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Faradei is a Light Elf who aided Hawkeye in battle against Fenrir wolves.

Physical appearance[]

Faradei's appearance is similar to Legolas from Lord of the Rings.


Faradei shows to be very good-spirited and friendly, having good relationship with Hawkeye.


Fall of Asgard[]

Faradei first appeared when Hawkeye ran into him and a group of Light Elven archers and warriors running from Loki's Army. He helped Hawkeye defend from the Fenrir wolves until Black Panther arrived to save them.

A Day Unlike Any Other[]

He lended Hawkeye and Panther a ship which will send them to Asgard and accompanied them to fight Loki and his army. During the fight against Loki, he was immediately knocked out and couldn't do anything against the OdinForce-empowered villain.

Powers and Abilities[]

Farardei has a unique Elven physiology: long ears which can hear at long distances, quick reflexes in using the bow and arrow.


Faradei is armed with a bow and arrow and a sword to attack foes in close and long range combat.