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"You want to go, jade jaws? Right here and now? Let's do this."
―Hawkeye to Hulk[[Gamma World, Part 2|[src]]]
"No one tells Hawkeye what to do!"
― Hawkeye to Captain America[[Emperor Stark|[src]]]

Hawkeye (real name Clint Barton) is an Avenger and the former Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. He is the team's expert marksman.


"You are not an Avenger, the Hulk is. Calling you an Avenger is like saying my bow is a member of the team."

-- 'Hawkeye' [src]

Early Life[]

Not much is known about Hawkeye’s early life. However, in Widow’s Sting, after he breaks himself out of the dungeon, he mentions that he grew up in a circus, and learned some tricks.

Working for S.H.I.E.L.D.[]

After the Hulkbusters' failed attempt to capture the Hulk in Las Vegas, Hawkeye and Black Widow were dispatched by S.H.I.E.L.D. in hopes of success. Hawkeye's assorted arrows and Black Widow's shots seemed harmless against the Hulk. When Thunderbolt Ross fired an unauthorized missile at the Hulk, without regard for the two S.H.I.E.L.D. agents getting caught in the explosion, the Hulk took the damage of the missile and got thrown against a butte. As it toppled over, it fell towards a S.H.I.E.L.D. aircraft. Hawkeye tried to warn the pilot, Bobbi Morse, but she had gotten hit. Before the aircraft crashed into the ground, Hulk managed to catch it. Despite his heroic act, Black Widow took the opportunity to neutralize him and he reverted back into Bruce Banner.

Curious as to the reason that the Hulk saved the S.H.I.E.L.D. aircraft, Hawkeye visited the The Cube to talk to Bruce Banner. Hawkeye expressed his confusion towards the Hulk's actions, saying that the Hulk had a way out, but he chooses to save the ship. Banner urged Hawkeye to see that The Cube isn't so much of a prison, as they have no interest in helping him, and that S.H.I.E.L.D. and the Hulkbusters wanted the Hulk so that they can make more like him.

On his way out of The Cube, Hawkeye noticed Black Widow enter and then leave a room and wondered what she could be doing. In the S.H.I.E.L.D. aircraft, he logged into S.H.I.E.L.D. computer systems with username “Hawkeye” and password “Trick Shot”. He attempted to investigate Black Widow’s field reports, but found out that it was moved to a remote computer, for which he needed a password. After several guesses, one being “Clint”, he guessed “Red Room” and gained access. Hawkeye found her latest report and deduced that Black Widow has organized a meeting between herself and HYDRA.

Hawkeye followed Black Widow to the rendezvous point on hisSky Cycle. He surprised both parties when he shot an arrow at the canister that was being exchanged. He aimed an explosive arrow at Black Widow and demanded that Black Widow tell him why she was betraying him. She responded with asking why he betrayed S.H.I.E.L.D. to HYDRA. Hawkeye was confused and demanded an explanation. She set him up to look like the traitor to SHIELD and he got fired upon. Hawkeye was forced to fight back in order to protect himself until Black Widow shot him in the back, which caused him to pass out. He was then transported to The Vault

The Breakout[]

During the breakout at The Vault, Hawkeye escaped with the other prisoners. However, instead of making a break for it, he stayed to help contain the escapees. While he tried to stop Whiplash, Iron Man arrived, mistook Hawkeye for a villain, and fired at him. Hawkeye was able to avoid getting hit. When Iron Man was cornered by a group of villains and was getting frozen to death by Blizzard, Hawkeye fired explosive arrows at the Crimson Dynamo, which allowed Iron Man to get free. Iron Man watched as Hawkeye ran away from the scene.

Gamma World[]

Hawkeye was being pursued by Captain America, Black Panther, Wasp, and Iron Man over the city rooftops. When he ducked out of sight and Wasp came after him, he was easily able to point a sharp-tipped arrow at her. Despite this, the group managed to get Hawkeye cornered in an alley. An unintended distraction from S.H.I.E.L.D. allowed him the opportunity to slip away.

Tracking the Black Widow’s whereabouts, Hawkeye spied on her from a distance with his monocular as she entered a HYDRA hideout. To gain entry, he shot a gas arrow, which caused the guard to pass out. An electric shock from the arrow was directed at the control panel by the door, giving Hawkeye entry. He shot an explosive at a piece of HYDRA machinery and began shooting HYDRA goons.

The.Avengers.Earths.Mightiest.Heroes.2010.S01E12-E13.Gamma.World.HDTV.DivX-CP.avi snapshot 13.03 -2010.12.16 14.50

Hawkeye on his pile of HYDRA goonies.

Black Widow soon showed up to stop Hawkeye. She managed to get him on the ground with her wrist-blasters pointed at him. Hawkeye dared her to fire at him, swung his bow at her, and the battle ensued again. He shot off her wrist-blasters and shot a net around her. Black Widow remarked that he couldn’t take her to S.H.I.E.L.D. because he was still a traitor. Hawkeye, unfazed, said that he’s taking her to the Avengers.

Hawkeye traveled towards the Avengers on his Sky Cycle with Black Widow tied up in the back. Then he saw the gamma dome expanding toward them and wondered what it was. Black Widow urged him to turn around and he did. In his hurry, he crashed the Sky Cycle into the ground. No one was injured and the vehicle wasn’t broken. Both Black Widow and Hawkeye darted toward their respective weapons and pointed them at each other. They’re interrupted by a hologram that projected from the Sky Cycle. While she was distracted, Hawkeye shot her unconscious. He watched the hologram of Leader telling him of the gamma crisis.

Hawkeye has Black Widow tied up and she informed him that the Avengers were in that dome and could no longer help him. He tells her that he’s going to find the Hulk. Black Widow told him about the Hulkbuster operation that was in progress in Northern Canada. Hawkeye leaves her there, tied up, after calling her a traitor.

Upon arrival, Hawkeye shot at the Hulkbusters from his Sky Cycle. With a few careful shots, Hawkeye was able to shut down the operation, earning the Hulk’s ear. When he asked for the Hulk’s help, he said to ask the Avengers. Hawkeye replied that that’s who he’s trying to save, along with the whole world. Hawkeye then demanded that he speak to Banner or he’ll take the Hulk down. This made the Hulk laugh and revert back into Banner.

Banner took Hawkeye to a shack where he keeps his research, where Banner analyzed the information gathered by the Sky Cycle about the energy dome. Banner also injected Hawkeye with a vaccine for the gamma energy to make him immune. He informed him that the Leader will be at the epicenter of the gamma dome and that they have to destroy the gamma energy generator.

When the Hulk and Hawkeye arrived, Leader tried to convince Hulk to see it his way. Hulk refused, so Leader ordered Abomination to attack him. Hawkeye took a shot at Leader, only to have it snatched away by a gamma-mutated Black Panther. Hawkeye shot mutated Wasp and Captain America with arrows that cured them. Leader got into a robot suit and started to shoot blasts at Hawkeye, which he easily dodged. Hawkeye was able to retreat to the roof, where the Hulk and Abomination were going hand-to-hand. He helped out the Hulk by causing Abomination to power down with the curing arrow. Leader was then swiftly taken out by Thor. The Hulk destroyed the gamma generator and threw it into space.

Hulk vs hawkeye

You wanna go?

Hawkeye was proved to be innocent by the footage from his Sky Cycle, confirming Black Widow to be the traitor. Clay Quartermain announced that Hawkeye could now be reinstated at S.H.I.E.L.D. Hawkeye decided against that because they locked him up in the first place and he wanted to go after Black Widow on his own. Iron Man then approached him with the invitation to join the Avengers. Hawkeye turned it down, bringing up how easily the Leader took them out (though only because they were ill-prepared). Thor asked Hulk to come back and he replies that he’ll stay if ‘Cupid’ stays. Hawkeye got annoyed by that and immediately challenged Hulk, but then joined the Avengers.

Masters of Evil[]

At the Wakandan Embassy, Hawkeye talked to T’Challa about his doubts about the Avengers. He found issues with all of the members except for Captain America. Hawkeye tried the Heart-Shaped Herb that T’Challa was grinding, but found it to be disgusting and potentially poisonous; he quickly rinsed out his mouth in a fountain. T’Challa grinned to himself at that.

Hawkeye Panther

Hawkeye and Panther team up.

When the Masters of Evil captured all the Avengers, but not Hawkeye and Black Panther either because they were forgotten or underestimated, the two heroes agreed that it was up to them to save their teammates. The Masters of Evil planned to capture Ant-Man later. Hawkeye and Black Panther, however, slyly gained entry into the Avenger’s Mansion and snuck past different members of the Masters of Evil. Hawkeye managed to reach the meeting room, where the captured Avengers were being held and he began shooting at Baron Zemo, Enchantress, and Abomination, which were all avoided. As Abomination squeezed him, Hawkeye begged him to brush his teeth. Baron Zemo pointed his sword at both Black Panther and Hawkeye and told them that they should’ve walked away from the Avengers while they still could. After Black Panther said that he’s an Avenger and he’ll meet his end with pride, Hawkeye said that he’ll meet his end while kicking and screaming. Black Panther and Hawkeye revealed that they were buying time for Ant-Man to arrive. While Ant-Man attacked, Hawkeye took out Enchantress, which allowed the team to escape. Iron Man ordered the team to take the Masters of Evil out of the Avenger’s Mansion. While fighting the Executioner, Hawkeye lost his bow but continued to stab him with arrows. However, the Masters of Evil were able to escape thanks to the Enchantress.

After the action, Hawkeye brought up that he’s not sure if he wants to be part of a team that he has to rescue every week. When Black Panther mentioned the idea of Hawkeye being the team leader, Hawkeye got really excited.

Widow's Sting[]

Though Hawkeye was a part of the Avengers, he continuously disobeyed them and S.H.I.E.L.D. in his quest for revenge against the Black Widow. After an argument with Iron Man and Nick Fury, Hawkeye took off with Captain America, Black Panther, and Mockingbird (brought along for her good-looks) on a personal mission to Hydra island to find Natasha, There, he and Mockingbird let themselves get captured to get into the base. While imprisoned there, the Black Widow tried to speak to Clint, but he told her she was "dead to him," and that he wouldn't stop until he'd made her pay for what she did to him. After she left, Hawkeye (though he didn't explain how, exactly) broke Mockingbird and himself out of the jail.

A grand battle with Hydra ensued, but Captain America and Black Panther arrived to help. With Mockingbird after Viper, Hawkeye tried to take down Black Widow. As his superior in hand to hand combat, the Widow defeated Hawkeye, but hesitated to kill him. Instead, she suggested to her Superior, Baron Strucker, that they leave before the island collapses. Strucker wanted to feed off of Hawkeye's energy, however, and began to suck the life out of him with his claw. The Black Widow stunned Strucker, saving Hawkeye's life. She then carried her superior away, while Hawkeye was picked up by Captain America and the Panther.

Back at the S.H.I.E.L.D. helicarrier, Hawkeye was given a stern lecture and warning by Nick Fury. Hawkeye finally agreed to let Fury handle the Black Widow, but wanted to talk to Mockingbird. Fury angrily refused his request and dismissed him. Hawkeye thanked the Panther and Captain America for their help, but wondered why Natasha saved his life.

Kang the Conqueror[]

When Kang the Conqueror came to Earth to kill Captain America for disrupting the timeline, Hawkeye and the rest of the Avengers teamed up to take him down. Kang took them 10 years into the future where a catastrophic event had occurred. The team was able to distract Kang while Tony took control of the time chair and sent all of them back to the present. This led Kang to flee back to Damocles Base where he prepared a full-scale invasion of Earth.

When Kang led a full-scale invasion against all of Earth, Hawkeye and the rest of the Avengers defended New York. Hawkeye and Hulk were on a bridge when multiple Scarab Fighters formed on top of one another but Clint was able to hold them off until the rest of the Avengers came in to help. Clint along with a few other Avengers traveled to Prison 42 to recruit the Ultron guards to help battle the remaining army. When Tony found the location of Kang's ship, the team was prepared a mission to space.

Tony had made special space suits for each of the teammates when they had all traveled into space to take down Kang's ship. Clint, along with Steve, Hank, and Hulk teamed up against Kang's Elite Guard while Tony found a way to send the ship back to it's original timeline. Tony and Ultron were interrupted by Janet who informed them that sending the ship back to the original timeline would kill Princess Ravonna. The Avengers instead arrested Kang and sent him to Prison 42 while Hank and Reed Richards were seen trying to help find a cure for Princess Ravonna.

War on Hydra[]

As Clint was showing off his archery skills to the other Avengers, the power had gone off and when Clint went outside to find who was causing it, Black Widow stood asking for his help. She informed him and the team that Hydra was about to go to war with A.I.M. over control of the Cosmic Cube. The team reluctantly agreed to help track down Baron von Strucker, but were interrupted when S.H.I.E.L.D., led by Maria Hill, stopped them from causing any further damage. Once Clint found Strucker, he was able to shoot an arrow with Ant-Man on it from multiple buildings away so Strucker could not get to the Cube. Once Captain America touched the Cube the same time as Strucker, Cap had inadvertently resurrected his childhood friend Bucky Barnes. After the battle, Clint asked Hawkeye to join the team so they could protect her. She refused and continued to go on the run from S.H.I.E.L.D.


The Avengers found the Serpent Society in a subway where they had been holding people captive. The Society was told that Hydra was coming to back them up, but Hawkeye and the rest of the team knew that most of Hydra was imprisoned at the time. A battle ensued between the two teams and Hawkeye's arm was injured in the battle by Death Adder. Jane Foster later came by the Mansion to check on his arm, but Clint was insistent that he was okay. He later proved this by shooting his bow perfectly during Ultron-5's attack on the mansion. Clint later helped the rest of the team against Ultron when he had captured Wasp and threatened to destroy humanity. After he was destroyed by Hulk, Ultron-5 uploaded himself into Ultron-6 and hacked into the S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier to launch nuclear warheads across the globe. To distract the Avengers, he controlled former Iron Man armors to attack the Avengers. Hawkeye and Black Panther stayed behind to hold back the armors. They later joined up with the rest of the team to attempt to take down Ultron on the Helicarrier. All seemed lost until Hank came and reprogrammed Ultron with the logic that he was helping creating the problem he wanted to solve, so Ultron commenced self-shutdown and the warheads were disabled.

Loki's War[]

When the Masters of Evil had found the locations of the Norn Stones. The Avengers split up across the globe to go and find them before the Masters did. Hawkeye was sent to a jungle where he fought Chemistro. He eventually defeated him, but was surrounded by Elf warriors when Enchantress had opened a portal that allowed creatures from across the Nine Realms to roam free across Midgard. When the team was ordered to destroy the Stones, Clint and the rest of the team destroyed them, but were sent across the Nine Realms.

After waking up in Alfheim, Clint was assisted by Faradei against some wolves. After taking them on, they were cornered but were saved when T'Challa came through a portal to come and assist the two archers.

Clint and Faradei later joined up with the rest of the Avengers and their new Asgardian allies in the war against Loki and his forces. They were attacked by a giant ice wolf but Hawkeye and the others were able to take it down. Once they arrived at Loki's location, they were no match for the God of Mischief until Tony came back with a new uru armor and was able to attack Loki. Clint, Black Panther and Giant Man were able to destroy the encasing of the tree of life and release Odin's power back to him and out of Loki. After Odin banished Loki to be tortured by Jormungand, the Avengers went back to Earth and rested in Avengers Mansion, unbeknownst to the rest of the team that Captain America was being replaced by a Skrull impostor.


After the Avengers returned to Earth, Tony and Janet went to visit the Fantastic Four at the Baxter Building while Clint stayed behind and played cards with Human Torch and The Thing and the rest of the Avengers. While they were arguing at a point, Doctor Doom's Doombots attacked the Avengers Mansion. After destroying the Doombots, the two teams traveled to Latveria to invade the castle of Doctor Doom and retrieved the two kidnapped superheroes of Wasp and Invisible Woman. After the two teams realized they couldn't even make a dent in Doom's armor, Doom released the two heroes. When they returned home, the teams questioned why Doom kidnapped them in the first place. It was then revealed that Doctor Doom had found out that Invisible Woman had been replaced with a Skrull impostor.

Teaming with the Masters[]

While on the hunt for the remaining Masters of Evil, Clint, Panther, Hulk, and Cap (Skrull) found Living Laser stuck between energy states. When they returned to the mansion, they found Zemo, Abomination, and Wonder Man asking for help against Enchantress who had been hunting down the remaining Masters of Evil. Clint and Tony traveled to Crimson Dynamo's location and saved him from Enchantress. Once the two teams were able to trap Amora and dampen her powers, Zemo betrayed them and commanded Dynamo and Wonder Man to destroy the Avengers and threatened to use his secret Norn Stone to destroy Amora. Clint put up a good fight, but it was all put to a halt when Wonder Man grabbed the last Norn Stone from Enchantress and sacrificed himself to banish Amora to Muspelheim.

Korvac and the Guardians[]

When Wasp took in a seemingly homeless man by the name of Michael Korvac, Clint and the other Avengers came to investigate. Korvac said he was abducted by Kree aliens and escaped when he had his DNA altered. When Jane Foster came and inspected Korvac, Clint thought it was a bad idea for them to place Korvac on a table and be inspected. Later him and T'Challa went to Central Park to inspect the crater created when Korvac crash-landed there. They realized that it was giving off cosmic radiation and when they returned to the Avengers Mansion, the Guardians of the Galaxy appeared and battled the Avengers. Hawkeye fought the Star-Lord in the kitchen and was able to use the reflection in the hanging frying pan to shoot an arrow at his feet. Once Star-Lord explained to Clint the severity of Korvac's crimes, they went to the Avengers to explain but Korvac attacked the two teams but were saved when Warlcok teleported them inside the Soul Gem. Once the Guardians explained how insanely dangerous Korvac was to the galaxy, the two teams teamed up and surprise-attacked him in Central Park. They proved to be no match for Korvac, but after Korvac's wife told him that he had become a monster, he had teleported himself into deep space isolation.

Skrull Invasion[]

In the episode, Who Do You Trust?, Iron Man accused Hawkeye of being a Skrull (even though Cap was the one who was replaced), Ms Marvel then attacked Hawkeye. Moments later, Wasp considered leaving the team, however Captain America (Skrull) convinced her to stay in the team (possibly convinced her to stay until the Skrull Invasion). In the episode Infiltration, A ship of Skrulls, filled of Skrulls such as Iron Man (Skrull), Captain America (Skrull) II, Thor (Skrull), Hulk (Skrull), Hawkeye (Skrull), Black Panther (Skrull), Wasp (Skrull), and Ant-Man (Skrull) arrived. Iron Man (Skrull) then said the words "We're home". Ms. Marvel was the first to witness.

Nightmare in Red[]

While Banner was on his monthly 1-day break from being the Hulk, Clint watched over him at a nearby lake while Banner fished. This was short-lived, however, because they got an emergency call from the Avengers telling them that a Red Hulk had been attacking the Shield helicarrier. As soon as they got back to the mansion, The Falcon had crashed inside and shot Banner with an adrenal inhibitor, preventing him from becoming Hulk. Later, Red Hulk came in hopes of kidnapping Banner and threatened to kill Barton. This caused Banner to lose control and become the Hulk to save Clint and stop the Red Hulk. The team worked together to defeat this new foe and their plan began to work until Red Hulk escaped and Banner was forced to turn himself into General Ross and the government.


During the Galactus invasion, Hawkeye is teamed with Wasp to fight Stardust of Galactus' Heralds, After Stardust is neutralized, Hawkeye is able to destroy the Tower.


Hawkeye appearance


Hawkeye has blond hair and blue eyes and a strong body. He wears a V-shaped purple mask, a purple vest with a scaled armor-like appearance, a purple band around his sleeveless right bicep, darker purple fingerless gloves to allow to full dexterity, dark purple pants and purple boots. He carries a purple quiver around his back filled with arrows, which also has his collapsible bow attached when not in use.


Hawkeye is cocky and very confident in himself, evident when he admitted to Chemistro that he had punched several supervillains in their faces. Hawkeye has a jokey nature as well, evident mostly while in battle.

His constant jokes are not seen as a distraction to others and often either ignored or smiled upon by his comrades. He is very sarcastic, even in the midst of battle when Abomination strangled him which Hawkeye sarcastically begged the latter to brush his teeth.

During a citywide battle against Kang, Hawkeye sarcastically told Captain America that he was out of arrows, but could still throw rocks at the giant robots destroying the city. It is highly speculated and proven that he was being sarcastic during this short conversation, as it is highly known that rocks would most likely do very little damage to the robots, if any at all.


Hawkeye apologizing to Ms. Marvel after destroying her robot doppelganger.

He also has a tendency to correct others, often at the most suspenseful of times. He was convicted of being a Skrull by Ms. Marvel, who later fought by his side during the Skrull's invasion on the planet. While fighting them off with her, he reminded her of when she accused him and that this event proved him to not be one at all. He seems to have been satisfied when she told him that she would apologize if they won the battle and survived.



Iron Man[]


Despite being enemies in their first meeting, Hawkeye went to Hulk for help dealing with Gamma World. Hawkeye saw the Hulk’s potential as a force of good from the get go. He has respect for Banner’s work in gamma radiation, as shown in the Gamma World crisis, and called him a genius. They bonded to the point that Hulk agreed to join the Avengers as long as Hawkeye did. After this they were shown to be friendly. When Hawkeye was accused of being a Skrull, Hulk chose to believe Hawkeye.

The Wasp[]



Captain America[]

Hawkeye thinks Captain America is the only capable Avenger and didn't complain about him when he first joined the team. He affectionately calls him "Old Man." When Hawkeye is trying to make an impossible shot Captain America is the only one who believes he can make it.

Black Panther[]

Ms. Marvel[]

At one point, Hawkeye does not seem to get on pretty well with Ms. Marvel. During the moment Iron Man told his teammates about the Skrull Invasion, she intentionally managed to attack Clint when she was supposing he was an alien impostor. Also during Ultron's final stand, after destroying Ms. Marvel's robotic doppelganger, Hawkeye said it was "nothing personal", before she gave him a displeased look. However, they are still close teammates and do care for each other, as shown during the moment of Purple Man's manipulation of the Avengers, on which Ms. Marvel reacted desperate when Captain America and Hawkeye are believed dead after the Sky Cycle falls off the sky and explodes.


Love interests:[]


Mockingbird used to be one of Hawkeye's S.H.I.E.L.D. partners. She teamed up with him again to take down HYDRA and the Black Widow. Hawkeye wanted to talk to her, but was dismissed by Fury.

Black Widow[]

Hawkeye and Black Widow were once close partners in S.H.I.E.L.D. He even thought her password might be Clint and was quite disappointed when it wasn't. After he found out she wasn't a traitor, he asked her to be an Avenger. She refused because she did not want to be a triple agent. She kissed him and said goodbye.


Baron Strucker[]

Little is known about Hawkeye and Baron Strucker's relationship, but it is known that they do not like nor respect each other, however Strucker makes Hawkeye pay for destroying HYDRA Island by trying to absorb Hawkeye's youth (but was saved by Black Widow). Even though they both appear in Hail Hydra! in the same location, they do not interact with each other except when the part when Hawkeye destroys the Satan Claw.

Powers & Abilities[]


Hawkeye doesn’t possess any powers, but has proven to be an impressive archer and combatant. Hawkeye is shown to be able to run at an above average speed and able to maintain his stamina during long combative situations. He has proven to be at an almost inhuman level of human agility, able to move, dodge, and react to dangers quickly.


Hawkeye shoots an arrow (on which Ant Man was) at an incredible distance and accuracy


Hawkeye catches an arrow shot by Hawkeye (Skrull) and targets the Wasp (Skrull) which was the size of an insect.

One time, he caught an arrow being shot at him, then immediately threw it back to accurately hit a target the size of an insect. Hawkeye has above average strength while being proficient in basic acrobatics. An impressive marksman, he is able to hit assorted targets with assorted projectiles with ease and accuracy. He’s always seen using a bow and with an assortment of trick arrows. When his bow breaks or he runs out of arrows, Hawkeye won’t shy away from hand-to-hand combat.


Bow: Hawkeye uses it to shoot his trick arrows at foes and can also use it for melee combat.

Trick Arrows: Hawkeye has a set of special arrows that has unique tricks against targets.

Monocular: Hawkeye uses this special eyepiece to watch targets from a great distance.

Sky Cycle: Hawkeye has a Sky Cycle for transport and combat.




  • The relationship between Hawkeye and Black Widow are quite known from the comics.
  • It is unknown whether Hawkeye's full name is just Clint Barton (which was his ID name in S.H.I.E.L.D. data records) in this universe. His full name in the mainstream continuity however is Clinton Francis Barton.
  • In The Casket of Ancient Winters, he suggested to Jan that the Avengers should move to the West Coast. This is a reference to an Avengers group he later leads in the comics: The West Coast Avengers.
  • Hawkeye's on the S.H.I.E.L.D. computer network is "Trickshot". In the comics, Trickshot was one of his mentors, the other being Swordsman.
  • In Hulk vs. The World, when Hawkeye is trying to guess Black Widow's password, he guesses "Clint" and seems fairly disappointed when it doesn't work. He then tries "Red
    Room", which works.
  • While Hawkeye starts out as a SHIELD agent like his Ultimate self (rather than as a reformed criminal just like how he was portrayed in the comics), Hawkeye has his 616 self's costume, abilities, and personality.

Notes and references[]