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Destroyer is an enchanted armor invoked by the Enchantress on the Isle of Silence, in relief of Loki, who until the end of time, remained prisoner of the Midgard Serpent.



The Destroyer was created by Eitri and his Dwarven smiths under orders of Odin, which serves as a magical weapon of mass destruction but was sealed away for unknown reasons.


After nullifying and neutralizing the powers and abilities of the three strongest Avengers (Captain America, Thor, and Iron Man), Enchantress summoned it and placed Loki's soul into it on his single-minded mission to destroy them and gained his revenge from the humiliating defeat back in the past.

Loki inside the Destroyer took out the Wrecking Crew and proceeded to battle the powerless Avengers but was slowed down by Hawkeye, who wasn't affected by the Enchantress' spell. Until Thor regained his powers and his teammates', they together beat the Destroyer and Loki's soul left the armor and went back to his body.

Back in the Avengers Mansion, Iron Man had placed the Destroyer in a special container, which may hold it for good until they figure it out on what to do with it.


The Destroyer retains its appearance based on the comics but a little trimmed and changed.

Powers and Abilities[]

The Destroyer has very destructive powers, which brings death and destruction to all who stands in its way and has very strong armor, which can withstand any powerful blows and attacks from opponents. It is almost invulnerable, has super strength, durability, speed, and can fire a beam from its visor. However it requires a soul to function.

Background in other Media[]

This is the first time the armor is presented in the Animated Universe. It would later appear in Avengers Assemble and Ultimate Spider-Man.