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Flora Colossus are a species from an unknown planet.


A Flora Colossus is shown to resemble a tree in appearance and appearance when regenerating (wood chips appear). They have 5 horns on their head 3 toes and 4 fingers on each foot/hand. This species is very large (about half the size of Giant Man).

Powers and Abelites[]

This tree like species has enhanced strength and durability. They also are large and regenerate with quick speed and have Florokinesis.


Though this species can regenerate if a destroying weapon is constantly on them they can't regenerate until it is gone. They are also shown to have problems hiding or sneaking into or out of places because of there size.


Not much is known about the species or their planet but it is suspected to relate to their appearance.

History in Other Media[]

In the comics, the flora colossi come from Planet X, a planet which establishes them as a ruling class and anthropomorphic woodland creatures as a lower class who serve to maintain their habitat. Their government is set up as a monarchy. In the Rocket Raccoon and Groot mini-series it's revealed that all floral colossi are only capable of saying "I AM GROOT!" and in fact, all share the name Groot.

Notable Members[]