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Everything is Wonderful is the tenth episode of Season One of Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes.


Enraged by Tony Stark buying out his company, Simon Williams becomes a deadly being of ionic energy, Wonder Man, in order to exact revenge. Meanwhile, Wasp and Thor chase a group of A.I.M. agents to find their secret hideout and run into another villain, MODOK. And Captain America encounters Nick Fury in the mansion and they enter the barber shop to see the surprise for 70 years ago by the victory of World War II and saving Jack Fury's life.


Enraged by Tony buying out his company, Simon Williams contacts his brother Eric, the Grim Reaper, for help in taking revenge. The Reaper takes him to A.I.M., where M.O.D.O.K. offers him an experimental treatment that will transform him into a deadly being of ionic energy... if he survives.

Meanwhile, Wasp and Thor, chasing a group of A.I.M. scientists, show up just in time to disrupt the experiment, causing Simon to become Wonder Man. Meanwhile, Captain America meets Nick Fury and retrieves something he left behind 70 years ago for the victory of World War II and it's a motorcycle, because of saving his father's life and defeat the Red Skull with his Hydra army. And Tony's treatment of Simon has him butting heads with Hank.