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In the breakout he turned a shield agent into a stone

Paul Pierre Duval was an ordinary man until he exposed himself to an experimental compound and gained the ability to turn people into stone. He became a super villain known as Grey Gargoyle, and eventually joined the Masters of Evil.


Early life[]

Grey gargoyle transformation

Duval at the time of accident.

Paul Duval has some time in the past spilled an experimental compound and turned himself into the Grey Gargoyle.


Grey Gargoyle is sitting in his luxurious holding cell in The Big House drinking tea. He then insults Whirlwind telling him it's useless to escape which later proved his point. When the Breakout happens, he escaped from his cell. In the hallway of the Helicarrier he turns a S.H.I.E.L.D. Agent into stone.

He is then recruited into the Masters of Evil to assist Enchantress and Executioner in their quest to obtain the Norm Stones from Karnilla. After turning Karnilla to stone, Amora is impressed with his powers and told Skurge to give him his "reward", indicating that Skurge killed Grey Gargoyle with his axe. His demise was covered up by Enchantress as she and Skurge came back to Earth for Zemo and the others.


Grey Gargoyle has the appearance of a stone gargoyle with a muscular build. He has short hair, white eyes without pupils, and a small mustache. He has a short mask on his face. He wears a caped cloak with a broad collar. He has sharp fingernails and toes, which are covered by his blue gloves.


Grey Gargoyle has a calm nature as shown by comfortably drinking tea in his holding cell provided by Hank Pym. He doesn't strike people immediately from the front, he preferably approaches them from behind and turns them to stone. Being a villain, he evidently does not care about people's lives, as he let the S.H.I.E.L.D. agent he turned to stone fall to the floor and crack, likely causing fatal wounds when the effect wore off.

Powers and Abilities[]

Grey gargoyle turning agent to stone

Gargoyle turning a S.H.I.E.L.D. agent into stone.

Stone Transmutation: After spilling the experimental compound on himself, he can turn himself into stone, giving himself enhanced superhuman strength and durability. Grey gargoyle can turn other people into stone by touching them, the effect lasts for an hour, and even affects immortals in Asgard like the queen Karnilla.

  • Superhuman strength: After turning into stone, Grey Gargoyle's strength increases.
  • Superhuman durability: After turning into stone, Grey Gargoyle's durability increases.

Stealth: Grey Gargoyle can approach easily from behind, turning them to stone without themself noticing until they are touched by him.

Victims of Gargoyle's Stone Ability[]


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