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"I play my father's games because they amuse me."
―Hela about her father, Loki[src]

Hela is the daughter of Loki, the goddess of death and ruler of Hel. She is often in conflict with those from the other Nine Realms as well as her father.


 When Captain America was transported to Niffleheim, Hela made him confront illusion copies of the Howling Commandos. She tried to convince him to stay, but he tried to get back to his teammates in the Avengers. She agreed to transport Captain America to Asgard to aid the Avengers.

However, Captain America had to agree that if he fell in battle, that his soul would belong to Hela forever. Captain America did and Hela sent him to Asgard. Together, the Avengers defeated Loki. When back on Earth, Captain America looked into his broken shield and saw the reflection of Hela looking back at him as a reminder of their agreement. Soon afterwards, he was knocked out by a Skrull imposter.

Powers & Abilities[]

Hela's main power is transporting souls from the various realms of Yggdrasil. She is able to nearly instantly transport herself there to gather a person near death or bring them to Hel. While she can transport living beings, she cannot keep them indefinitely or else she would have done so. Likely, there are certain limits to this teleportation ability to keep her from abusing it.

While Hel is a place for those neither honored nor dishonored, Hela can create illusions to reward or punish those in her realm. She can create them to appear so real that the person cannot tell that they are fake. It is unknown if she can generate illusions for those not deceased. Hela can possibly control the souls in her realm.


Despite her dark demeanor, Hela is not entirely a malevolent being. Though she has often allied herself with her traitorous father, she has betrayed him for a greater good on several occasions. And while she often seeks the souls of the powerful and strong, she has done little to nothing to make their end come sooner. She is most likely a patient person and willing to wait for their death to come naturally or through other means.

Hela seems attracted to those who escape death, such as Captain America. She views theses souls as particularly strong and thus more valuable to her. What exactly she wants these souls for is unknown. They could possibly make her more powerful or she simply views them as trophies.