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Ivan Vanko is one of Iron Man's many tech-based foes who were imprisoned in the Vault until the Breakout occurred. A Russian scientist that rivals Tony Stark, Ivan Vanko dons a soviet suit of armor and terrorizes as The Crimson Dynamo.


Ivan Vanko created the Crimson Dynamo armour in the hope of defeating to his rival inventor Tony Stark (Iron Man). At some point he was a member of the Winter Guard, and designed the Titanium Man´s armor, but was kicked off the team because of his evil intentions. Iron Man defeated him and imprisoned him in The Vault. He remained there until the Breakout occurred.

When the breakout ocurred, Crimson Dynamo attacked Iron Man but was knocked out by Hawkeye. When The Vault exploded, Vanko escaped and later went to Suiza, where he faced the Avengers, and the Winter Guard, who wanted to take Vanko to justice for crimes against Russia, but Iron Man wanted to take him, because he had used his technology to hurt people, facing both teams for their dispute.

Dynamo tricked to Iron Man in attacking to Titanium Man, after being told it was a Winter Guard recruits, and he had designed the Titanium Man armor, firing a missile, while he was distracted, which are intercepted by Titanium Man, who gets the shot, and forcing Vanko to flee after the attack of both teams. Iron Man manages save to Titanium Man, and discovered that the design of their armor was not the same as his own armor, apologizing to the Winter Guard for his behavior

Having escaped to Germany, and planning his revenge, the Baron Zemo enlists to Crimson Dynamo for his team of the Masters of Evil. He was with them when they attacked the Avengers Mansion, but were defeated in the process.

Later, he was assigned to guard the Norn Stone in a spooky castle where he fought Captain America. When all of the stones are activated, all of the ghosts where Dynamo is were attacking him allowing Cpt. America long enough to destroy the stone and knock out Dynamo. He later escaped the ghosts and returned to Midgard, where he reunited with Zemo and the other Masters of Evil.

When Enchantress was searching Baron Zemo to get revenge, he was sent to distract her while the remaining Masters asked with Zemo for help to the Avengers. He was saved by Iron Man and Hawkeye when he was loosing the battle against Enchantress and the Executioner. Along the two Avengers he arrived to the Avengers Mansion to face Enchantress again. When the last Norn Stone was destroyed by Wonder Man in an act of sacrifice, he was knocked out and incarerated in the Prison 42 along the rest of his team.


Crimson Dynamo in the Breakout

Crimson Dynamo attacking Iron Man

He first appeared in the "Breakout Pt. 1" as he attempted to kill Iron Man but was stopped by Hawkeye. In "Nick Fury, Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D.", he was shown without his armor in his cell in the Vault.

His real face was only seen in that episode. In the show he has a Russian accent.


He has a grudge against Iron Man who defeated him before and locked him up in the Vault. He is a man holding a grudge on the armored Avenger. He willingly worked with others to take down the Avengers. He only thinks about himself and killing Iron Man, as shown when he remained faithful to Zemo in 'Acts Of Vengence', even though the Avengers saved his life.


Iron Man[]

Iron Man is one of Crimson Dynamo's arch-enemies. He desires to have Iron Man dead in his hands and do anything to make that happen. Dynamo always comparing his armor to be more superior than Tony Stark's armor.


Powers & Abilities[]

  • He has no powers but has a large suit of armor similar to the Hulkbuster Armor. He has the most dangerous weapons to wield against anyone who stands in his way. He has superstrength and flight from the armor he's wearing. it also has an array of missiles, machine guns and other offensive weapons in concealed in the armor.


  • He wears the Crimson Dynamo armor that rivals Iron Man's. It's the only suit he'll wear in the entire Season 1.


  • He is quite different from the other versions of him in the comics and cartoon series.
  • His real face was only shown in "Iron Man Was Born" when Maria Hill describes the list of villains being locked inside the Vault.