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Chemistro is an average super-villain armed with an "alchemy gun" that disintegrates and corrodes anything, and anyone who stands in his way.


He was imprisoned in the Vault until the Breakout happened. He was with all of the prisoners getting their weapons and suits back in the Vault's armory after Living Laser sliced the door for them saying to everyone that "store's open!" As he grabbed his gear, he was punched in the face by Hawkeye, who also got his gear back.

When Iron Man blew up the Vault, Chemistro was able to escape. He was later seen again as a member of the Masters of Evil recruited by Baron Zemo for unknown reasons. He was with them waiting for the two Asgardians to return. The Enchantress had given Zemo the Norn Stones, which Chemistro jokingly stated about "how will a bunch of rocks help us take over the world?"

Then he was assigned to guard the Norn Stone in an unknown selected location from Hawkeye. He even reminded his foe about what he done to him during the Breakout, which Hawkeye jokingly answered that he doesn't know about that, and even mockingly confused Chemistro with Paste Pot Pete and Hypno Hustler. As they continue battle, the Norn Stone was activated along with all of them on Earth.

Later, Hawkeye had finally beaten him by destroying his chemical gun which nearly melted his mask. That forced Chemistro to take it off and he got himself captured by one of Clint's special trick arrows.

Chemistro later appeared in Season 2 being pursued by the Enchantress and her Executioner after his location had been given to them by fellow Master of Evil, the Living Laser. After reaching a dead end, Chemisto confronted his pursuers managing to melt the Enchantress's hand before she reformed it. In exchange for his life, he gave the Asgardians the location of Arnim Zola, but was betrayed when the Enchantress took his Alchemy Pistol and turned him into solid gold before taking his identity to infiltrate Avenger's Mansion and get close enough to Zemo to kill him.

Iron Man stated he is still alive and Wasp declared her intentions to keep him.


In his normal appearance, he is an African-American. In his costume, it is similar based from the comics but a little trimmed.

Powers and Abilities[]

Although he has no powers of his own, he is quite skilled in chemistry it would seem, as he weilds an Alchemy Pistol that he created. One of the formulas the pistol shoots can dehydrate the very flesh of a being, giving it a stick-like, crumbled appearance (Acts of Vengeance). Another is able to turn a living being into solid gold (Acts of Vengeance).


He wears a suit that is somewhat similar to Iron Man's, and it has a power pack on the back. It has an alchemy gun conected to it that he uses as his primary weapon.


Golden Chemistro

Chemistro encased in solid gold.

Whiplash, Chemistro, & Living Laser breaking out

Chemistro during the Breakout