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"I myself personally crafted Thor Odinson's hammer, Mjolnir.""
―Etrii to Tony Stark[src]

Eitri is a dwarf king of Nidavellir who helped Tony Stark build the Uru Armor after saving him and his kind from Ulik. He personally made Thor's hammer from uru metal.


Loki's invasion of all the Nine Realms[]

By the time, Loki unleashed his large army upon on the Nine Realms, Eitri managed to escape the onslaught and staged his people's underground resistance against the god of mischief.

In his journey to The Forge, he ran into an unconscious mortal with strange machinery named Tony Stark and had his men drag him along with them. When Stark woke up and aimed his remaining repulsor gauntlet at them, one of his men thought that he's waving at them and Eitri introduced himself to Stark and explained the situation. Allowing Stark to come along, the group was attacked by Ulik. After witnessing Stark managed to defeat the Rock Troll, he owed Tony his life and allowed him to create a suit of armor made of uru at The Forge.

After the Avengers defeated Loki and freed the Nine Realms, Eitri was there hailing them as true heroes and had Stark gave back the armor as part of their deal.

Surtur's escape[]

When Surtur escaped his prison in Nidavellir, he was heavily injured and received a scar on his right eye.

Creation of Stormbreaker[]

"Eitri, Odin himself has sent us with..."
"Odin? Odin promised his protection. I held the shards of Surtur's sword at Odin's request, and now my people have paid bitterly for it."
Thor and Eitri[src]

Eitri was approached by Thor, Sif, Balder, and Beta Ray Bill to create a new armor and weapon for him. However he was angry at them, when they did not help them when Surtur escaped his prison. He was only convinced by Thor to make a new hammer for Bill with the little remaining Uru. He then created the new hammer that was dubbed as Stormbreaker.


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