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Executioner (real name Skurge) is the Enchantress' bodyguard and underling. He has always been on her side, taking orders from her whatever she wishes. He is armed with an Asgardian axe with tremendous power of fire and ice.


The Executioner was first briefly seen with the Enchantress when she rescues Loki from the Isle of Silence. He was seen with Enchantress in their human disguises on Earth, walking past the Avengers near the Mansion.

Later, after the Enchantress' control over the Hulk was broken, Executioner fought the Avengers alongside her. He first disabled Iron Man's armor with his axe, but Wasp saved him. He then shot a fireball, taking down Giant-Man, stepping on his back and is about to kill him by beheading until the Hulk arrives. When Iron Man's armor is recharged, he strikes Executioner with a stronger repulsor beam. Executioner then battles Hulk and Wasp, freezing Hulk. Later, Wasp distracts Executioner so the Hulk could punch him hard. After Enchantress is beaten, Executioner saves her by knocking Thor and Iron Man aside. They then teleport away.

Later, Executioner is with Enchantress when she gets Baron Zemo to form the Masters of Evil, of which he becomes a member. He later helps take down several of the Avengers, including Wasp, who they box in, Captain America, who he teams up with Wonder Man against, and Thor, who he attacks alongside the rest of the Masters. Later, he battles Black Panther alongside Wonder Man and Crimson Dynamo and defeats him. Later, after the Avengers are free, Enchantress calls on Executioner to save her from the Hulk, who he engages. Executioner then battles Hawkeye and Giant-Man, who he tries to burn. While Hawkeye disorients him with a smoke arrow, Giant-Man crushes him with his hand. They then escape.

Later, Enchantress and Executioner were sent by Loki to check on Malekith and retrieve the Casket of Ancient Winters. However, when Malekith prepares to open the Casket, Executioner tries to stop him, getting frozen alongside Enchantress. Later, when the heroes close the Casket, Executioner tackles Thor while Enchantress binds them. Enchantress takes the Casket and teleports the both of them away.

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Later, he helped the Enchantress and Grey Gargoyle in the Norn Realm on a mission to obtain the Norn Stones. After they defeat Karnilla, Executioner kills the Grey Gargoyle as a "reward". Afterwards, he was guarding one of the Norn Stones in an unknown location on Earth and fought the Hulk over the stone. At first the Executioner has the upper hand in terms of hand-to-hand combat, but then Hulk displays his great strength. Executioner then opens a trench in the water in an attempt to drown the Hulk. However, Hulk manages to beat the Executioner, taking his axe and throwing him far away.

Later, he reappears on Earth with the Enchantress on a mission to destroy the Masters of Evil for their betrayal. He helped the Enchantress hunt down and take out every member of Masters of Evil, leaving only Zemo and a handful of villains left (Wonder Man, Abomination, and Crimson Dynamo). Executioner and Enchantress fought the Avengers and the remaining Masters of Evil at Avengers Mansion. The two of them were defeated and Wonder Man vanished. Enchantress was enslaved by Surtur. Executioner and the remaining Masters of Evil were imprisoned.

When Annihilus attacked 42, The Executioner helped the Avengers fight the bugs. When they attacked Thor, he killed the bugs and saved Thor's life. Thor told him that The Enchantress has been enslaved by Surtur and promised Executioner that he will get a chance to help save the Enchantress from Surtur's power.

Skurge's fate after Annihilus attacked 42 remains unknown as he never appears again. It remains unknown for he had ever managed to rescue the Enchantress.

Physical appearance[]

He retains his mainstream appearance and wears the same usual Asgardian warrior armor from the comics, but a little more trimmed.


He is a loyal soldier to Enchantress. He was willing to obey her at every command she makes. He seems to be a more "man of action" as he was very silent.



She is Executioner's master. She was willing to use his unique Asgardian powers to take on the Avengers at her every command.


Despite the fact that they have never communicated with each other on screen, Loki is also Executioner's master.


Thor is Executioner's enemy.


The Hulk is also Executioner's enemy. They seem to be almost equal in strength as he can go head-on with the Hulk.

Powers and Abilities[]

Executioner's Axe - Abilities

Being an Asgardian, more specifically a Frost Giant and Aesir hybrid, like Loki, Skurge the Executioner possesses physical abilities, such as Superhuman Strength and Durability, that surpass those held by the average Asgardian. He has gone toe to toe with beings like Thor and the Hulk, and serves as the muscle for Amora. Though he is strong, he was beaten by both Hulk and Thor on several occasions. His main weapon is an axe that allows him to control Fire and Ice, and to open portals to nearly any location he desires.

However, even without his axe, he was able to take on both the Hulk and Abomination and even defeat the latter.


Executioner A-EMH

Executioner in the Isle of Silence

The Executioner wields a powerful Asgardian axe called Bloodaxe that fires flames and ice at anyone who stands in his way. His axe can also be used to open a portal to any location he wishes to go. Unlike Mjolnir, his axe can be picked up, by others like Hulk, who has beaten Skurge in a fight over the stone and claimed his axe as his trophy and his weapon of choice, besides his fists and strength.

In Acts of Vengeance, he was seen again with the Enchantress wielding big guns to replace his lost axe

Background in other media[]

  • This is Skurge the Executioner's fourth animated appearance.


He is the first character not using his voice actor to speak.