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The throne room of HYDRA

"The world will know HYDRA's power. They will know that not even the Avengers can stand against us!"
Baron Strucker[src]

HYDRA is a major terrorist organization led by Baron von Strucker on the present day. The organization was originally led by Baron Zemo and Red Skull during World War II.

Their main goal was to conquer the world. They were stopped by Captain America, Bucky, and the Howling Commandos in World War II and then in the present day, the Avengers.


World War II[]


HYDRA conquers Europe

"I was running HYDRA when you were a child!"
Baron Zemo to Baron Strucker[src]

HYDRA was founded as a branch of Nazi military at some point before World War II.[1] The scientists of HYDRA were involved in creating new advanced weaponry for the Axis powers. The best known leader of HYDRA at the time was Baron Zemo.

When the war broke out, the soldiers of HYDRA, commanded by the infamous Red Skull, were present on all battlefields of Europe. They managed to conquer much of the European continent.[2] However, the Allies, led by the USA, decided to strike back, forcing the armies of the Axis to retreat.

In 1943, the Allied super soldier, Captain America, had a confrontation with Baron Zemo in Italy, during which Zemo's latest weapon, Virus X, was drenched upon Zemo, adhering his mask right to his face permanently and infecting his vital bodily systems.[3] Some time later, Captain America and Bucky prevented Red Skull from opening Bifrost Bridge, which Skull intended to use to bring the army of mythological creatures from Asgard to use them against the Allied Forces. During the battle, Red Skull disappeared, and Captain America ended up frozen in ice.[4]

Present day[]


Baron Zemo attempts to reclaim HYDRA from Strucker

"HYDRA is mine now!"
Baron Strucker to Baron Zemo[src]

Despite the defeat of the Axis in 1945, HYDRA continued to exist. The organization was later taken over by Skull's former lieutenant, Wolfgang von Strucker, who lost his right arm and got a new cybernetic arm that absorbs the youth of anyone who came in physical contact with him.

On the present day, HYDRA is still bent on its goal of taking over the world even after their defeat during WWII. They obtained new weapons and tech from A.I.M. who took Stark International technologies to improve their forces and tech, which angered Iron Man.[5] HYDRA had maintained a number of secret facilities around the globe far beyond S.H.I.E.L.D.'s watchful eye. HYDRA's headquarters were on an island of unknown coordinates. They even have relations with the Maggia, Yushida Clan and the Russian underworld as they respected and fear HYDRA's growing power.

HYDRA had hired A.I.M. to create the Cosmic Cube for Baron Strucker in his desire to have the world remade in his image. But M.O.D.O.C. had other plans and decided to keep the Cube for himself.[6] His action had ignited a war between HYDRA and A.I.M. in and over New York City, which caused the Avengers and S.H.I.E.L.D. to intervene their armed conflict.[7]

With all of HYDRA's and AIM's soldiers and leaders being captured, it is currently unknown if HYDRA still lives.

Leaders and agents[]


Episode Appearances[]

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  • Its name is based on a Greek mythological snake-like creature with nine heads and an ability to grow two more if the head was cut off. Nick Fury had mentioned its name to Hawkeye:"If you cut off one head, two more takes its place. That's HYDRA." in "Beware the Widow's Bite".
  • The flags of HYDRA seen in the series are styled similar to those of Nazi Germany. The armbands worn by the soldiers and leaders of HYDRA are styled similar to those of Nazi Party.
  • The World War Two HYDRA soldiers use the HYDRA uniform from the comics but a little trimmed.

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