

The Intelligence ordered the humans dissected for study and Marvel executed for his crimes. The Avengers regrouped, rescued their comrades, and attacked the Intelligence directly. The Vision phase-shifted into the Intelligence and shut it down. However, it began to reboot and Marvel shot it dead. He said he had doomed his people, but saved many others from falling under the empire.

He explained how all the Kree did was breed better soldiers and without the military power of the Supreme Intelligence their empire would crumble and they would all die due to a lack of leadership. He was convinced by Iron Man and Captain America to lead the Kree himself and to model the new society after Earth.

Avengers EMH

Kree Form minus Helmet


In his Kree form, he has blue skin, green eyes, silvery hair and wears a type of weapon suit. In his undercover form, he wears a military uniform, has black hair and green eyes.


For three years, he has grown fond of Earth, as he was able to get along with others he met along the way. He believed that humanity might be a great ally to the Kree and must not be destroyed if his people really want to finally win the war against the Skrulls, even if it means sacrificing his own life. He shows great respect to others and acts calmly to dangerous situation.


Ms. Marvel[]

As Dr. Phillip Lawson, she worked with him for three years as friends. Through being Inspired by his name, she named her hero name Ms. Marvel after him. But since she misunderstood him and the Kree attack on Earth, she became bitter towards him. When he offered his services to help defend 42 and after saving their lives on the Kree homeworld, she returned to thinking highly of him.

The Wasp[]

Hank Pym (Yellowjacket)[]

The Avengers[]


Ronan the Accuser[]

Powers & Abilities[]

Captain Marvel possesses unique Kree powers. He can fly and put up an energy force shield around himself as he was able to use it to save Carol from the explosion before she was infused by his Kree energy. He was quite skilled in armed combat.


Captain Marvel in battle


Captain Marvel possesses the most advanced and powerful Kree weapons at his disposal. There are different types of them. Melee and ranged. He gets them from his wrist and his backpack.


  • This is the first time the character of Marvel is shown in Kree form rather than as a human in comics and other cartoons. His appearance resembles Mahr Vehl from the ultimate continuity.
  • Throughout his appearances it has been strongly hinted that he has romantic feelings for Carol Danvers, (Ms. Marvel).
  • While his armor is based on that of Marh Vehl from the Ultimate Universe, his morphing weaponry created from it more resembles that of the Multiverse Explorer Noh-Varr and his universe morphing gauntlets.
  • He along with Vision, the Winter Soldier and Wonder Man were the only villains to redeem themselves.