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"Did you risk the wrath of Odin by coming here just to torment me, Enchantress?"
"Mmm... Torment Loki? I thought you would appreciate the view. Besides, getting into your father's prison without his notice is but the least of what I can do."
―Amora threatening Loki[src]

Amora the Enchantress is an Asgardian goddess and most powerful sorceress in the Nine Realms. She learned the ways of magic by seducing other sorcerers, and forcing them to reveal their ancient secrets to her until she surpassed them. Amora is a master of manipulation and seduction, and often makes her pawns feel in-charge as long as she gets her way. She most often uses Loki as her instrument to gain power. Amora later gets an immense power boost after she joins Surtur and becomes the Demon Queen.


Planning with Loki[]


Amora visits Loki in the Isle of Silence

At some point of her life, Amora had wanted to seduce Thor (for the throne) but he saw through it, and rejected her for Sif. Because of this, she targeted and used Thor's little adopted brother Loki to destroy Thor's life.

When Loki's first attack on Asgard failed, he was imprisoned by Odin to the Isle of Silence. Odin knew that Loki was not powerful enough to break the prison's spell, and therefore felt confident entering the Odin sleep. Enchantress took this opportunity to visit Loki with her Executioner in his prison. She easily broke Odin's spell and allowed Loki to speak. She then discussed a plan to usurp Odin's throne with him, and after determining that the plan had merit, she freed Loki from the prison.

The Masters Of Evil[]

Amora next attacked the Avengers since Thor was on the team. She attempted to mind control Hulk, and almost defeated the team herself. Unfortunately for her, the Hulk broke the mind control, and Amora was overwhelmed. She escaped before the Avengers could capture her.


Amora recruiting Zemo as her puppet leader

Amora realized that she needed more villains if she wanted to keep Thor and his team distracted while Loki continued on his part of the plan. She and the Executioner came to Baron Zemo and gave him an offer to join forces. Zemo quickly realized that he didn't have much of a choice and agreed. Amora used Zemo as a puppet leader of the Masters of Evil, and they recruited many other members together.

They recruited Wonder Man after he got absorbed in the arc reactor, in exchange for Enchantress keeping him alive. After the fight between Winter Guard and the Avengers, Enchantress with the others invited Crimson Dynamo. After the gamma world incident, Abomination joined her when he was found in the desert, crawling.

Amora Blocks Thor's Hammer

Amora disables Mjolnir

Amora made Zemo lead the full team against the Avengers soon after. She didn't reveal herself to be the leader of the group until they attacked Thor. After defeating and capturing him, she revealed some of her plan to him. When Thor asked her about why she had allied herself with lowly villains like Zemo, she responded that Zemo was only a toy to be discarded when the time was right. The attack failed because of Zemo and Abomination's quarrels. The Enchantress transported the group out before they were apprehended. When Zemo and Abomination started arguing again, Amora told them that they were all pawns in her game. She then walked into a private room to speak to Loki who she teasingly called "My Lord", implying that he had conquered Asgard.

Enchantress had Baron Zemo then recruit Grey Gargoyle, Chemistro, and the Living Laser to help them in the next phase of their plan. Though later she had Executioner kill Grey Gargoyle after killing the Norn Queen, as they only used the Masters of Evil for their plan to dominate Asgard and the rest of the nine realms.


Enchantress restrains Thor before summoning her army to Earth

Enchantress' plan was to bring her new army to Earth so she and Loki could conquer it. She used the Norn Stones to do so and captured Thor again once he tried to stop her. While captured, Thor told Zemo that Amora was only using him and would destroy him after this was over. Zemo, however, had predicted that Amora would kill him after she was done with him. When she activated the Norn Stone for the army of Asgard to come to earth, Zemo put the Control Collar on her neck. Zemo had hoped that under his control, Enchantress would be forced to have her army obey him when they arrive. The plan is foiled by Thor who managed to free himself, as Amora's magic binds were the only thing holding him. Thor knocked Zemo out, and had all the Avengers to destroy all of the Stones. The Avengers were all transported to the nine realms.

Afterwards, she woke up worried of what Loki might try to do to her with his new power. With the full Odin force power in his control, Loki's power surpassed her own. As she remembered that Zemo had messed up the plan, Zemo came up behind her and knocked a weakened Enchantress out temporarily. By the time Amora recovered Zemo had run away. Amora quickly learned that Loki had been defeated and imprisoned. She was relieved that the Trickster's power was once again no match for her own, and she began a different plan.


Amora interrogates Chemistro

Amora now wanted Zemo dead, and in the following weeks systematically located, interrogated and eliminated the Masters Of Evil to find Zemo. She started with interrogating Chemistro until he told her where Arnim Zola was. Chemistro thought Amora would spare him, but she killed him. She then killed Arnim Zola while Zemo watched from a security camera. A frightened Zemo runs to the Avengers hoping for their help. However, the Avengers were also no match for her. Zemo, panicked, attempted to use the Muspelheim Norn Stone as a last resort, but Wonder Man breaks it, transporting both he and The Enchantress to the fire demon Surtur's realm. There, Surtur takes control of Amora's mind turning her into his top General.

Under Surtur's Control[]

"Amora, this is madness. How can you be in league with Surtur? You are Vanir! Good or evil, you believe in life. Surtur would see everything burn!"
"Thor, please, help me."
Thor and Amora[src]

As Surtur's top General, with an army of Fire Demons to at her disposal, she destroyed the homeworld of Beta Ray Bill, Korbin. She pursued him until the ship crashed on a meteorite. She commanded her Fire Demons to break into the ship and kill the Korbonites.[1]Luckily Bill met Thor, and proved his worthiness to him by lifting Thor's hammer. Together the two started fighting the fire demons. During the fight Bill realized that the attack could only be stopped by defeating the leader, The Demon Queen, Amora.

Enchantress Proposal One

Amora as the Demon Queen

Amora was surprised by Thor's sudden appearance on the battlefield and regained conscious for a moment, but not long enough to discontinue her attack Thor and Bill. She was eventually defeated by the combined full power attack of Bill and Thor's hammers, the defeat temporarily freeing her from Surtur's possession just long enough to beg Thor to kill her. Thor hesitates, and Surtur retakes control taunting Thor, and Amora leaves.

From this experience, Amora learned to break Surtur's control. But due to her hunger for power, she decided to work with Surtur willingly.

The Demon Queen[]

"Remember the terms of our deal, trickster. Destroy Thor, and I will free you from this prison. Bid farewell to your brother for me."
―Amora (Demon Queen) to Loki[src]

After breaking Surtur's control, Amora stayed in her Demon Queen form, most likely due to the huge power increase she received. Amora and Surtur then created a plan involving Loki, Amora's old ally.


Amora threatening Loki

Amora visits Loki in his new prison, where he is being tortured by the Midgard Serpent. Amora briefly toys with Loki, clearly taking immense pleasure in seeing him tied upside down from a tree as the serpent drips poison into his eyes. To add insult to injury she uses her magic to show him Thor and The Avengers battling the Wrecking Crew.

Loki angrily asks Amora if she had risked the wrath of Odin by coming to his prison to torment him. Amora responds mockingly telling him that she thought he would appreciate the view. She then threatens him by telling him that she could do whatever she wanted to him in this prison without any fear of Odin, and demonstrates this by pinching Loki's eye causing him to grunt in pain. Amora then shooed away the Midgard Serpent as Loki looked at her shocked. He quickly realized that he had no choice but to obey his new master.

Amora uses her magic to de-power the Avengers, and tells Loki that if he could kill Thor and his teammates, she would free him from his prison. She also gives Loki the Destroyer armor to help him. Before she allows him to leave though, she warns him to not allow Thor to gain his internal strength since that breaks the spell. Loki disregards this advice since he believes he is unbeatable.

Amora Returns Loki to his prison

Amora returns Loki to his prison

Loki is defeated and returns to his real body. Amora looks amused and tightens the ropes holding him as Loki squirms. She then recalls the Midgard Serpent to torture Loki for the rest of eternity. As she starts leaving Loki begs her to release him, and Amora responds coldly saying that she hopes Loki enjoyed his freedom as it may never come again. Amora then opens a portal to Surtur and tells him of Loki's failure. She also says that the seeds of destruction have been planted. This cryptic statement was never fully explored as the show was cancelled to make room for Disney's "more movie-like" Avengers TV Show.

Physical appearance[]


Enchantress is an extremely beautiful woman with fair skin, green eyes, and long blonde hair which reaches down to her waist. She has a voluptuous yet athletic physique with toned broad shoulders, buxom breasts, and long legs. She wears a green, skin-tight Asgardian suit, which leaves her shoulders bare, and a matching mini skirt. She also wears tight green arm sleeves that went almost up to her shoulders, black tights with green circles on the sides and a green tiara.

As the "Demon Queen", her new clothing complements her perfect hourglass figure much more. The new clothing is dark red and much more revealing, showing off much of her abdomen, hips and chest, also lacking the miniskirt. She wears a spiked choker and her now red sleeves are lined with spikes. Her green tiara has been replaced with a horned red one that covers the sides of her face.


Amora is cold, calculating and ruthless. Her attitude has made other Asgardians, including Thor, call her witch despite her beautiful looks. She is also a master of manipulating others to do her bidding, as seen in her alliances with Loki and Zemo. She makes them feel in-charge even though they are actually following her wishes.

As the Demon Queen, Amora seems to have lost all good in her. She has even less sympathy than ever before, and now does not hesitate to give Loki the order to kill Thor, who she originally had a soft spot for. She also doesn't hesitate to show off her high power level, as shown by the threatening way in which she spoke to Loki. Amora wanted to make sure that all fear her power.



Amora Thor

Thor is Amora's prize. She wants to seduce him as he is the heir to Asgard's throne. She is seen always manipulating Thor or those around him. But, it also seems at some points that Amora genuinely loves and cares for Thor. She has always had a soft spot for Thor and mostly hesitates to harm him. As the Demon Queen however it seems that she no longer cares for Thor, and orders Loki to kill him.



Loki is Amora's toy who she uses to wreck Thor's life. In Season 1, Amora worked with Loki by using her magical powers and cunning to distract Thor and the Avengers while Loki conquered the Nine Realms. It is clear that Amora is the more powerful one by far. Loki knows this and makes sure to be very polite while addressing her, even when she teases or belittles him. However, it is implied however that after Loki had gained the powers of the Odinforce, he did briefly surpass Amora.

Loki serves Amora

This is probably why Amora makes it a point to show Loki that he now serves her, during her visit to Loki's new prison as the Demon Queen. Although before she treated Loki as an equal, as The Demon Queen she made sure he understood his place. By the end of their interaction it is clear that Loki fears Amora, and knows not to dare to cross her. The show ended before their relationship could be further explored, but it is fair to assume that Amora might've further forced Loki to be a part of her future plans, as he is now a servant of the Demon Queen.


Skurge is Amora's most loyal servant. She seduced him and kept him as her bodyguard/slave. He never speaks and rarely shows emotion, although he will apparently do anything to protect her, even taking a direct blast from the Muspellheim Norn stone to protect her. He battles tirelessly and kills mercilessly if she requests it and has only ever retreated once, doing so to ferry her out of danger. It is assumed that Amora would amp Skruge with her new powers and make him her slave once again, but the show was ended before that.



Amora reveals herself as Zemo's master

Zemo is Amora's puppet leader. He was chosen by Amora because he was influential amongst villains and had a personal vendetta against Captain America. She allowed him to lead the team as long as he carried about Amora's wishes. Zemo was terrified of Amora's power and had only joined since Amora had broken into his base and incapacitated Arnim Zola. He feared that Amora would do the same (or worse) to him if he disobeyed her. Zemo followed every order of Amora's for the most part and only rebelled when he thought there was a chance he could get away with it. This, however, had disastrous consequences.

When Zemo turned on Amora, she hunted him down to show him what happens to a pawn that challenges a master. She destroyed the majority of the Masters Of Evil herself before finally attacking Zemo. If not for the Norn Stone, there was nothing that could've stopped Amora's revenge. It is unknown whether Amora would have destroyed Zemo with her new power boost, or whether she would've considered him too irrelevant as the show was cancelled.


Surtur briefly takes control of Amora's mind. Amora does somehow break his control and continues working with him due to the immense power increase he can provide. Surtur is a being much more powerful than even Odin.

Powers and Abilities[]


Asgardian Physiology: Amora possesses a superhuman physique that is common to Asgardians. Due to this heritage, Amora possesses a number of superhuman physical attributes, as well as an incredible talent for the ways of sorcery.


Amora overpowers Zemo

Like all Asgardians, her body's tissues, bones, and muscles are all three times as dense as a normal human's, contributing to both her greater strength and weight. This density makes her bulletproof, as well as giving her protection against physical attacks from even the strongest opponents, such as the Hulk. She is shown to be stronger than most Asgardian females, able to lift about 25 tons. Her speed, reflexes, agility, and stamina are similarly enhanced. These abilities pale in comparison to her magical abilities, however.

  • Magic: Amora is the most powerful and skilled sorceress in the Nine Realms, which is obvious from her title of 'Enchantress' and the not-so-affectionate nickname of 'Witch' that is given to her by Thor and Sif. This magic manifests itself in the physical world as green smoke, which Amora manipulates however she wishes, from casting magical beams to casting spells.
  • Sorcery: As a sorceress, Amora is able to make enchantments and cast spells, both on people and objects. When going to visit Loki in his banishment, Amora opened an enchanted space where Loki regained his voice. To break into Stark Mansion, Amora cast a spell on herself to go unnoticed by the cameras, turning invisible. During her first fight against the Avengers, she even managed to enchant the hammer Mjölnir so that Thor could not touch it. To aid Zemo in his plan with the Norm Stone, Amora cast a spell on the manifested energy to control it.
  • Magical Energy Manipulation: Amora manifests and releases her magic in the form of a glowing green mist, which she usually uses to perform her attacks in the form of blasts and waves of flowing magical energy, triggering explosions. In addition to attacks, Amora can also contain her targets with her magical energy, creating bindings around their bodies, as she did with the Avengers when invading Tony Stark's mansion. The only thing that seems to be able to wear down Amora's powers is Asgardian magic itself, such as the full force of Mjölnir's lightning bolts and the Norm Stones.
  • Force Field Projection: With her magical energy, Amora can generate durable force fields and protective barriers that have been shown to be strong enough to counter punches from the Hulk and lightning from Thor.
  • Opening portals: As a form of teleportation, Amora often uses her magic to open portals, being able to extend her reach to other realms, as she did when sending the Hulk to Jotunheim. She always teleports along with her allies, serving as an escape tactic for herself and others such as the Executioner and villains.
  • Telekinesis: By wrapping her magic in matter, Amora can control the movement of objects, people, and even shape, to a limited extent, the shape of the material. She managed to contain Iron Man's armor and throw him away. When she went to deliver the Norm Stone to Zemo, she lifted the bag with the stone in the air and sent it to the villain. She was once able to stop Thor's throw with Mjölnir in mid-air. When confronting the Crimson Dynamo, Iron Man and Hawkeye in a field of ice, Amora used the surrounding ice to create a giant hand to attack and, right after, raised several pieces of ice in the air, creating a single one of size of an island, dropping everything on top of rivals.
  • Transmutation: Amora can transform matter into whatever she wants with her magic. When Chemistro attacked Amora, turning her into a withered tree, she used her magic to reverse her molecular state, returning her to her normal state. Upon being trapped inside a slimy mass monster created by MODOK, Amora turned the creature to stone from the inside out, exploding it shortly afterwards.
  • Shapeshifting: Amora can alter her physical form entirely, including gender, appearance, height, weight, and voice. In her first meeting with Thor, the Asgardian didn't even realize he was talking to the sorceress, as she was disguised as a common citizen. Once, to gain access to Stark Manor, Amora changed her form into that of Bruce Banner. To capture the Wasp and capture it separately from the Avengers, Amora turned into a random villain, luring the heroine into a trap, leaving her surrounded by several villains. Seeking revenge on Zemo, Enchantress transformed into Chemistro and pretended to be "injured" to enter the Avengers facility, however, Black Panther's thermal reader was able to see Amora's true form.


  • Seduction & Manipulation: In addition to her magic, Amora is a master of manipulation and seduction, and uses this power to manipulate men (and sometimes women) around her. None can resist this power (although some falsely believe that they can). She is capable of setting up win-win situations. Amora makes sure to work in the background which allows her to slip away if a plan she is a part of is about to fail. She let Loki conquer Asgard so that if he succeeded in the end, she could easily coerce him into giving her power, and if he failed she could continue on to the next plan.

Demon Queen[]


As the Demon Queen, Amora's natural powers are now at a much higher power level, and she also gained several new abilities. Judging by the facts that it took two Thor-level individuals to momentarily weaken her, she didn't care when Loki attempted to use Odin's wrath as a threat, and that the Midgard Serpent clearly feared her, it seems that Amora's power is close to or even on par with Odin's.

  • Pyrokinesis: Upon becoming Surtur's disciple, Amora acquired, as her main power, the ability to generate and control fire. She began to use fire as a way to manifest her magic and her attacks. When facing Thor and Beta Ray Bill, she attacked them with lightning and fireballs.
  • Summoning demons: As she was given evil powers, Amora could summon as many demons as she wanted from Surtur's horde with her pyrokinetic magic. Despite being easily defeated by Thor and Beta Ray Bill, they can reconstitute themselves very quickly.


Background in other media[]

  • This is Amora's fifth animated appearance. Previous versions include The Marvel Super Heroes, The Super Hero Squad Show, Hulk vs. Thor and Thor: Tales of Asgard.
    • Also, her voice actress reprises as the Enchantress in this version after the 2009 Lionsgate movie Hulk vs. Thor.