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"As it is written."
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Criti Noll is a Skrull posing as various individuals (and one of the Super-Skrulls) during the Secret Invasion.


Skrull infiltration[]

At some point, Criti Noll impersonated Invisible Woman in order to infiltrate the Fantastic Four.[1][2]

The Private War of Doctor Doom[]

As Invisible Woman, Criti Noll welcomes Iron Man and the Wasp at the Baxter Building. She and the Wasp then have a "girl" talk around the Negative Zone's prison before the two get attacked by Doombots then knocked out and kidnapped to Doctor Doom's castle where they're imprisoned. The Avengers and the Fantastic Four invade the castle, trying to free the two. Both teams get overwhelmed until Doctor Doom decided to free the two females and the heroes leave. Both teams discuss the event's possible reasons at the Avengers' headquarters.

Back in the castle, Doctor Doom's holograms reveal her true Skrull form.[3]


As Ant-Man, Criti Noll is amongst the Skrull Avengers to order to infiltrate Wakanda and steal vibranium, manipulating Ms. Marvel in the process while dealing with Black Panther's resistance.

She and her teammates are defeated by the real Avengers; the Wasp punched her, reflecting frustrations with the true Hank Pym.[4]

Secret Invasion[]

During the Secret Invasion, she hacked the Baxter Building's security which opened the Negative Zone and revealed herself to Mr. Fantastic. She left several Super-Skrulls which were ultimately defeated by the Fantastic Four led by the real Invisible Woman.

She is among the Super-Skrulls attacking Washington, D.C. tasked with confronting the Avengers. When help arrived, she was eventually defeated and imprisoned in Prison 42.[5]


Criti Noll is a female with green skin, with eyes with irises an unnatural green color and her ears are pointy.[3]

Her disguised forms consisted of Invisible Woman, Ant-Man and her own Super-Skrull form.[3][4][5]

Powers and Abilities[]


  • Shapeshifting: Criti Noll can shapeshift into a duplicate of Invisible Woman, Hank Pym and a Super-Skrull form.
    • Mimicry: Criti Noll can mimic the powers, voices and personality of the people she shapeshifts in, such as Invisible Woman and the Hulk.[3][5]


She has Skrull replicas of Ant-Man's Pym Particle suit, belt and helmet,[4] which are later hybridized with Skrull replicas of Iron Man's armor, Crimson Dynamo's armor and Klaw's Sonic Disruptor.[5]




  • Much like in the comics, Criti Noll was disguised as Hank Pym.
    • Additionally, her Invisible Woman disguise is an amalgamation of her brief female disguise (in the comics) and the Skrull Lyja.

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