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"We dwarves are the finest smiths in the Nine Realms."
Etrie to Tony Stark[src]

The Dwarves are a race of bearded, small-statured men from Nidavellirr.

Their leader is King Etrie.


They are quite known as the finest smiths in all Nine Realms for forging powerful Asgardian weapons and artifacts, including Mjolnir in The Forge.

When all of the realms were conquered by Loki, the dwarves' realm was among them. As Etrie and his followers flee to The Forge, they bumped into Iron Man who had been pulled into their realm,and picked him up, which the latter woke up. As they travel, they ran into Ulik, who immediately attacked them.

Though a hard battle, they won against Ulik, but lost two warriors leaving Iron Man and Etrie left to go The Forge, where they later built the Uru Armor in preparation to fight Loki and save his teammates.

After Loki's defeat by the Avengers, all of the realms were free including the dwarves' kingdom.

However, after the Seal of Bor's Sons was broken, Surtur escaped and burned Nidavellir to the stone and stole the shattered remains of the sword he seeked. While Eitri was scarred and lost an eye and his people suffered from Surtur's wrath.

Known Dwarves[]

  • Etrie
  • Unnamed Dwarven warriors