Original Airdate

May 22, 2011

Directed by

Vinton Heuck

Written by

Kevin Burke
Chris Wyatt


"The Casket of Ancient Winters"



Hail, Hydra! is the twenty-first episode of Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes.


The Black Widow requests the Avengers' help in retrieving the Cosmic Cube before A.I.M. and HYDRA tear the world apart fighting over it.


The Black Widow shows up on the Avengers' doorstep. She asks for help because AIM have succeed in making a cosmic cube - a device capable of altering reality to anyone's desires - and it needs to be destroyed before either side can use it. HYDRA and AIM both want the cube, so the Avengers have to fight both of them as war ensues across New York.

Agent Hill, now serving as acting director of SHEILD since Nick Fury has gone missing, attempts to detain the Avengers during the chaos. In the end, Captain America grabs the cube before Baron von Strucker, but the reality-warping device apparently changes nothing, to Strucker's dismay.

The episode ends with Black Widow and Hawkeye kissing in the alley as Widow goes on the run. The Avengers then wonder why the cube did not work, and ask Captain America what he would have done if the cube worked, to which he responds that he would have changed nothing. However, a flashback to the 1940s shows Bucky surviving the explosion of the missile, suggesting that Captain America's contact with the cosmic cube may have prevented Bucky's death.


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