Iron Fist
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Daniel Thomas "Danny" Rand-K’ai

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Iron Fist

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Luke Cage
New Avengers


Kang the Conqueror


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Heroes for Hire
New Avengers

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To Steal an Ant-Man

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Loren Lester

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"Focusing my chi. Maybe if you were open to focusing your own energy, you wouldn't be so angry all the time"
―Iron Fist[src]

Iron Fist is a Hero for Hire and member of the New Avengers.


Early Life

His early life is largely unknown. At some point he became Iron Fist and he and Luke Cage formed the Heroes for Hire.

To Steal An Ant Man

Iron Fist and Luke Cage were hired by Hank Pym to track down the thief who stole his Ant Man suit and equipment, which they agreed to do so long they were paid well.

They encountered and defeated Mangler and Scythe in an alley. After the clash, Fist theorized that the two had run into the thief in the Ant Man suit, and used his chi to sense his arrival.

The two Heroes for Hire immediately engaged the thiefand were soundly defeated in less than a minute. Cage told Fist to never tell anyone about this, to which he agreed.

After discovering that the thief, Scott Lang, was using the suit to get money to save his daughter, held hostage by Crossfire, they followed Scott and engaged Crossfire and his henchmen, defeating them.

Iron Fist was seen in the episode "Yellowjacket", honoring Hank Pym, who was thought to be dead.

New Avengers

When the Avengers were taken out of time by Kang, Iron Fist was one of the heroes chosen for the new team. He constantly argued with Luke that what was happening was more important than money. He, Luke, Wolverine, Thing and War Machine acted as a distraction while Spider-Man sabotaged the time drive to return the Avengers to the present.


When Galactus arrived, Fist was part of Captain America's team in New York tasked with taking down Terrax. After Galactus was gone he left to leave credit to the Avengers.


He wears a similar costume to the one he wears in the comics, only a little more trimmed.


He's a calm and wise person who sometimes has little sense of humor and gives advice to anyone who had problems. Despite being in a group called Heroes for Hire, if the situation calls for it he will do the right thing and forgo payment afterwards.


Luke Cage

Luke Cage is Iron Fist's partner and friend, the other original member of Heroes for Hire. Fist sometimes jokes about Cage's hero name being Power Man, which annoys him.

Powers and Abilities

Powered Fist
Iron Fist has the ability to focus his chi, and gain enhanced vision and hearing. He can also channel his chi into an iron-powered fist.

Background in other media

  • Loren Lester, who voices Iron Fist, had previously done so in Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3.
    •  Loren Lester is perhaps best known as the voice of Dick Grayson/Robin/Nightwing in Batman: The Animated Series, The New Batman Adventures, and the direct-to-dvd movie Batman and Harley Quinn.
    • Lester also provided the voice for Spider-Man's father, Richard Parker, in the 2005 Ultimate Spider-Man video game.
  • This is Iron Fist's third animated appearance, the first two are The Super Hero Squad Show and Ultimate Spider-Man.


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