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Hulkbuster Attack Chopper

Hulkbuster Attack Chopper in flight

The Hulkbuster Attack Chopper is a special type of attack helicopter designed to combat the Hulk.

Their first appearances are "Hulk vs The World", "Breakout Pt. 2", and "Gamma World Pt. 2".


  • Gattling Guns
  • Missile Launchers
  • Helicopter Flight Systems
  • Ejector Seats


Early Service[]

The Hulkbuster Attack Chopper came into commision by General Thunderbolt Ross of the Hulkbusters. They serve as the Hulkbusters' only air combat and support assets against the Hulk in their various anti-Hulk military operations.

Hulk vs The World[]

They were seen fighting the Hulk and Absorbing Man in the Nevada desert with a Wild Bill-lookalike pilot leading them, but the Hulk enjoyed smashing them all.

Gamma World Pt. 2[]

Only one Hulkbuster Attack Chopper with that Wild Bill person piloting it was seen fighting Hulk near the Canadian border with the Hulkbuster ground units. Well Hawkeye had damaged Wild Bill's attack helicopter and was forced to pull back to base.