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Heimdall is one of Thor's allies in Asgard, and the Guardian of Bifrost, the Rainbow Bridge. He is the brother of Sif.


Sensing Surtur's evil[]

Heimdall made the Warriors Three report to Odin that a space ship emanitating Surtur's evil. Thor approached him and offered to take in place of Odin to search the spaceship himself. He tried to warn him, but was convinced to let him go through the Bifrost Bridge to reach the spaceship Skuttlebutt. Soon, he admitted to Sif that Thor went after the spaceship.[1]


Heimdall - Appearance

He wears the usual Asgardian battle armor based from the comics but a little trimmed.


He is a brave and noble Asgardian warrior. He is a sworn warrior loyal to Odin alone and fullfill his duties as lone gatekeeper of the Bifrost Bridge.

Powers and Abilities[]

Heimdall has the ability to see and hear anything from afar from Asgard and the Nine Realms, while he has the formidable strength, which Odin had assigned him to guard the Bifrost Bridge from those who may threaten Asgard.


He uses his large battle-axe to aid him in his guard duty in the Bifrost Bridge.