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The Grandmaster is one of the Elders of the Universe and posseses one of the infinity gems. His speciality is staging and wagering upon the outcome of contests.



The Grandmaster discussed with the Collector about Hulk and Thor and that told that Thor was stronger then the salvage. He then proposed a game where they fight each other and where they waged their Infinity Gems. As the Grandmaster controlled Thor to fight Hulk, they watched the battle from above. As soon Thor broke free from Grandmaster's control, attacked to him, and the Avengers surrounded them, attacking them both, but they both teleported away.

Then the Grandmaster stood with the other Elders of the Universe, the Collector then told them that Earth would be interesting.

The Contest of the Champions[]

More later, the Grandmaster captured several heroes and villains (including, Thor, Hulk and the Thing), and sent to a off-world battlefield to face off against the Champion, for the fate of the Earth. When the Champion defeated to Abomination, Thor was the next to face the Elder, when Hulk was released from his prison bubble and attacked to the Thing.

The Grandmaster bet your Gems, for the Champion´s gems, if the latter can defeat to Hulk. However, the Elder can not against the Hulk´s strenght (and this was only was interested in defeating the Thing), ended up being defeated when Ben grabbed the Champion from behind, forcing Hulk beat him many times to get his opponent, leaving him unconscious. The Grandmaster after seeing the Champion defeated, sent to all involved back to the Earth.

Physical Appearance[]

Grandmaster is a tall man with skin, grey hair and white eyes without pupils. He wears a purple infinity gem on his chest.


Grandmaster is a cosmic being that has a obssesion to play games.

Powers and Abilities[]

  • Mind control
  • Flight


Background in other media[]