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Crossfire is a super-villain and assassin who steals tech and equipment from super-heroes (including Ant Man) for profit from those who will pay him handsomely. He is the nemesis of Scott Lang.


William Cross (a.k.a Crossfire) was a former criminal partner of Scott Lang until Scott owed him some money. To force Scott to pay him back, he kidnapped Scott's daughter Cassandra and locked her up in a warehouse. When Ant-Man (Scott Lang), Iron Fist, Luke Cage, and Henry Pym raided the warehouse, Cross sent his lackeys to deal with them. After his men were defeated he threatened to kill Cassandra, but Scott appeared and summoned thousands of ants to crawl over Cross. This forced Cross to surrender and he was punched by Scott, meeting his defeat.


William is irrational arrogant and has no code of honor. He tries to act tough but can be broken easily. He doesn't like direct confrontation, and instead uses his henchmen to get the job done.


  • He wields a laser pistol for defense.