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Hulkbuster Command Vehicle

Hulkbuster Command Vehicle on standby.

The Hulkbuster Command Vehicle is General Ross's mobile command HQ of the Hulkbuster Units. It was heavily armored and armed with powerful weapons to combat the Hulk.


Early Service[]

The Hulkbuster Command Vehicle was in commision serving as General Ross' mobile command center in his Hulkbuster operations against Hulk.

Hulk vs The World[]

The Hulkbuster Command Vehicle was with the Hulkbuster Tanks roaming around Las Vegas when they heard a report from the local police of a skinny man on the run, meaning it's Banner/Hulk is in Las Vegas.

As the battle commenced, the Hulkbuster Command Vehicle was there watching the Hulkbuster air and ground units' clash with the Hulk,who smashed them all,leaving the vehicle behind.

Hulk is about to smash Ross' command vehicle until Hawkeye and Black Widow from S.H.I.E.L.D. came in and fought the Hulk under orders from Nick Fury. Enraged, Ross had ordered his men to open fire on Hulk despite their protests. Then the command vehicle had fired a large missile at the three of them, but Hulk saved the two of them by colliding himself with the missile and fell unconscious.


  • Large Laser-Guided Hulkbuster Missile
  • Advanced Military Information and Combat Systems