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Hulkbuster Tank

Hulkbuster Tanks in combat.

The Hulkbuster Tank is a special type of assault tank that is quite more powerful than a regular Army tank.


Early Service[]

The Hulkbuster Tanks came under service under General Ross serving as their mobile firepower against the Hulk in every anti-Hulk military operation.

Hulk vs The World[]

Many of them were seen fighting Hulk in the Nevada desert able to pound him with their heavy barrage of attacks but the green brute had enjoyed smashing them all to pieces.

Gamma World Pt. 2[]

Three of the Hulkbuster Tanks were seen fighting the Hulk in the Canadian borders supported by a lone Hulkbuster Attack Chopper. They nearly had him in their hands but Hawkeye swoops in and saves Hulk, which he smashed all of the tanks to pieces.


  • Main Laser Cannon
  • Machine Gun Turret
  • Wider and Faster Mobility Tracks