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Franklin Hall was a scientist who worked for S.H.I.E.L.D. to continue the super soldier project. When his secret experiment went wrong, he achieved gravikinetical powers which drove him power-mad. Now known as Graviton, he wants to exact revenge on Fury.

He serves as an antagonist in the Breakout arc.


Early life

Franklin Hall conducting his experiment

Franklin Hall conducting his experiment.

Ten years ago, Franklin Hall was invited by Nick Fury to work for S.H.I.E.L.D. to continue the super soldier project of Abraham Erskine. Franklin conducted an experiment with gravitational forces, but when the experiment went wrong, he was ordered by Nick Fury to stop. He ignored the order and continued the project, which caused the gravitational force to explode. Franklin was caught in the blast. He woke up on a hospital bed, was irritated by the doctor, then accidentally activated his new gravity powers, pushing him and the nurse away. He angrily asked for Nick Fury, but the room was filled with sleeping gas, and Graviton succumbed to sleep. He was then imprisoned in The Raft where he slumbered for several years.[1]

Waking Up

Graviton and Nick Fury face to face

Graviton and Fury facing each other.

When the breakout happened Graviton was released by Baron Zemo who informed him that he had been locked up for more than 6 years. Graviton hunted Nick Fury for making S.H.I.E.L.D. lock him up in the Raft.[2]Iron Man, Wasp, Thor, Ant-Man, and Hulk engaged him all together to bring him down before he leveled the city. As Graviton crumbled on his knees through the enduring battle after being zapped by immense lightning blast from Thor and he was zapped by the Wasp, and fell unconscious.[1]


Franklin Hall

Franklin Hall ten years ago.

Franklin Hall is a Caucasian male with black hair and blue eyes. Before his ten-years imprisonment he wore a blue-buttoned shirt with a lab coat over it.[1]

During his imprisonment he wore a blue and white suit with two white belts around his stomach, gloves and boots from the specialised anti-gravity restraint, as well as shoulder pads. During the ten years in prison, he has grown long hair and a beard with grey streaks.[2]


He is an egomaniac and is power-mad due to exposure to the gravity particles. He'll do anything to get what he wanted most after ten years in prison. He believes that he's far superior to any other super-powered beings either hero or villain due to his super-gravity manipulating power.[1]


Nick Fury

Before the accident he was glad to work with Fury to work on the super soldier project, but after he got imprisoned by him in the Raft, he had a stronge urge for revenge. After waking up, the first thing he wanted was to search for Fury and kill him.[1]


He took on the Avengers as they interfered with him when he wanted to take over the world. Graviton saw the Avengers (though at the time they were not a team) as annoying pests and fools. After taking them on, he fell to his demise at the hands of them.[1]

Powers & Abilities

Graviton's gravity pushing

Graviton pushes the Avengers away with gravikinesis.

Gravikinesis: After achieving gravitational powers from his failed experiment. He aquired the ability to control one of the four fundemental elements of the universe. By controlling gravitons and anti-gravitons he can surround objects or persons and increase or decrease the pull of gravity. To maintain the gravity of the object or person he needs to concentrate on it.[2]

  • Flight - By decreasing the pull of gravity beneath his feet to be able to fly.[2]
  • Movement Pairment - By increasing the pull of gravity beneath people or objects, he can pin them on the ground unable to move for being too heavy.
  • Graviton Attraction - By decreasing the pull of gravity underneath people or objects he can pull them anywhere he wants under his control, Graviton can pull entire cities in the sky and can hurl people into space.[2] By giving an object gravitons he can crush people's bones by attracting the bones inside to each other and crushing them.[1]
  • Force Field Generation - By gathering gravitons around himself he can create a force field that can deflect attacks. It's durable enough to withstand the blows of Thor's hammer, Iron Man's repulsor bombardments and Hulk's stomps.[1]

Superhuman Durability: Graviton has shown to be durable enough to withstand powerful attacks such as Iron Man's repulsor blasts, Hulk's stomps and Thor's lightning attacks.[1]

Superhuman Stamina: Graviton has incredible stamina. He held his own quite well in a one-on-five battle against Hulk, Iron Man, Thor, Ant Man and Wasp.[1]

Telekinesis: Graviton was able to levitate in the air and control people and objects with his gravikinesis powers.




  • This is Graviton's first animated appearance.
  • In the comics, Graviton didn't work for S.H.I.E.L.D. and hid his powers in the beginning, after a while his will broke and took on the name Graviton and tried to level up his facility, but was interfered by the Avengers.