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"This is Falcon, I'm in position!"

The Falcon is a vigilante superhero who uses flight technology to fly and fight with his "wing" projectiles.


Nightmare in Red[]

Falcon was sent by Dell Rusk to capture Bruce Banner while the Red Hulk distracted the other Avengers in the Helicarrier. But he soon made conflict with Hawkeye who was at the Mansion. Despite his efforts, Falcon was defeated and driven away.

He was with his Code Red teammates being congratulated by their boss for the success.

Code Red (episode)[]

to be added.


During the Galactus invasion, Falcon is activated with the Code White (team) and fights against Air-Walker of Galactus' Heralds.

Physical Appearance[]

Falcon resembles his mainstream counterpart from the comics but trimmed.

Powers and Abilities[]

Falcon can communicate telepathically with all birds and control them. He can fly thanks to a suit. He can fly better than all of the other Avengers due to learning techniques from birds. He is a notable bird watcher and lover.


Falcon has a flight suit which resembles a falcon.


He was voiced by the late Lance Reddick, who died of Natural causes in March 17th, 2023.