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Amora the Enchantress
Demon Queen[1]

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Abomination (Formerly)
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Baron Zemo (Formerly)
Crimson Dynamo (Formerly)
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Baron Zemo


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Pyrokinesis (Demon Queen)

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Loki (Formerly)
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Isle of Silence

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Kari Wahlgren

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"You can finally earn your reward, Zemo. For if your team succeed today, you will be given Midgard as promised."
"You need not worry, Enchantress."
―Enchantress and Baron Zemo[src]

Amora, or the Enchantress, is an Aesir sorceress. She was one of Loki's allies and is an enemy of Asgard and the Avengers. Since the day she was sent to Muspelheim, she has been captured, enslaved and mind controlled by her current master and ruler of Muspelheim Surtur.


Loki's Ally

Enchantress at the Isle of Silence

Enchantress at the Isle of Silence

At some point of her life, Amora fell in love with Thor but he rejected her for Sif, leaving her broken hearted. So she teamed up with his half-brother Loki and Executioner. She brought Loki back from the Isle of Silence after he was banished there by Odin.

She and the Executioner came to Baron Zemo and gave him an offer, as they helped him to form the Masters of Evil if they want to destroy the Avengers. In after Wonder Man got absorbed in the arc reactor. Wonder Man joined, in exchange for Enchantress returning him to normal. After the fight between Winter Guard and the Avengers Enchantress with the others invited Crimson Dynamo. After the gamma world incident, Abomination joined her when they found him in the desert, crawling.

When Zemo lead the full team against the Avengers. Baron Zemo and Enchantress recruited Grey Gargoyle, Chemistro, and the Living Laser to help them. Though later she had Executioner kill Grey Gargoyle after defeating the Norm Queen, as they only used the Masters of Evil for Loki's plan to dominate Asgard and the world. Unfortunately for Enchantress, Zemo is too smart and already knows her plan to betray him. When she activated the Norn Stone for the army of Asgard to come to earth, Zemo connected the Control Collar on her neck.

Under Zemo's control, Enchantress is forced to have the army of Asgard obey to him when they arrive. The plan is foiled by Thor who managed to free himself, knock Zemo out, and had all the Avengers to destroy all of the Stones. Enchantress warned him not to do it, while Thor destroyed it with his hammer while his teammates do the same thing, they were all transported to the nine realms.

Afterwords she woke up scared of what Loki might want to do to her, but is soon knocked out by Baron Zemo. A few weeks later she and the Executioner tracked down the other members of the Masters of Evil.

The Demon Queen

"Amora, this is madness. How can you be in league with Surtur? You are Vanir! Good or evil, you believe in life. Surtur would see everything burn!"
"Thor, please, help me."
Thor and Amora[src]

Enchantress was possessed by the demon Surtur, with an army of Fire Demons to command. She destroyed the homeworld of Beta Ray Bill, Korbin. She persued him until the ship crashed on a meteorite. She commanded her Fire Demons to break into the ship and kill the Korbonites.[1]

She was surprised by Thor's sudden appearance on the battlefield and regained conscious for a moment, but not long enough to discontinue her attack Thor and Bill. She was eventually defeated by the combined attack of Bill and Thor's hammers, the defeat temporarily freeing her from Surtur's possesion just long enough to beg Thor to make it stop before Surtur took over her body to taunt Thor and teleport her away from the scene.[1]

Enchantress as the Demon Queen while she is possessed by Surtur.

When Surtur had sent Amora to free Loki from the Midgard Serpent, Enchantress appeared self possessed enough to take a personal pleasure in, and add a bit of her personal flair to her revenge, showing Loki the Avengers in battle against the Wrecking Crew and using her magic to prevent the Avengers from using their powers. She placed Loki's soul in the Destroyer and sent him to Midgard to kill them. If he had defeated them, Amora have been freed him. When the Avengers regained their powers and defeated Loki, Enchantress told the Midgard Serpent that it can torture Loki until the end of time. She then told Surtur that Loki failed to defeat the Avengers. Surtur then told her that Ragnarok will begin soon. 

Due to the fact that it was the final episode that she was featured in, it remains unknown if Enchantress she ever freed herself from Surtur's control.

Physical appearance

Enchantress is an extremely beautiful caucasian female with a voluptuous yet athletic body, long blonde hair which reaches down to her waist, green eyes, toned broad shoulders, buxom breasts, long legs, and wears pink lipstick. She wears a green Asgardian skin tight suit, which leaves her shoulders bare, and a matching mini skirt. She wore tight green arm sleeves that went almost up to her shoulders, and black tights with green circles on the sides and a green tiara.

As the "Demon Queen", she resembles a Fire Demon. Her clothing is dark red and somewhat more revealing, showing off much of her abdomen and chest, also lacking the miniskirt. She wears a spiked choker and her now red sleeves are lined with spikes. She maintains her previous physical appearance except when under Surtur's immediate control, at which time her eyes become yellow with no pupils and her hair transforms into flames. Her green tiara has been replaced with a horned red one that covers her nose and the sides of her face.


She is cold, calculating and ruthless. Her attitude has made other Asgardians, including Thor, call her witch despite her beautiful looks. She'll do anything to have Thor as her love interest and have a place of their own to rule alongside him, despite his rejections of her, which never fail to infuriate her.

Despite that, it is mentioned by Thor that she still values life even in good or evil.

Since her enslavement and mind controlling she has become a loyal follower of Surtur and has been doing all of his bidding even when she do not want to she has became even more sadistic and cruel than before and is now willing to even kill Thor which she always hesitated to do before although most of it comes from Surtur and his actions as she seems to be under his complete control and is forced to do tasks she is usually very unwilling to do.



Thor is Amora's love interest even though she fights him. Though she may be an enemy to the god of thunder, she seems to still care for, and possibly even genuinely love him as she saved Thor from Ultron's massive uni-beam blast, and went so far as to tell him that having him was all she ever really wanted. She was quite incensed when he demanded to be returned to battle, but she still flirted with him during the Norn Stone plot. Later in season 2, while suffering Surtur's possession as the "Demon Queen" she apparently still had enough faith in Thor to ask him for help in between possessions, an act in direct contradiction to her later attempt to have him and the other Avengers killed, although it is unknown how far under Surtur's influence she was at the time.


Loki is Amora's ally and possibly a friendly rival in the realm of magical prowess.

In Season 1, Loki intended to use her magical powers and cunning to distract Thor and the Avengers while he conquered the Nine Realms. Amora's fear of his wrath after the failure of the Norn Stone plot indicate that theirs is a rocky and possibly abusive relationship.

However, Amora does apparently take some pleasure in showing off her new power as Surtur's lieutenant to Loki when she grants him the Destroyer as a means of taking his revenge, although she does not tell him of Surtur's involvement, earning an apparently concerned inquiry from Loki about the origins of her new power upon seeing her summon the Destroyer, which lends credence to the theory that Loki does actually care what happens to her. Of course after he fails to defeat the avengers, Amora remorselessly returns him to his torturous prison, treating him as she imagines he would her.


Skurge is Amora's most loyal companion. He never speaks and rarely shows emotion, although he will apparently do anything to protect her, even taking a direct blast from the Muspellheim Norn stone to protect her. He battles tirelessly and kills mercilessly if she requests it and has only ever retreated once, doing so to ferry her out of danger. When informed of her possession by Surtur and offered a chance to free, he made a face and raised an eyebrow, which was more emotion than he had ever shown in the show, before leaping to battle to earn his freedom to save her.


Since the day she was send to Muspelheim Surtur has enslaved and mind controlled her against her own will and has become her master. He makes her do preparations for Ragnarok and play out his dirty tasks for him even when she did not wished to Amora is now unwillingly loyal to his master and would do anything as he pleases which is why Surtur also entrusted her with a great deal of power and even though she has tried to break free of his control it has been made abundantly clear by Surtur that she is beyond saving now so she and her powers belongs to him. He even made her kill Thor something she has hesitated or denied to do in the past it also appears that since her last encounter with Thor Surtur has gained more control over her mind with her acting very normal in her next appearance and showing complete loyality to Surtur without any resistance.

Powers and Abilities

Amora the Enchantress is a member of the race of people who are native to the realm of Asgard,They are known as Asgardians. Due to this heritage, Amora possesses a number of superhuman physical attributes, as well as an incredible talent for the ways of sorcery.

  • Superhuman Physical Attributes: Though she is far from being a warrior, Amora does possess the superhuman physique that is common to Asgardians. Like all Asgardians, her body's tissues, bones, and muscles are all 3x as dense as a normal humans, contributing to both her greater strength and weight. This density makes her bulletproof, as well as giving her protection against physical attacks from even the strongest opponents, such as the Hulk. She is, like most Asgardian females, able to lift about 25 tons. Her speed, reflexes, agility, and stamina are similarly enhanced. These abilities pale in comparison to her magical abilities, however.
  • Magic: Amora is an incredibly powerful and skilled sorceress, which is made obvious by her codename Enchantress and the not so affectionate nickname of 'Witch' that is given to her by both Thor and Sif. This magic manifests in the physical world as green smoke, which Amora manipulates in any way she wishes. She has used her magic to produce energy blasts, to increase her strength to the point where she is able to knock down Thor, to impersonate Bruce Banner to manipulate the Hulk, and for teleportation of both herself and the other Masters of Evil. Amora is said to be second only to Karnilla the Norn Queen in the ways of magic on Asgard.

Demon Queen

As the Demon Queen she is shown to have new abilities. She is shown to have no control of them being mind-controlled by Surtur. She can break Surtur's mind control briefly if certain people reach out to her or if she is weak.

  • Retaining Original Abilites-Despite the new power set that goes with being Surtur's lieutenant, Amora still apparently retains all of her former magic powers when not under Surtur's immediate control, although her magic now manifests as flames instead of green smoke.
  • Connection with Surtur-Her connection with Surtur allows Surtur to speak through her and control her.
  • Pyrokinesis (fire abilities)
  • Summoning Demons-She can now summon demons but if she is weak or not in range the demons become unstable and vanish.
  • Fire Shields and Forcefields


Background in other media

  • This is Amora the Enchantress' fifth animated appearance. Previous versions include The Marvel Super Heroes, The Super Hero Squad Show, Hulk vs. Thor and Thor: Tales of Asgard.
  • The EMH version of Enchantress is the same version as the one that appeared in Hulk vs. Thor and the one that appeared in Thor: Tales of Asgard.


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