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Fight as One - Avengers Intro Song

Hey! Suspect on foot, heading west on Harmon.

Send backup!

Breathe. Calm down.

Report, soldier.

Local police reported that a man fitting the description was sighted. They pursued but lost him.

It's him. The Hulk is in Vegas. Radio Samson at the Cube. Tell him to get a containment cell ready.

Uh, General Ross, sir, why would Dr. Banner come here? He's stayed away from populated places for months now. He's stayed out of the country. Why come back now?

Right now, I don't know, and I don't care. We can get all the answers we want when he's locked away.

What can I get for you?

Definitely decaf.

Mr. Creel? Carl "Crusher" Creel? I've been trying to find you for weeks, and I know SHIELD is looking for you, too, but I'm not with them. I'm here to help you. I'm a friend. My name is Bruce.

And how do you find me when SHIELD couldn't, Bruce? Because you're emitting gamma radiation, Mr. Creel. I know more about gamma radiation than them. I guess you could say I'm an expert on the subject. I know all about it. I know about your record. I know where they took you.

The Cube.

The Cube is a super-villain prison specializing in subjects that have been exposed to radiation which created monsters from men, dangerous abominations. You were there. I'm asking you to tell me what you know about the gamma experiments. You see, what I'm afraid of is that SHIELD isn't trying to cure these people. I’m afraid they're trying to turn them into weapons.

It's funny. You never asked me how I escaped.

No, please, Creel. You're just sick. Let me help.

One more thing. I know exactly who you are, Bruce, and I've been looking forward to taking you down for a long time.

HB-1 to Command. Target is in sight. It's touching down in Monument Valley. We are en route.

Everything they said about you in the Cube was true. You've gone soft. Is that it? Are you trying to be some kind of hero? Is that why you took us out here? To protect people? Well, I've got news for you, Hulk. Those people you're protecting, they think you're more of a monster than me! Idiot monster. I can absorb anything, even rock.

Hulk smash rock, Einstein.

Wait! Wait! You can't do this! Watch me. Ross.

All Hulkbuster units, open fire! Keep firing. Don't let him get away.

General Ross, withdraw your men now.

This is a secure channel! Who is this?

Your superior, tovarich. Now back off.

Time to target: two minutes. Don't think I forgot about you. Tick, tick, boom. Ah.

You should both run now, 'cause you just made me angry.

Really? 'Cause from where I'm standing, you look more beat up than angry.

I told Fury to stay out of this! I've been chasing the Hulk since day one!

The chase is over, General. Sit back and let us do your job for you.

Open fire on the Hulk.

But, sir, the SHIELD agents-- they're right there.

That's a direct order, soldier.


No, Ross, you are ordered to stand down! Do you hear me? Stand down! Ross, move out of there now!


SHIELD Special Agent Barton, Clint. Code name Hawkeye.

Access granted.

You have to believe me, Bruce. With the resources I have here, I will find a cure for you.

Leonard, don't.

I stopped trying to cure the Hulk a long time ago. I reached out to him. There's a place in this world for the Hulk, but this isn't it.

I'm not going to give up, Bruce, even if you have.

Let me guess. You thought I'd be bigger? Funny.

The Hulk-- he's a monster, right? I mean, that's what they told us. That's what everyone thinks. Military and SHIELD have been chasing him for years. He's caused untold destruction. He's a monster.

What do you think? Why did the Hulk save that ship? He could've just escaped. I saw it. He had a way out, but he saved my crew instead.

Why? You're a SHIELD agent, right?


So? Maybe the question you should be asking is what SHIELD and the Hulkbusters want the Hulk for. Open your eyes. Look around this place. Look at the monsters here. Do you really think the Cube is a jail? And now they have samples of my blood-- the Hulk's blood. You think they want to cure me? They don't. They want to make more of me.

Natasha? What are you doing, Natasha?

Initiate voice command.

User name: Hawkeye. Password: Trickshot.

Access granted.

SHIELD computer systems online.

Bring up all communications and field reports by the Black Widow.

Files are not located on the network.

Well, where are they located?

Romanoff, Natasha. Code name: Black Widow. Records transferred to a remote computer.

Okay. Fine. Whatever. Connect to the remote computer.

Password required.

Spider. Sting.

Access denied. Venom.

Access denied. Web.

Access denied. Hourglass.

Access denied.

Mmm, Clint?

Access denied.

Come on, you stupid piece of junk!

Access denied.

I just, uh, Red room.

Access granted.

Finally. Play the most recent report.

SHIELD suspects nothing. They have given me champion class security clearance, after all. And Ross? Ross is a maverick. He won't doubt that SHIELD is taking over the operation. I will retrieve the sample. Have your men arrange for pick up at these coordinates at 0300 hours.

Computer, give me visual.

Who's she talking to?

Good work, Widow. Hydra is pleased.

Why'd you do it? Why? We've been partners for years. Tell me the truth. You owe it to me, Natasha.

The real question is, why did you do it? Why did you betray SHIELD to Hydra? Was it the power, Clint, or just the money?

What are you talking about? The Banner samples are worth millions to the right people, but you know that.

Natasha, what's going on? I will miss working with you, Clint. Hawkeye is a double agent for Hydra. Take him down. What? I'm not the double agent. Aah! Take him to the Vault. Put him in solitary. No one sees him until I give the word. I'll take care of the Hydra agents. It worked. We'll need to arrange a new drop. But as far as SHIELD is concerned, I just took down a traitorous double agent. Hail, Hydra.