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Hawkeye (Synthezoid) is an android imposter of Hawkeye created by Ultron and member of the Synthezoid Avengers.


Ultron Unlimited[]

Hawkeye (Synthezoid) first appeared when he, a Synthezoid Captain America and Vision infiltrated the Avengers Mansion, to capture and replace the real Hawkeye and Captain America. They had succeeded with their objective and gave the real Hawkeye a device to keep him from awakening. Later on in the episode, Synthezoid Hawkeye, along with the other Synthezoid Avengers which were Iron ManMs. Marvel and Thor along with the undercover real Captain America take down the real Thor. Forward in the episode, The Synthezoid Avengers, along with Captain America arrive at Ultron's laboratory. After Vision helped Captain America free the real Avengers, Synthezoid Hawkeye and the other Synthezoid Avengers were ordered by Ultron to subdue and contain the Avengers as part as his plan to replace the humans in the world with machines. Synthezoid Hawkeye was later destroyed by an angered Thor.[1]

Powers and Abilities[]

Hawkeye (Synthezoid) seems to share the same abilities as the real one.[1]


Hawkeye (Synthezoid) is equipped with bow and trick arrows similar to his human counterpart.[1]