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"No need to panic, everyone. I got a note for my doctor."
―Grim Reaper to S.H.I.E.L.D

Eric Williams, better known as Grim Reaper, is an elderly supervillain who is a cyborg with flexible agility and a dangerous agent of HYDRA. He is also the older brother of Simon Williams aka Wonder Man.


Hail Hydra.

-- 'Grim Reaper' [src]

Early life[]

Eric Williams was the black sheep of his family: he was just born bad. He was a vandal and bully in school, and graduated into petty crime. As he got older, he got bolder by joining the Maggia, an organized crime syndicate. But when petty crime didn't satisfy his destructive urges, he moved on and learned about HYDRA. HYDRA saw the potential in Eric and outfitted him with a cybernetic arm created by A.I.M. which could turn into a power-scythe. He took the name Grim Reaper, and became a high ranking HYDRA officer.[1]

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Reaper X-Ray

Saving the boss[]

Reaper infiltrates the Vault disguised as one of the HYDRA agents that S.H.I.E.L.D. had arrested in a plot to spring Baron Strucker from the Vault only to end up fighting Nick Fury. After pinning down Nick Fury, Grim Reaper frees Baron Strucker and gives him his Satan Claw. Both Grim Reaper and Baron Strucker make it to one of the hovercars and take off. After Nick Fury throws Baron Strucker out of the hovercar and towards the S.H.I.E.L.D. Agents, Grim Reaper ends up attacking Nick Fury and is defeated by him when the hovercar explodes. Grim Reaper then ends up imprisoned in the Vault.[2]

The Breakout[]

Grim Reaper is among the inmates that escaped from the Vault during a mass-breakout.[3]

When Baron Zemo came to reclaim HYDRA, Strucker ordered Reaper to fight Zemo, but Zemo easily defeated him and damaged his weapon.

Some time later, Grim Reaper helps his brother Simon by hooking him up with M.O.D.O.C. who performs an experiment that turns Simon into Wonder Man. He left when M.O.D.O.C began the experiment.

After that he and HYDRA were obtaining vibranium from the mines in Wakanda until the Avengers foiled their plans. He fled the mines after knocking Klaw in Vibranium, turing him into a pure sound form.

Grim Reaper talked to M.O.D.O.C about the Cosmic Cube when Hawkeye attacked them. He escaped, but had a tracer implanted on him. Hawkeye, this time with Mockingbird, attacked him again and got captured. When the Avengers came to their rescue, his scythe was cut through by Black Panther's claws. He got knocked out by Captain America's sheild. He was put into custody by Captain America and Black Panther after the destruction of HYDRA Island.

Physical Appearance[]

Grim Reaper is a tall man with shriveled pale green skin, is nearly bald and has green eyes. He wears a dark blue cybernetic suit with a scythe mounted on his right arm. He also wears a dark blue cape as a hood to cover the upper part of his face.[4]


He is a cold-blooded agent intending to do anything to get the job done.[4] Besides being the older brother of Simon Williams, he doesn't care for his younger brother.[5] Though this may not be true, he asked M.O.D.O.C. with care that if he was going to live the ionic transformation and asked to be informed if his brother survived, which he did.

Powers and Abilities[]

Grim Reaper is a very skilled fighter. He is an expert with handling his bionic scythe.



Grim Reaper is equipped with a bionic arm which resembles a reaper and is armed with small laser gun.



Background in other media[]

  • This is the second animated appearance of Grim Reaper. He previously appeared in The Avengers: United They Stand.