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Fight as One - Avengers Intro Song

[Cameraman] Checking out the beautiful scenery. Well, hello.

[Cameraman 2] Oh, come on, man. You're embarrassing yourself.

[Cameraman] Dude, would you relax? Whoa! What was that?

[Cameraman 2] I don't know.

[crowd panics] Look! What is that thing?

Oh, man! What is it?

This is for real, dude! .

Oh, man, let's get out of here.

Dude, did you feel that?

Oh, man, I am out of here.

It's coming this way.

I'm so out of here! Gary, where are you, man? 

[Gary] Rodney!

[crowd screams]

[Rodney] Oh, man!


[heavy breathing] [screams] I--I--I-- Iron Man.

That incredible footage coming in from California as Iron Man saved the city from what eyewitness call-- 

A giant robot? Really? You could have told me.

I like to brag, but that footage didn't capture how big that thing really was. I mean huge.

[Rhodey] Okay, look, that just makes my point for me. SHIELD should be fighting giant robots, not you. They're not the bad guys, Tony. And they need your help.

I'm out of the weapons making game, Rhodey. You're looking at a kinder, gentler Tony Stark.

That fights super-villains.

[truck horn blares] We've been over this a million times. You're starting to bum me out.

What about the Hulkbuster unit? Even if you won't build weapons for SHIELD, you can still help them take out that monster.

I am not listening to Rhodey anymore. La la la. I can't believe this is what you wanted to meet about. The giant robot was more fun than you.


Stark Tower

I already know you're a great assistant, okay? You don't have to park my car, too. We've got valets for that.

For someone who makes their living off of technology, you should try answering your phone. I've been calling you for the last 20 minutes.

Aw, because you miss me so much.

Because HYDRA just attacked the United Nations.

[helicopter blades whirl] 

[Tony] This happening right now? Where's SHIELD? 

[Pepper] There's a military detail at the U.N. But, Tony, it's a full assembly. Every world leader is attending, including the President.

Hey, where are you going? 

Pepper, reschedule my lunch meeting. I'm gonna be a few minutes late.

Jarvis, fire it up.

[Jarvis] Very good, sir. Initiating the Mark 6.

[repulsor hum] 

[Rhodey] Be careful, man.

Why would I start now? I'll be 10 minutes.

15 minutes max. Trust me.

[jets roar] 

Timber. What do we got, Jarvis? 

[Jarvis] Armor is down to 40% after using the uni-beam which I recommended against.

[Tony] I meant on the ground.

[Jarvis] Ah, yes. 14 HYDRA targets all heavily armed, sir.

[Tony] Huh. Maybe I should have brought Rhodey along. Jarvis, activate external speakers. Attention, HYDRA goons. You've been trying to take over the world for 60 years. It's not happening. He actually shot at me. Fine. We'll do it the hard way.

[HYDRA soldiers yell] [device beeps] 

Hi, there. Wow, they don't make bad guys the way they used to.

[Jarvis] Warning, incoming projectile.

[groans] What was-- Jarvis? 

[Jarvis] Armor power down to 32%. Recommend recharging.

Target acquired. Designation, Iron Man. Destroy.



The Helicarrier is roughly five minutes out at this speed. Our local SHIELD units are under attack and unable to respond.

That's five minutes too long, Hill. You got any news that's actually useful fore.

I-- I-- [radio chatter] Sir, Iron Man has arrived on the scene.

[groans] Jarvis, talk to me. Divert all power to shields And analyze that blast.

Shields not responding.

That's not good.


[Jarvis] Alert, new contact. Blast analysis completed, sir.

Now? This thing is about to drill through my head.

[Jarvis] The targets are HYDRA Dreadnought class robots, but they've been upgraded with repulsor tech weapons.

That's my tech. HYDRA's using my technology against me? [strains] Electromagnetic pulse.

[Jarvis] Not enough power.

Fine, divert power to repulsor's. You've got to be kidding me. That's my shielding. Uni-beam.

[Jarvis] Ill-advised. Your current operating power is not sufficient to energize the uni-beam.

I need those shields, Jarvis.

Repulsor shield re-boot sequence already in progress.

Fine. Come on, you pieces of junk. Show me what else you got. Because you probably stole it from me, too.

Stark Tower

I'm sure he's gonna be fine, Pepper. That armor, it's invincible.

I'm not worried about the armor, Rhodey. I'm worried about him. He's all alone out there against the people who stole his technology. Tony is out there all by himself and there's nothing that we can do to help him.

I understand why he feels he has to do this. I just don't understand why he has to do it alone.

[strains] Mine.

Not yet.


[Jarvis] Warning-- weapons lock detected.

[grunts] Sure, now you finally get here.

Iron Man, by the authority of the Strategic Homeland Intervention, Enforcement, and Logistics Division, you are hereby ordered to stand down. Iron Man, I repeat, stand down, by order of SHIELD.

Your orders, sir? 

Jarvis, make a note. Remind me not to wake up in the morning ever again.

Noted, sir.

How's the uni-beam power level? 

26.2%. Recharge in progress. With no further energy expenditure, the uni-beam will be available in 2 minutes 42 seconds.

This is your last warning. Stand down.

Unless you guys are here to thank me for doing your job for you, I'm not in the mood for this.

You'll need to come with us, Iron Man.

I don't think so.

[Jarvis] Uni-beam power is at 52%.

Jarvis, scan the mandroids.

Alert-- seven components of the mandroid armor are derived from Stark Industries Technology.

That's some nice armor you got there. Who's your tailor? 

Director Fury, Iron Man just scanned the mandroid armor. Why would he do that? 

Call them back. Tell the mandroids to stand down. We did not come here to fight Iron Man.


Do it.

Where did you get that armor? 

Back away.

[Jarvis] Warning.

Where did you get that armor? Look out! 

Open fire.

[strains] [yells] [panting] [groans] 

You all right? Good. I need to borrow this.

We've lost all mandroid feeds. Trying to get a location on Iron Man.

Let me guess.

You want to explain this, Fury? 

You stole my tech.

[gun charges] Tony Stark, step away from Director Fury now. You are under arrest. If he moves, open fire.

Stand down, Hill.

But, sir, he attack the mandroid unit.

He saved them, Maria. And in case you forgot, he saved the United Nations from HYDRA while we were on a wild goose chase. So stand down.

You used my inventions to make war machines.

Come on, Stark. You've been selling us weapons and technology for years. We've just modified what you gave us.

Modified? Try twisted. You twisted what I made. And then you let it leak to HYDRA.

Come again? SHIELD got hacked, Fury, and you know it. Those HYDRA dreadnaughts are about two degrees off your mandroids.

Those mandroids will save lives, Stark. That's what SHIELD does. And when you withhold resources from us, you're just giving the advantage to groups like HYDRA.

You are not getting this, are you? Weapons don't solve problems. They only make problems worse.

Wake up. How exactly do you think our problems are going to get worse? You've seen what's out there. The tech Hydra's got. Super-villains coming out of the woodwork. Monsters like the Hulk. We need Tony Stark more than we need some armored vigilante. You can't do this alone. You're only one man.

One of me is more than enough. I'll get my tech back on my own. [rifles cock] Do you really want to go down this road, Fury? By the way, there's about three dozen unconscious HYDRA agents waiting for you down there. No need to thank me.

Sir, I-- 

HYDRA got into our systems. We have a leak. Find it and plug it.

Yes, sir.

And get me the Black Widow.

Keep moving. You scum are heading for the Vault.

[Tony] I'm not gonna lie to you, Rhodey. There were three robots this time and guys in robot suits.

I tried to watch it on TV, but Pepper wouldn't let me. She never watches.

I don't need to. I already know you're gonna be late for your meeting.

You don't have to do it alone, you know? 

Do what? 

All this. Taking on SHIELD. Giant robots. Super-villains. The whole world doesn't have to rest on your shoulders.

Yeah, it does. I mean, I know you guys are always there for me, but against this? Who's gonna help me? 

[Fury] Move them out.

Good to see you, Nick.

But since when are you overseeing prisoner drop-offs? Since HYDRA decided to escalate their attacks on pretty much everyone.

Thought I'd check in on our mutual friend, see what he knows.

Hill, let's go.

Tell me what you know.

The Vault is the first of the super-villain prisons specifically created to hold tech based criminals and their gear.

Designed by Tony Stark, until he decided to stop working on SHIELD projects.

Current high profile occupants include, Crimson Dynamo, Technovore, MODOC, and-- HYDRA's boss, Baron Wolfgang Von Strucker.

Herr Director.




Sir? Hold on.

Agent Woo.

Look at his arm.

He's got an implant.

Cyborg! Down on the ground now.

No need to panic, everyone.

I've got a note from my doctor.

Take him out! [SHIELD guards grunt] Yeah.

Your questions amuse me, Nicholas.

A pleasure as always.

We're done here.

Did you really think he was gonna tell you anything? 

You got a lot to learn, Maria. He told me plenty. Something's down and soon. The question is what. [alarms sound] Woo, what's happening? Well, well, the great Nick Fury.

The Grim Reaper. It was a setup. The whole attack on the U.N., all of it. Just to spring Baron Strucker.

[chuckles] [snaps] [groans] Hail HYDRA.

Well, that was easy. 

You're not out yet.

Fury! [chokes] 

Don't even think it, old man.

[grunts] You're gonna suffer for that, Fury.

[laughs] That's it, run.

Run-- [device beeps] Ooo.

Assault, conspiracy, infiltrating a government facility.You just broke into your new home, Reaper.

Director Fury, This place, the Cube, the Big House, are all the super-villain prisons like this? 

No, all four are different.

Four? I thought there were only three.